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I hope my story and the information below alerts others having similar experiences, only gut feeling and eventually a “Scamwarners Angel” saved me. I’m still freaked out by the experience and could kick myself for my inexperience in scammers, letting it go on as long as it did, getting panicked, not setting up the junk mail/archive tools better and knowing how to copy email headers before starting this experience. I want to note now that I think I was communicating with more than one person as there were distinct differences in English language competency throughout the time. There may have also been a woman involved, judging by some of the more flowery “love” messages I got.

Scammer posed as: Colonel John Scott, email [email protected]
Scammers Shared Life Story: 50years old, from Portland Oregon, was Chief of Security for a church before joining the army 16 years ago, is currently deployed in Afghanistan but before that he was in Iraq. Married for 23 years, wife was a drug addict and slept around. He wanted kids, she didn’t, which made him very angry “so didn’t touch her for years”. Hadn’t seen her 7 years, she died in car accident “I don’t even go to her burial”. Describes himself as an orphan, both parents died about 5 years ago, hadn’t seen them for 20 years, had a half brother, same father different mothers.

IP Address Numbers of consequence from one of their emails: Lagos Nigeria A “whois” search of this IP came up with two hits of interest both connected to
romance scam warnings featuring women

Apart from consistent spelling and grammar errors, key words used repeatedly in transcripts sent
included “Hunnie” and “okies”

1st message sent to me via Facebook was addressed to “sweetie” introducing himself

Examples of subsequent messages below:
Re: hello sweetie
hello ...,am happy for your reply,well i love your quotations it shows that you are a brave heart.Well i think i made my self clare in the message i sent to you that am a US ARMY so am searching for the last love of my life.So ... kindly send me your messenger id for more conversation and familiarity.or better still add me [email protected].

Hello hunnie,
Thanks for your message hunnie but i want you to come on your messenger dont like talking through email just to write you a love letter whenever i wish,I love you so much and i will always love you till the end if give me the chance.So hunnie come on messenger and lets talk better ok?

I eventually succumbed to the pleading but said his talk of love was too much. He talked about life in Afghanistan patrols/briefings etc and how talking to me made him feel better.
1st Request, getting out of Afghanistan. His contract ran till 2014, he couldn’t wait that long to see me … I was to send money for his flight as the army was holding his, could I help buy his freedom and get his money. I said I didn’t have the money then I got “if I loved him and cared about him…I would do this”. This didn’t sound like a loyal American soldier, however I remembered stories from friends who fought in Vietnam, so like an idiot began second-guessing my fears, thinking his request just may be to do with stress – bravery isn’t about gun-ho action but feeling fear and doing it anyway.

2nd Request, if we could talk instead of messaging I’d believe his sincerity please email a request for my fiancé to phone me to [email protected].
col.johnscott (8/06/2011 6:09:56 p.m.): see hunnie you had better forget been scammed by me i will never do that i only asked you for subscription of phone call for us so i can hear your voice so that we will be closer to each other much more better hearing each other voice so if you think i wanna scam you by this then send an email to the Dept td2enquirymeans and asked for the permision for me to call you then tell me there response
col.johnscott (8/06/2011 6:13:22 p.m.): [email protected] plsssssssssssssss i will never scam anyone because of money coz if not bcoz our account are on hold i know what i worth ok

By this time I was trying to trace some background information on the Colonel and found different scam warning sites with links to John Scott, email addresses and in Scamwarners, documentation used by scammers including warnings about this ts2 email site. Yes I was supposed to send US$750 via Western Union so he could purchase a satellite phone for him to talk to me. I have links to the military in my country, and as we are allies, there would have been ways to get communication using those links. He then came across as believing I was Taleban trying to trap him and wanted me to send photos...I didn’t.
These people are very persistent and good at putting you on guilt trips particularly if you break contact, and will use every means at their disposal to get you talking to them again. In the end I followed my instincts concerning this matter, which I should have done from the start. And with the help of Scamwarners I didn’t even feel guilty about being as forthright with this character as I eventually became, even though it’s not normally my way.
I have photos I was sent to persuade me to believe that I was talking to the colonel. I need to get help to post them so will attach them to a new post.

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Welcome to ScamWarners FlstrdFisho. You can post the pictures in this thread with the information you have provided OR you can post the photos in the thread about faked IDs and photos scammers use. To do that please read this thread as it tells you how to post photos. viewtopic.php?f=28&t=3219

Bubbles, former Scamwarners moderator.

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Following are copies of photos the scammer posing as Col. John Scott sent me :evil: I absolutely DO NOT believe that this was the person I was in communication with



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Thanks Arnold, Dotti and Bubbles...your help is most appreciated...the more who know how these characters operate the better. I feel very sorry for the poor guys whose identities are being ripped off.

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