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#59900 by ryan3015 Sun Jul 24, 2011 5:38 pm
This scammer listed this photo on Webdate. Saying he had been in the Marines serving in Iraq and lost his wife a few years ago due to cancer. The pic is very cute, and when he first emailed me, it was fine and he seemed normal. But then he started asking me to transfer money for him. RED FLAG! He wanted me to open a account so his bank manager could put his money in it and then me send it to him in Iraq in the form of Western Union. Give me a break! Having been married to military for years, soldiers have no need to do anything in this manner. His screen name on Webdate is philshughes and his email is [email protected]. He didn't want to use his so called military address because of so much military stuff. Yeah Right! This is a obvious scam and people need to be aware of it. Doing a search of the email address, it matched a african male. No soldier here! I reported him to webdate and they said they would send him a warning. Give me a break! If the guy is stealing from people, then he needs to be pulled off the site.

Here is his soldier's picture and also the actual picture of the guy using the email address.

Soldier who probably doesn't even know?


And here's the picture of the man traced to the actual email address of [email protected]


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