Information on romance scams and scammers.
#402864 by JudithB Thu Jan 09, 2020 10:30 am
Romance scammer from chatroom. Posed as art dealer with flat in London. Lengthy grooming that involved a lot of highly romantic poetry, song lyrics, etc (all of which were delivered as self-penned) - some attached below. Quickly moved to text/private email (as dating site charges for messages, I suspect). Arranged to meet then delivered request for funds to help out with purchase of artwork; reverse image search found identical image online. Bank details given were for an account with Nat West in the name of MF Ruane; interestingly, there is an Angela Ruane listed in 2005-06 as living at the address "she" gave as her flat.

Example messages include:

I look forward to every day
That I get to see the Glow on your face
When I tell you that I love you in every way..
The thousands of miles between us
Can never keep my love apart close your eyes and you'll hear
The beating of my heart
Not thinking of you is hard
As you always reside in my heart
A night is not a night without you
As by my side all I want is you

and this:

I promise baby I'll love you
forever I'll stay with you Forever
I'll do anything and everything
To keep harm Away from you
I promise baby I can give you hugs
That only I can give
I'll honor and protect you
As long as I shall live
I promise baby I'll give you kisses
So sweet forever you'll taste
I'll kiss you until tomorrows here

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