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#422191 by lburgess Sun Jan 10, 2021 1:24 pm
Lynette Petties, age 34, is a Cat Fisher, money scammer, swindler, worthless check, and blackmailer. She uses various names including Sarah McDonald and Tracy Morales. One daughter is age six. She is a hair stylist/clothing specialist. Likes using “Tracy”. Fluent in Spanish.

Takes money from men and women. Locates persons through adult websites and elsewhere.

I have a copy of Lynette’s old Colorado driver’s license (looks fraudulent) but she swore it was at earlier address. Supposedly lives in Thorton/Denver, Colorado with past history in Texas, Ohio, and Puerto Rico.

Father deceased and mother died early 2020 according to her.

Known telephone/texting numbers used in past.

716-939-8990; 415-347-5730; 281-845-9226; 940-473-0596; 940-468-7118 and +44 7876 773508

Changes numbers quite often.

Uses at least one Gmail account for communications. [email protected]

I have list of persons she has taken money from for one reason or another.

Always has some excuse for needing help or intending to repay.

Do not become associated or send anything to her.

Makes a lot of threats in blackmailing and extortion.

Apparently been scamming, swindling, and blackmailing persons for some time.

Will update if Lynette and associates decide to repay the funds owed and amount agreed to repay.

Aliases / Associates:

1st lawyer:
David Morales
Alias: “Barrister David Morales”.
Email address:
[email protected] is a known scam .com.

Telephone/text numbers: 616-345-4647 & 810-289-4022

Supposedly works for large USA law firm. Law firm has no one listed by that name of Morales.

Contacted several State Bar Associations, none have him listed as a licensed attorney.

Have a text from David Morales conversation on January 7, 2021 stating “yes, I am a fraud”.

Supposedly Lynette Petties has funds owed me in David Morales law firm account; however, continues to ask for fees to send the funds multiple times.

2nd lawyer:

Booker Vance met January 6, 2021 on text call number: 737-727-6834

Supposedly a Chief Legal Officer (CLO) same law firm with David Morales.

Law firm has no one by Booker Vance in directory or confirmed over telephone.

Name Booker Vance given to me on 1-6-21 by Lynette Petties.

I have made every attempt to be repaid by the above parties. I assume these parties are all operating illegal based on past experiences and communications.

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