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#401447 by Mo13zza Tue Dec 10, 2019 4:19 pm
Started chatting to me me via Fitbit and then moved onto hangouts. In Iraq on peacekeeping. Claimed USA army. Widowed, two kids. Lives in Texas. Very soon calling me his Queen, that he wanted to meet, would travel to the UK to me etc etc and that he was devoted to my life. We chatted using hangouts and I heard his voice and I saw him on video chat so I didn’t suspect anything. After four weeks he said he was going to be deployed to Syria and that he was scared he was going to die. Asked me to send an email to a “general” that would grant him not to go on mission. This rang alarm bells for me but stupidly I sent the email and had a reply saying I had to pay £5000 for him not to go. When I refused this person then got really cross and blocked me. The email address used for the email was [email protected]
This person is very charming, promised the world and has a very good American accent. Be wary ladies! He is a charmer! And the pics he sent were very nice. I have since google searched them and found the original owner who has a legit Facebook page!

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