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Subject: Re: Dear Alyona

Hello, dear xxx

Thank you for your letter, I was very pleased to see it in the box.
Reading it I smiled, thank you :)) It's great that you read it
carefully, because many just want to look at the photo and nothing
else. I like to write letters as if it was romantic in the 19th
century. What do you think?

As I said earlier, I am a yoga teacher, and I consider my work to be
very important, it helps people find inner balance and gain strength
when necessary. It also makes the body very flexible and supple. Do
you like yoga? Have you ever tried?

I love my job, but I feel lonely after it. I so want to return home
after her to my beloved man. But at home, only a cold bed and walls
await me. I want to meet a loving man, warm and gentle, who will take
care of me and I will love him in return. I want to find a husband,
lover, friend and brother in one man. Do you understand? What is
important to you? xxx what qualities should she have?

I was born in a small city in the East of Ukraine and, unfortunately,
this part of my country has been a war zone for the past six years. It
is called Horlovka I like this city even if it is not peaceful here...
:(( Everything will be good.( CONGRATS) I'm sure of it!... The good
things will happen with good people. Do you believe in it?.. Tell me
about yourself! How do you start your day? What woman are you looking
for? What is your favorite taste of ice cream? :)) Hahha Mine is
pistachio! Love it!

xxx tell me more about yourself ... What do you do? What is your
occupation? How do you spend your free time and what are your hobbies?
I am an active person, I like to wake up early in the morning and do a
lot of things. And you? Do you also wake up early or do you like to
lie in the crib? hahah Well, I just love to cook. And write breakfast
for me, an important reception, I like to decorate everything
beautifully, lay out all the appliances and eat slowly. Do you like
such rituals? Maybe soon I will already be preparing breakfast for two
hahahay. Who knows :))

I want to invite you to play a game ... In every letter I will hide a
word, and you must find it. When all the words are found (better
memorize or write down), you will need to make a sentence. When you
get it, you will send it to me. And you will receive a reward for it))
Well, how? Do you want to try?

Waiting for your answer (hopefully quick)hahahah

Have good day to you!

Hug you Alyona

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