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Another email that scammer provided me is "[email protected]". He introduced himself is master sergeant Mufasa Muffat (with a military number is MSG/007/E8/8320). He even took his fake ID card picture. Below is a detail of replied email that I received, just note here for anyone who wants to know:

This should acknowledge receipt of your statement made on behalf of MSG MUFASA with the identification number MSG/007/E8/8320, who is in the US squadron on the rescue mission in Syria is under my command and military jurisdiction.
After confirming and confirming from our soldier, I must inform you here that he is an important soldier to us and he is taking a deep position in his duties, as one of our best here. Accordingly, you should also note that this is not the time for his official retirement and release, but in your explanations and comprehensive familiarization in the letter with your true personality in combination with his zeal to meet with you ,we have decided to let him meet with you.
I must also inform you that the US authorities are not asking our troops to pay for their official retirement or vacation / leave, appointed and approved by the US authorities, but in a situation where any member of the UN / US Army is on his own or on her own With discretion and agreement with his wife / Fiance for filing an application or request for emergency leave and dismissal, it must include payment of fees that are not refundable. It is very important that you understand these points very well and more reasons why you have to pay and support others to give this office support, to give permission to your request, to take it out of the camp, as well as a foundation for replacement. Any employee working in the UNITED CONDITION who is seeking emergency leave must fulfill the vacation requirements specified below.
• OPENING a housing account for immediate salary payment ($350)
• Medical Reports (250)
• TOTAL FEES: $ 1050
The above requirements must be provided by you so that we can issue his emergency vacation, letter of discharge and all of his salary, right, and also a gift for a trip to the USA.
Please note that this payment must be paid before he is allowed to leave the camp, and he has the right to stay with you for the period of 14 to 30 days.
The medical report should support him for immediate vacation to meet you.
The reasons for the immediate emergency vacation and the application for write-off are to help the US body in replacing the costs of an apiary that takes on responsibilities from anyone going to leave and dismissing in emergency situations, and should be considered worthy and a way to ensure that our troops protected and allow reasonable use of their time for the reasons for which they are used and paid. Judicial registration fee is the acquisition of the entire legal document for his release.
This should be well understood for any applicant, and the instructions given in this document must be carefully followed with the payment of the amount set for each emergency release made in accordance with the rules and all instructions clearly stated in this document to avoid mistakes or termination of approval.

NOTE. Upon receipt of the full payment of this notice, his name will be processed and listed on the emergency vacation and discharge list so that he can act in accordance with the applicable emergency while you are awaiting his arrival to you legally.Thank
Skype: Army.sergeant
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