Information on romance scams and scammers.
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Pics stolen from Joe Cross "joethejuicer", Australian entrepreneur, author, filmmaker, and wellness advocate

tagged >>> profile deleted

It's my prayer for you today that God will fill this new day with new ideas, new possibilities, new adventures and the best things that life has got to offer. And may God continue to fill you with boundless happiness, love and give you peace of mind and body. Good morning 8 hours ago
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Yes was married but lost my wife almost 6 years ago
I lost my wife to pancreatic cancer
I have 1 daughter
I'm a Sole Proprietor Engineer. I'm into installation and repair of pipelines for companies
No I have messenger
Taylor Bill
Do you have hangouts?
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Sent this email to a few other women, too (CC) :D

i am Patrick I hope you remember me, my phone got lost and I lose all my contacts, thank God I wrote your email and name down in my diary that's why am able to contact you again hope to hearing from you again my dear
sorry for me resending you a friend request it is just that i got a trojan virus on my old profile so this is my new account
I’m good just busy online searching on how i can invest my winning money How is things with you?...........Don’t tell me you do not know the news going on.

From: Patrick Nana <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2019

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Well I just got this good news and I have to share it to my love ones many have collected there money and me as well

I'm wondering if you heard about the Community Financial Domestic Assistance?? (CFDA)
They are helping people with cash retired,unemployed,old,young disable widows,full/part time worker's.Are you serious you haven't heard about it?

My dear i'm so happy I got $50,000 cash from them, I saw your name on there winner's list when the ups came to deliver my winning money, I think your name was picked at random from facebook too i think you should contact the agent in charge to claim your own money and you have to act fast baby

i send you the text number of the claiming agent so you can claim yours

(602) 782-9870, that is the text number of the claiming agent. just send him a message that you are ready to claim your money. Agent Robert Margaret is a good agent and honest woman who is God fearing,she will surely enlighten you good on how to get your winning money delivered to you within 48 hours.

From: Patrick Nana <[email protected]>

phone number (602) 782-9870
Location: Yuma, AZ 85364
Original carrier: Mcimetro Access Transmission Services Llc/MetroPCS
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David Alvin on ts
49, Man, Single
Hathern, United Kingdom
Looks for: Single Woman
40 - 60 years


davidalvin883 on hangout
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2nd profile on ts with the pic of previous post

54, Man, Single
Moscow, Russia
Looks for: Woman
47 - 61 years


George Anderson from California.An engineer, a private contractor.

look on hangout


also on galactic
53, Man, Single
Şibot, Romania

more pics and profiles here
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Image Image

I am a honest,loyal person,do not like liers. I prefer to hear the truth,no matter what. No drama please.I am compassionate, considerate, thoughtful, passionate, respectful, and intellectual. I enjoy the oldies in music; r&b, gospel, jazz, and so
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profile deleted on instagram and FB
used pic from this thread

with the email address still on pinterest

Chris Orton
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West Virginia
I'm Aquarius, i'm a book worm I like to exercise


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