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Pics stolen from the real Thomas Muikku, Sweden (FB)


Thomas muikku
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Gender: Male
Location: Pia-dong, South Korea
Age: 63
Relationship Status: Widowed
Languages: English
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Religion: Christian
Orientation: Straight
About Me
About Me:
Am easy going man,devoted and love helping am looking for honest woman to share rest of my life with

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Happy new year my dear how are you doing nice to meet you am sorry have been busy with lot of work over here and am not always here because have been hurt too much here
I just don't want my past to affect my present that is why I have the faith that am going to meet someone trustworthy here

Dear it's a long story but I will break it down for you,after my wife and two kids die in plane crash only left with one son who can not walk I decided to move on with my life and I met a lady physically in uk and we dated for two years but I don't know she is a gold digger after I spent 30 thousand euro on a project she introduced to me and all of a sundenly she ran away with my money and married a black man in usa I move on with my life for years I was single not until my friend introduce me to online dating,I met a lady here also whom I trust after we met I gave her all my trust but she rip me of and make me go bankrupt she knew my account details and she hack my bank account before I come back from my business trip
Have been hurt too much and that is why am careful my dear online here and looking for the right woman

Am sorry my dear my nature of work atimes make me so busy so am not always here but always on my business email so with due respect of the love I have for you can we chat on my business email. [email protected]

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