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#56769 by AndyB Fri Jun 24, 2011 3:20 pm
[email protected] Scammed me out of $$

Here is the first email and it continued on until she was in love with me and I thought I was in love too. I sent her money for food. Left it alone for awhile then it was she lost her job and needed rent money. Wise to it now and not having the money she is now mad and hating me but continues to ask what will I do now, baby? Be careful folks, she is a good scammer. I have pictures and fake passport if anyone knows her and is interested in seeing those.

"My real names are Bryan Courtney.i was born in the year 1981, Atlanta,Georgia United-States .My father Mr Bryan was a military man who died in year 1999 at age of 55,My mother Mrs Victoria Bryan was a missionary she was so heart broken when my father died that she later committed herself into God's work.she died in the year 2003 while she left for London in the year 2000 on call for a church ministry.i am the only child of my parent. before she died ,I joined my mother after i finished my fashion school in Atlanta ,i am currently working in a friend store here in London till i get a better place to work permanently.My work is flexible and i can work in any part of the world since i am in fashion line. i was so happy when i got the reply from you.It seems we both have so much in common which will be a good start for us.i will like to know more about you and what your interests are in all aspects of life.My orientation about life is simplicity and tolerance. i believe that if we a meant for each other,we will survive any obstacle or trouble that comes our way and i also learn that the dedicated life is the life worth living and i must give with my whole heart when it's due and now it's due. i love sex as a game to be played by both parties that share same affections with passion.i believe in romance,sex as goodnight and good morning and i don't care if a good love is make as welcome back home after work late.i am very passionate and very is not all about sex alone,it comprises of so much which i can offer to my other part.I believe there is much to experience together and to share in a relationship which i made up of as my taste to take my man along to explore that passionate world called love together.i am 5'6 tall.My interest includes basketball,swimming,camping,traveling and hanging out with friend,making people laugh,i am lively and very understanding.i will be very glad to hear from you again,and get to know more about you in details,ask me anything you want to know about me,i will deeply appreciate hearing from you again and see where we go from here....I attach some of my pictures to this mail tell me what you think about me and i will be pleased if you attach your pictures to your next email.
kisses and hugs

sexycourtney59: baby my house rent expired and i have not been able to pay for my house rent and i don't even stay at home that much now
sexycourtney59: baby i am not really comfortable here at all
sexycourtney59: i really don't want to let you into all this that is why i have been keeing all this away from you
sexycourtney59: i want to pay for my house rent before i let you know so if you send me anything i will be at home to recieve it
sexycourtney59: ok baby
AB: where are you staying if not at home
sexycourtney59: i sleep in my friend's house or at home when i am sre the landlord will not come looking for me
sexycourtney59: ok
sexycourtney59: but i will pay soon
sexycourtney59: and i will give you my address
sexycourtney59: ok baby

sexycourtney59: re you telling me the truth hon
sexycourtney59: and again honey why will you think i can ever choose money over you?
sexycourtney59: maybe that is why i am even sick
sexycourtney59: i am not feeling ok
sexycourtney59: about your statement

sexycourtney59: did you read my mssgs
sexycourtney59: ok
sexycourtney59: baby i want to ask you a questions

sexycourtney59: baby how deep is your love for me?
AB:why would you ask me that...I love you more than I love life
sexycourtney59: i asked you cos you always don't seems to trust me
sexycourtney59: you doubt me
sexycourtney59: and that is what i hate in my life
sexycourtney59: ok
sexycourtney59: baby i should call you again today or in the morning tomorrow that is if i can't get up and go out today
sexycourtney59: ok
sexycourtney59: cos i am not feeling too well now
sexycourtney59: i love you so much and i just wish i can come to you and never renew my rent again
sexycourtney59: you re all that matters to me baby

sexycourtney59: i will deff call ok
sexycourtney59: either later tongiht if i am ok or in the morning tomorrow
AB: and sweetheart, I don't doubt you
sexycourtney59: ok love
sexycourtney59: i cried this morning
sexycourtney59: after reading your mail
sexycourtney59: when you said i chosed money over yo
sexycourtney59: that was so sad to come from my man
sexycourtney59: ok baby
sexycourtney59: what time should i call you tomorrow so we can talk for long
sexycourtney59: cos i have to go sleep now
sexycourtney59: ok
sexycourtney59: so i can rest and we chat later at night

sexycourtney59: baby i read your mail and i really got everything you talk about but all i can tell you is that i am real and i will never hurt and do anything to break this love we share
sexycourtney59: but i am so scared if you re just gonna leave me some days with all this skepticm you have about me

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