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#58064 by goldikova Thu Jul 07, 2011 10:02 am
hello i havent heard from this guy for about 5 months then i get mail he isnt on my messenger says he is still stuck in abuja nigeria since last time i spoke to him he was in us army a ssgt he went awol from iraq last aug and went to nigeria of all places lol keeps telling me he has a large amount of money left by his parents and needs to get to uk to sort it all out with his lawyer oh it gets better he asked me to send him 150 pound to help with his ticket he says his friend in the states is sending rest to him and what he has he has given to a guy a t arik airlines to look after for him and he wants us me and his friend to send to this man at he airline western union oh whoops got to be a scam the mans name to send it to is an english name apparently he works out there for them sorry i find it so funny my militry man name is maxwell swain email [email protected] he changed his email from last tim esopke to him he said he got hacked lolthis must be a scam well he aint getting any money from me and i told him when h egets back to the states he will be arrested as he went awol from army he said he wouldnt lol what a wally this guy is he is deleted now be careful of him people to okyou get all the i love you crap to :D

#58074 by jolly_roger Thu Jul 07, 2011 1:59 pm
Thankyou for posting the scammers email address. It is unfortunate to witness scammers impersonating military personnal seems to be increasing.
[email protected] has an image of someone wearing a military uniform with half the head missing!
The info available at the time of looking is:
Current status: Offline
Name: Maxwell Swain
Gender: Male
Yahoo member since: 27/February/2011

If you have been in contact with a scammer previously, I think they place peoples names and email addresses onto a database or scam list somewhere. I still receive scam emails on the odd occasion being sent to my old email address. But knowing what to look for, it does not cause any problem.
#58145 by goldikova Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:07 am
i dont believe it this guy has somehow managed to contacted me again i deleted him this time on messenger i told him to go away and leave me alone he was really nasty to me demanding money saying i was heartless all that stuffand that i lied to him all crap god he really upset me with his words he had me in tears and that takes alot i felt so useless in the end i signed out messenger and found a way to delete him of messenger permentlely to i cnat believe he even contacted me agin waht is a matter with these people they are the heartless ones i was sitting her ein tears and my daughter came in from school and asked me what was wrong i told her she said report him mum he is bad so i ahve reported him to us embassy and a few websites they put you in contact with god i feel so vulnerable agin now he has opene dup old wounds again the scum of the earth i hate them all :cry:
#58149 by Dotti Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:35 am
Unfortunately, reporting him to the US embassy is not going to do any good. He is right--he is not going to be arrested for being AWOL. He is not a soldier. He is not American and has never been in the US. He is a Nigerian man who simply copied photos of an American soldier and pretended to be him. When you tell him that he is going to be arrested when he returns to the US, he knows that you still believe he is an American soldier. This tells him that you are still believing some of his lies, so he thinks there is still a chance he can get money from you. Every time you answer an email from him, it encourages him to keep trying. If he sends you anything else, DO NOT RESPOND.

If you want to report him, you can report him to the EFCC, which is the Nigerian body responsible for this type of crime.

The good news is that if the scammer is harassing you again, it means he doesn't have "better" victims right now--so he's trying anyone he can think of. If he were successfully stealing from other women right now, he would leave you alone.

But, you shouldn't have to put up with this. I would suggest that you set up your filters to automatically trash any emails with the words "Nigeria", "Abuja", "western union", his name, and any other words that only he uses. It's not difficult to do, and then if he changes email addresses and tries again (that's what a lot of these scammers do) it will help to prevent him from getting through again.

Remember, you have nothing to feel guilty about. He is a lying thief who is trying to manipulate you. The important thing is that you don't let him.

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#58181 by jolly_roger Fri Jul 08, 2011 2:05 pm
re: I told him to go away.
Whilst that sounds positive, it is far better to ignore them. By continuing dialogue with the scam artist, it gives them a sense of power. By simply ceasing all contact without giving a reason puts the individual on the back foot.
A good thing to remember goldikova is you should not feel guilty. Do not forget that.
Online dating should be a pleasurable experience, but fraudulant people use it for the wrong reasons. And that is not our fault.
It just goes to show how desperate the individual is when it has to resort to intimidation tactics?
Scammers are only interested in a relationship with your money.
Adding to the ideas spoken about by Dotti, maybe construct a new e-mail address and give your current one the flick.

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