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Feb 27 2012 UPDATE

2:16:02 AM sarah_pooh009: My love you need to help me now to say the fact......I must get there to you I swear
2:16:21 AM x: I tried to- but you resist all effort
2:16:44 AM x: I told you to SCAN your passport and that I would pay for the birth certificate and you failed to do that.
2:17:19 AM x: Let me put it THIS WAY-
2:17:27 AM sarah_pooh009: My love I don't have much
2:17:55 AM x: Your chance of getting DISCRETTIONARY CASH from me- is about the SAME as my likelihood of getting a password for your account from YOU.
2:17:57 AM sarah_pooh009: That's stupid man contact me again
2:18:31 AM x: That's not a serious issue
2:18:40 AM x: I'm sure that from your ads several men are contacting you.
2:19:15 AM sarah_pooh009: Please work with me and let me get over there with you I don't mind if I would pay him back
2:19:18 AM x: Here's where it gets FUN-
2:19:47 AM x: You REFUSED ME all proof of ANYTHING about you- your password, your passport, your address, your work, and web cam- and NOW you have the NERVE to ask me to SEND YOU MONEY?
2:20:13 AM sarah_pooh009: Dan I don't need your money
2:20:19 AM x: what's this PAY HIM BACK business?
2:21:03 AM x: Why do you need MY involvement in this transaction?
2:21:08 AM sarah_pooh009: This man want to send me money......why can't we collect this and let me get over to you ... I don't mind but to get to you will save my life
2:21:27 AM sarah_pooh009: He is a Rich man and I can see that in him
2:21:36 AM x: OK- he can send YOU MONEY- but why do I have to be involved in any way?
2:22:02 AM x: what does he ask of you in return?
2:22:06 AM sarah_pooh009: I swear I will get to you even this week

IM Feb 27, 2012
2:28:47 AM
2:22:12 AM x: OMG
2:22:25 AM x: you don't have a passport- that is IMPOSSIBLE to work that quickly
2:22:32 AM sarah_pooh009: He just wanr me to come please Dan am tired of staying here
2:22:48 AM sarah_pooh009: Dan with money everything is possbile
2:22:50 AM x: You can't come until you get the US passport
2:23:14 AM sarah_pooh009: I will pay them everything if I have the money now and get over to you I swear
2:23:24 AM x: and that FIRST requires the Birth Certificate which you COULD HAVE already applied for WHEN I ASKED YOU TO GET YOUR PASSPORT SCANNED
2:23:48 AM sarah_pooh009: And I don't even mind if am to come to you by Ship
2:24:04 AM x: HOw about if we put you in a package?
2:24:06 AM x: LOL
2:24:14 AM x: and cut holes in the box so you cna breathe
2:24:33 AM sarah_pooh009: You know I don't have time I want to quit my work here and get over to you
2:24:51 AM x: No seriously- how do you think you can put that together- tell me.
2:25:45 AM sarah_pooh009: Want you to help me please receive the money and send everything to me I swear I will pay everything to get over to you
2:25:54 AM x: No way
2:26:00 AM sarah_pooh009: Honestly you know am tired of staying here
2:26:10 AM x: have HIM send it directly to you.
2:26:22 AM x: I am not going to be an accomplice in that transaction
2:26:23 AM sarah_pooh009: No Dan he can't
2:26:37 AM sarah_pooh009: Really?
2:26:41 AM x: What makes you think I can if he can't send it to you?
2:26:48 AM x: I have no more capability to send to you than he does.
2:27:20 AM sarah_pooh009: are you not tired of all this .....its over a month we met now
2:27:29 AM sarah_pooh009: And we haven't start up a life
2:27:36 AM x: give me a reason why he cannot send it to you without involving ME?
2:27:51 AM x: a LOGICAL reason that I can understand
2:27:55 AM sarah_pooh009: And now there is someone that want to help out but you refuse
2:28:10 AM x: read what I said
2:28:31 AM x: give me a LOGICAL reason why he cannot send it to you without involving ME?
2:28:47 AM sarah_pooh009: I don't have a credit card that's why?
IM Feb 27, 2012
2:28:53 AM x: you don't NEED
2:29:08 AM x: he goes to WU- or MG and has it sent to you that way
2:29:33 AM sarah_pooh009: He is too busy to go to bank but he said he will just send it online
2:29:53 AM x: too busy is not a valid reason why I would be involved with this
2:30:56 AM sarah_pooh009: My love honestly I don't ask you for money....I swear I don't want to stay here anymore
2:31:08 AM x: If this is fraud- I could be put in JAIL for accepting YOUR MONEY that was taken with false promises.
2:31:28 AM sarah_pooh009: At times I get horny but we are not here to have a date with you and sex
2:31:33 AM x: I am not so stupid as to take that risk
2:31:50 AM sarah_pooh009: Honestly I swear Dan this is not a fraud
2:31:59 AM x: then have it go from HIM to YOU
2:32:02 AM sarah_pooh009: Oh ok
2:32:05 AM x: You don't need to put ME in the middle
2:32:34 AM sarah_pooh009: Is that what you mean and scare .....I swear Dan this is not fraud and you will never go to Jail
2:32:52 AM sarah_pooh009: Now I understand what you are scared of
2:32:55 AM sarah_pooh009: Sibcerely
2:32:58 AM x: Your DEAL- (transaction) is between YOU and HIM- whatever it is- and I am not a part of it- therefore I will not subject myself to criminal activity on this issue.
2:33:05 AM sarah_pooh009: I swear this is not fraud
2:33:30 AM x: it is also NOT NECESSARY
2:33:52 AM x: money can be sent from HIM (whoever he is and for WHATEVER reason) directly to you. Without you needing me to get involved.
2:34:05 AM sarah_pooh009: I will never do thing that wil hurt you
2:34:14 AM x: OK
2:34:30 AM x: because I will not allow you to-
2:34:40 AM x: this sounds like a scam to me
2:34:42 AM sarah_pooh009: Ok
2:34:50 AM x: either you scamming him- or both of you together scamming me
2:34:57 AM sarah_pooh009: Oh dan honestly
2:35:22 AM sarah_pooh009: No Dan this is not a scam at all
2:35:26 AM x: after telling me you are in HK- then ARIZ= you have the NERVE to use the word HONEST?
2:35:35 AM sarah_pooh009: Am just tired and want to be with you
IM Feb 27, 2012 2:42:23 AM
2:35:53 AM sarah_pooh009: See Dan I don't mind
2:36:08 AM x: NO- find another way
2:36:14 AM sarah_pooh009: Atleast we have the opportunity now
2:36:38 AM x: YOu already know that you are not trustworthy
2:36:44 AM x: WHY would I?
2:36:59 AM sarah_pooh009: This is the last chance
2:37:13 AM x: this is NOT a chance- it is a scam attempt
2:37:16 AM sarah_pooh009: Honestly am ready to move to you
2:37:22 AM x: no you are NOT
2:37:26 AM sarah_pooh009: Oh Dan
2:37:40 AM x: you are READY to make some kind of bullshit transaction involving ME- that I am not so stupid as to do
2:37:41 AM sarah_pooh009: Do I ask you for money?
2:38:02 AM x: you ask me to commit a crime being involved in a scam
2:38:02 AM sarah_pooh009: I don't love him that's why I love you
2:38:15 AM x: OR alternatively- you and WHOEVER are in cahoots to defraud me
2:38:32 AM sarah_pooh009: Hadn't been I love him wouldn't have relocate to him
2:38:34 AM x: show me the messages between YOU and HIM regarding this transfer.
2:39:27 AM x: why did you slow down?

2:39:36 AM x: THIS throws you a curve ball - doesn't it?

Notice that it takes her 3 full minutes to come up with "I deleted his messages" A man wants to SEND HER FREE MONEY, and she gets "angry" and immediately deltes his messages. Makes sense, right? :=)

2:40:02 AM sarah_pooh009: Ask any other person then and he or she may enlighten you
2:40:29 AM x: I'm asking you for you to forward any correspondence between you and him and let me see what your bargain was.
2:40:57 AM sarah_pooh009: ask your friend and they will tell you either its a scam or not
2:41:11 AM x: quit talking in CIRCLES- I said SEND ME THE FUCKING PROOF
2:41:13 AM x: DAMMIT
2:41:28 AM x: I'm tired of your STORIES and your FAKE promises
2:41:47 AM sarah_pooh009: I always deleted his message when never I see it cause I get angry
2:41:54 AM x: LIE
2:42:07 AM sarah_pooh009: I swear
2:42:12 AM x: a man wants to SEND YOU MONEY and you CLAIM you deleted his messages- FUCKING LIAR
2:42:23 AM dand1001: Your swear is not worth DIRTY TOIILET PAPER
IM Feb 27, 2012 2:49:30 AM
2:42:34 AM sarah_pooh009: Don't I have his email address
2:42:47 AM sarah_pooh009: I don't always forget things
2:42:58 AM dand1001: show me PROOF of your discussion with him
2:43:04 AM dand1001: GIVE ME password to your yahoo
2:43:05 AM sarah_pooh009: As I don't forget your email address
2:43:31 AM sarah_pooh009: I don't have to check my email before I can bring out your email address
2:43:40 AM dand1001: mine is easy
2:43:45 AM sarah_pooh009: I know it its always rolling in my head
2:44:04 AM dand1001: if you want to show sincerity give me your password to your yahoo account
2:44:14 AM sarah_pooh009: Oh ok
2:44:48 AM sarah_pooh009: I love my mom
2:45:05 AM dand1001: with spaces like that?
2:45:19 AM sarah_pooh009: Dan don't worru
2:45:43 AM dand1001: password cannot have spaces like that
2:46:42 AM dand1001: it is not ilovemymom without spaces- that doesn't work
2:46:44 AM sarah_pooh009: Leave that nevermind
2:46:52 AM sarah_pooh009: Don't login ok
2:47:11 AM sarah_pooh009: <ding>
2:47:16 AM sarah_pooh009: I said don't login
2:47:24 AM dand1001: I can't- it is a trick- you gave me a phony password
2:47:27 AM sarah_pooh009: <ding>
2:47:38 AM sarah_pooh009: Good
2:47:49 AM dand1001: like everything else about you- FAKE
2:48:24 AM sarah_pooh009: oh ok
2:48:39 AM dand1001: So THIS is what you were HANGING ON FOR-
2:48:45 AM dand1001: the ULTIMATE scam attempt
2:49:03 AM dand1001: I didn't send money for your $7000 kidney fake operation- when you were LYING and supposedly in HK-
2:49:15 AM dand1001: I didn't go fro any of your stupid accidents like the bus rollover
2:49:22 AM dand1001: or the lost antique from the PHONY JOB
2:49:30 AM dand1001: you must think I am some kind of MORON
IM Feb 27, 2012
2:54:50 AM2:49:44 AM sarah_pooh009: I don't ask u for it now
2:50:04 AM dand1001: true- but WHY?
2:50:08 AM sarah_pooh009: So what do you think I can do?
2:50:21 AM dand1001: do you admit being

Feb 22 2012 UPDATE

She can be found trolling for victims on the following dating sites, claiming to be in New York. If you send her money to N.Y. she will have a friend located there to forward it to her in Nigeria, where she really is.
Her recent IP is or or or or or or which shows UK, due to her using a blackberry now. Her actual location is Nigeria. I asked her to give me a home and work address, she REFUSES, just as she refuses anything I ask that will confirm REALITY. This is a phone number she gave me, I think I got through only once, and the voice sounded rather oriental, +2347060463712 This is a Nigerian Phone Number (234). After 13 months, she is still a phantom. I'm sure it's even WORSE than what I have uncovered.
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The history on this "person" goes back a long time. She first made contact with me when she claimed to be in Hong Kong. Her first request for money was immediate and for $7,000 to pay for a kidney operation for her mother.

Then she turns up in Arizona, city of Pima (so she claims- the address she gave 333 S. Main came back vacant when I sent her a test letter-returned by the US Postal Service).

She has been contacting me quite regularly. I bought a ticket in her name to come from Pima Arizona in April (flight was from Tucson to LAX). But she didn't show up for the flight and I lost the money I paid for it.

Then I got an email from some stranger who has terrible grammar that she was involved in a bus rollover and all were killed except for her. Yea- SURE.

Then she claimed to work at a place that I could not locate on the internet- a "phantom job" where she claimed she was accused of LOSING a $1200 antique and the money taken out of her pay. There was the implication that she wanted me to OFFER "help" but I didn't.

NOW she is claiming that she is being evicted and has a letter from the landlord's attorney- but she refuses to scan that letter OR her passport to CONFIRM anything and she refuses to call me so I can SEE she is calling from an Arizona telephone number. And today I asked for her password so I could CHECK her email to see if anything THERE corroborated her story and she refused that as well. SO I did some investigating and found she has TWO other profiles- which she DENIED, but are linked not just to a photo of nextdoor nikki- but to Sarah's personal EMAIL address.

She is on Black Planet using a DIFFERENT PHOTO:[email protected]&real_name=
HERE she claims to be in New York, Female age 27
Here in the chat you can see she DENIES this is her phony profile- but it is linked to the EMAIL ADDRESS not the name

xxx(11/05/2011 9:43:56 AM) : ... /95x95%7C1
xxx(11/05/2011 9:44:03 AM) : NEW YORK, FEMALE 27
xxx(11/05/2011 9:44:06 AM) : explain
sarah_pooh....claes Poohok(11/05/2011 9:44:20 AM) : i dont have any account there at all
sarah_pooh....claes Poohok(11/05/2011 9:44:27 AM) : never
Also has a phony profile at Here she is again in New York, Female age 36.[email protected]
xxx(11/05/2011 9:20:59 AM) : You refuse ALL REASONABLE attempts to get proof from you-
sarah_pooh....claes Poohok(11/05/2011 9:21:03 AM) : not that babe
sarah_pooh....claes Poohok(11/05/2011 9:21:03 AM) : i really love you
sarah_pooh....claes Poohok(11/05/2011 9:21:03 AM) : sincerely
sarah_pooh....claes Poohok(11/05/2011 9:21:03 AM) : a going to be with you
sarah_pooh....claes Poohok(11/05/2011 9:21:03 AM) : fro the deepest part of y heart
sarah_pooh....claes Poohok(11/05/2011 9:21:03 AM) : not babe

Sarah Rudolph uses photos from She CLAIMS to be in Arizona- however she will not confirm ANYTHING. Not give a phone number to call back- not give a landlady NAME and Contact info- NOTHING. One MORNING when we talked, it was 9:30 Arizona time, but she said HOW ARE YOU THIS EVENING. Here is her profile pic on her yahoo messenger:
I don't believe she is in Arizona and she will do NOTHING to prove it.

She had many serious incidents during the time I talked with her- including 1. her mother needed a kidney operation costing $7000 and wanted to know if I could help.
2. She was supposedly involved in a serious bus rollover on the way home from work (and the work business name could not be verified either). I even called the hospital from the email sent to me by some illiterate partner of hers, and the hospital said there was no patient by the name Sarah Rudolph.
3. She LOST a valuable antique at her unverifiable job- and had $1200 deducted from her unverifiable pay, delaying when she could come here from Arizona.
4. I paid for a reservation for her on American Airlines and she failed to show up and the ticket went to a loss for me.
5. She claims she has a serious illness and her "landlady" let her use her hospital card for the costs. Yea, SURE.

Now she just fails to contact me. I know she logs on every night around 3 or 4 AM, which would suggest she is not in Arizona, but rather somewhere overseas.

SHe is just a TOTAL PHONEY. the pictures she sent me, she insisted are of her- are of model nextdoor nikki.

So I am posting this in case she tries to trick anyone else.

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