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Dianne on f9
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if you wanna know more text me on k1k diannelovehug or $kyp3 diannelovehug or hangouts [email protected] My name is Dianne I live in Philippines I'm very passionate and feminine young women. I'm longging to find a men, who would deserve the right to own all my love and tenderness. I'm very communicative, I can talk for hours, so I try to take a grip of myself all the time. I'm sure that one of the most important thing in people is a sense of humour, and I hope you have it just like I do. ;) In general I'm very optimistic and cheerful person and I can spread light into your life, full of lonelyness and work. I will make everyday a holiday for you, and as you only start to communicate with me you will understand that your search is over... ;) Well, obviously I'm looking for a stable partner, husband in future to organise my life with. Want to find a person, who would understand me, take me as I am and the one who will deserve my love and who would give me his love in turn. That's simple! I value such features like loyalty, honesty, intelligence, open mind, high moral standarts. And you can never ask something of one if you are not ready to give the same in turn. You may get an impression that I'm a dreamer... :) Yes I am, but also a believer, and I'm sure that men I'm looking for is waiting for me and will surely reply! Is it you?.. Take a chance! ;)
pic stolen from instagram model Alice Posse

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Alija Chafisowa
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