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I found her on Here is the link to her profile:

Gets real touchy about answering questions or sending photos by email. Uses the word "dat" instead of "that" suggesting is probably African. Claims to be Australian in chat and in the above cross-referenced scam report.

Lorie Velasco: Well I am 33...
Lorie Velasco: What do u seek online?
Dan D: where are you?
Lorie Velasco: I am in u.k now but from lodi carlifornia...should be back in 2weeks.
Dan D: wow
Lorie Velasco: I am looking for a relationship and soul mate
Lorie Velasco: U?
Dan D: maybe you could come and visit me and go horseback riding at the ranch
Dan D: I am in orange county
Dan D: how far is LODI?
Dan D: I'm not sure where that is.
Dan D: and BTW- I like that you put the disclaimer with preciseness- you WILL be back in 2 weeks
Dan D: I get all kinds of BULLSHIT on here- who claim to be in UK but are really in Nigeria.
Dan D: getting sick of it.
Dan D: I feel I'm not getting 100% of your attention
Lorie Velasco: Nigeria is Africa
Dan D: I konw where it is
Lorie Velasco: I feel sick when any one tells me about Africa
Dan D: well I don't know about you, but most of my replies on here COME out of Africa- but MOST do not admit it.
Lorie Velasco: Ok fine,if you think am not real,I will not try to prove myself right for some sort of embarassment
Dan D: I have no idea if you're real
Dan D: but if you're NOT I'll find out within 11 minutes
Dan D: do you have a problem with that I ask questions?
Lorie Velasco: Well,u can have some rest now cos u really embarassing me
Lorie Velasco: Bye!!!
Dan D: why?
Lorie Velasco has signed out. (7/28/2011 2:52 AM)

She couldn't stand the heat, so she got OUT of the kitchen!
She refused to send pictures to me or an email. She is definitely hiding something.

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