Information on romance scams and scammers.
#385046 by 02howdy Fri May 03, 2019 9:51 am
met this women on a dating site beware she is dangerous and will rip you off as quick as a flash.

From here boys in the UK in college
Sold real estate all BS
beware of the following phone numbers
has an Aunt in the so called Catholic Church Theophilis Hope
A supposed air Line company Global Travels Elite all fake
+44 (0) 7024065975
+44 (0) 7024037591
+44 (0) 703 194 7977
+44 (0) 70331962637
+44 (0) 7033191964
[email protected]

All fake

Dear Sir,

We are in the receipt of your supporting document, it has been sent to our validation department for onward verifications. Once it comes back good your transfer procedure will be communicated to you for onward transfer.

Best regards,

Martin Yohan Jones

Remittance Officer,

Marginal fluctuation clearing Network Bank,

Address: Thomas More Square, London,E1W 1YN,

United Kingdom
[email protected]

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