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#401016 by Rosenrot Sun Dec 01, 2019 2:36 am
Hi i was reading about Becker Specter with a old date years ago, i want report that he still is using those names “Maxwell Becker and Becker Specter” on instagram.. He contact me in a way very sutil and gentleman, he asked me if i use Hangouts to chat better there, and happens the same that before when i end talking with him on instagram his profile went down and he back with other saying that is protection because there where he is (Syria) the soldiers have a problem that is “identity stolen” something that to me was very weird ... he told me is from Omaha, Nebraska have 38 years old never been married and not kids ... one day I told him about the profiles that he have that are too much and is weird that someone sent me pics that he is a scammer and he got sooo mad at me and stop talking to me like a week ... but he back again i was very alert but i show him something different, then the days go and he was writing me every single day but i noticed that he was all night awake (my night) i am German, and until i know in the army have rules but well I didn’t say nothing just waiting ... finally 5 days ago he was asking me if i could do something for him i say ok tell me and tadaa “can you buy me a gift card in Berlin because here the internet get restricted and i will not be able to can talk with you” obviously I didn’t send nothing to him and i told him that i found out he is a liar and a scammer because i know a guy in US thats in the Army and he explain me long time ago how the army works with them and i know they have everything what they need when they are deployed to other country ... the guy was furious with me and stop talking with me saying the excuse that he have a horrible Migraine and couldn’t see the Pc ... this guy have one account open and the other he makes it private after i told him i found his profiles and in facebook have the “Becker Specter” with only one picture ... btw he told me that his full name is Spencer Brian Becker from Omaha, Nebraska ..

When he react very angry he told me that I didn’t know how hard is the army be eating food from a bag where they don’t use plates and the food is always cold, my answer was “you knew how is the army why you get in” and he got more upset then i leave him talking alone and went to work .... before he asked me for the gift card i think 2 o 3 days before that he sent me 2 nude pics saying that he sent it to me because i trust in me and he loves me haha crazy man! Obviously not was him the skin color and the complex is different ... I don’t have him on instagram from long time ago but he is trying to add me with others profiles all them are guys from the US Army just i decline all the request and i blocked him in hangouts still he is using the same email

#401019 by AlanJones Sun Dec 01, 2019 3:01 am
Thank you for posting. Please help other victims by posting any email addresses or phone numbers that you have for him.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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