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#393885 by Renee499 Sat Aug 10, 2019 10:40 pm
Ryan Jeremy on Twitter and Facebook Please if anyone has fallen for this scammer or had seen his picture think twice before chatting with him. He's a real smooth talker but if you don't do as he wishes he will threaten you and go off on you. I believe he is parterned with two other people. It is also my belief they are from India.
This was what he really wanted.
Baby i'm so sorry i did not text to you ever since it's just because of the issue of my daughter, i just got an emailed from her head teacher, saying that she is in the hospital and he also said they just deposited $1000 for the hospital and they needed the balance to continue treatment I intend to transfer money online to her guardian who is Privately taking care of her for me at school but the transaction failed and i have contacted my bank they have answered that i need to be at the bank in person for some verification before i can make the transactions successful. Due to the bond contracted with my company i'm meant to remain in the working platform for the period of time the contract will last i can't leave the working platform at the rig in middle of the sea without the knowledge of my company. I have written a letter to my company so they can give me a few days to go to the state for the bank verification but they told me to wait twenty-one working days. The money i wanted to transfer was $1000 and I'm not happy with the conditions of things with me not able to reach the demand of my daughter. Dear, I don't know if you can help me, i know this is wrong for me to ask money from you but it's the problem i have at hand i care more about my daughter but i can't help myself now with all this mess all because of my contract at the middle of sea i will be happy to get reasonable respond from you i promise to return the money to you as soon as i complete the bank verification.

#393925 by Terminator5 Sun Aug 11, 2019 2:31 am
Don't give them any money . Can you post a link to this fakebook profile they are using

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