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#392836 by vassia-p Sat Aug 03, 2019 3:52 am
Hello!! I would like to tell you my story in order to hepl me understand if i'm talking to a scammer.
Two months ago a man contacted me on instagram. His name is Dr. Gunter Friedrich Greca and he is german. He told me that he's a doctor in a mission in afghanistan and that he had to stay there for the next to months. We started talking on instragram, then hangouts and now whatsapp. Very soon he expressed his feelings for me. He told me that he is divorced and that he has e son in Germany, his parents are dead.
After a while he told me a story about a large amount of money that the goverment offered to them as a reward of being honest in one of their mission so he wanted to send me the money because keeping them there wasnt safe.
I have accepted but then the delivery company asked me to pay some fees in order that the package would arrive to me.
I didn't pay, he found a solution about it but then i had another email from the shipping company telling me that the package was at the customs, that they have found out that the package contained money, that it is illegal, that i risk to be arrested and that i need to pay money in order to have anti terrorism and laundry certifications.
We still chat and he tries to find a solution to this problem since ive told him that i don't have the money requested.
I have photos, his email, his profile on instragram is not active anymore due to security issues he said, his phone number, we have talked twice for 2 minutes each time, he has sent me also a video that seemed true but i deleted it so i don't have it anymore.
After reading all the messages here i know that he is a scammer but i need you to tell me what to do.
Am in danger with the customs office? He has my address, is this dangerous?
Thank you in advance.

#393177 by malu53 Tue Aug 06, 2019 12:50 pm
Scammer for sure, just stop every contact, don't accept any packages, money laundering - what about reporting this issue to the police of the country you are living in? Never pay any money, even if there would be a possibility to help.

Can you post the email addresses of this `doctor`, and of the shipping company, the phone number and also the scammer's pictures? This will for sure help others not to fall for this jerk!

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