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#383933 by malu53 Mon Apr 08, 2019 9:13 am
Steff504: am looking for some one to talk to... on dateolicious
33 yo
from Atlanta, GA

same pic as in previous post

Im seeking a man open kind serious confident cheerful
responsible who is ready for marriage I dont play games and dont
want to waste my time and the time of other people Im a woman who has
a very strong desire for a serious relationship

I am a great giver when i have it i givebecause I so much believes in
the Multiplied returns
I have fully decided to be a role Model to my children and a good
loving and caring wife to my husbandBut I doesn’t want to mess myself
with the wrong Man Basically I decided to settle with a very nice
understanding loving and caring Man

I have been Hurt before and will not allow that to happen to me
againthats why i took my time to look for my LoveLife Its so great
to be together with love and I hope someday well meet and we will be
happy in our souls and hearts

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