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#404843 by Troy Platt Tue Feb 18, 2020 9:31 am
From: Govendar Saragih <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2020 05:40:22 -0800

How are you doing today over there in your country?.
I like to be open, i am a woman that i have seen life, i have been in the
social circle for many years, It really does not matter one's age,color or
achievement, what matters in our life is nothing but Care and expression.
This is the most important thing in life, to me the most beautiful thing
created by God, is never seen, only felt in the heart, I have been
hardworking young lady all my life, i must think of something better,
to enjoy my life and probably have a family,maybe relocate and start
investing in other things.

Anyway i like to tell you little about me, My name is Madam Govendar
Saragih age 35 years old, am from Indonesia, i was born in Jakarta, And
Am working as Finance Director here in Mandiri bank Indonesia Asia ( Plc ) i got the banking works as an
opportunity/inheritance from my family. I lost my only daughter at
age of 2 years.
I was married but my Ex Husband got married to another woman, which caused
our divorce, but is OK since he accused me of been so busy with my work in
the bank and its accounting/auditing, that's why i was not having
much time for him really.

But he refused to understand that i was pursing a goal, i told him
that soon i would resign and we will have enough time for each other but he
was impatient as a matter of facts,but it,is over between us. I am
happy alone now because i have all and every thing i need.

This is why I think of relocating to yours country to get into investment
and maybe own a small Company which i can be able to manage Enough of myself as well with you depends on your choice.
Would you tell me more about yourself too????
I like to know you better, what you really do and your position in your works,
your marital status and your country of origin
I love to ear from you soon Madam Govendar

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