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This same photo appears here on another scam report:

Found her on

Received: from [] by via HTTP; Fri, 29 Jul 2011 18:14:14 PDT
X-Mailer: YahooMailWebService/
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2011 18:14:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: sarah Johnson <[email protected]>
Reply-To: sarah Johnson <[email protected]>

Photos attached to the email:

the actual email:
I would describe myself as a mix of intelligence and silliness. Ability to adapt to most situations and social settings. I have a witty and funny sense of humor. I am honest and dependable. Highly analytical but I can also let loose and be adventurous and wild at times. I like to have balance in my life.Classy, intelligent, romantic, attractive, sensitive, passionate,witty, personable, fun, loving, sensual, and oh so woman(wink, wink). Enjoys the outdoors, most anything to do with water,fairs/festivals, travel, weekend getaways, home improvements and decorating, art, movies and so much more. Just staying home can be fun with the right company. Seeking truly available lifetime love and partner in crime.

This individual uses IP above and that IP is associated with other fraud- and is also in Nigeria, and claims to be in Texas. When challenged, is incapable of providing a Texas telephone number to receive a call to confirm she is where she claims to be. Here is part of the chat:

Dan D: You seem pretty nice
sarah Johnson: here is ma phone number 8019307849 but i can receive calls now cos am having little problem with my phonesarah Johnson: let me have yours ok
Dan D: that sounds like double-talk for fraud to ME
Dan D: if you are having trouble with your phone you will not be capble to call me
Dan D: and you are trying to mask your location by refusing to allow me to call you and KNOW where the location is.
sarah Johnson: i can text you
sarah Johnson: what bout that
sarah Johnson: ?
Dan D: I want YOU to answer a phone with a US area code
Dan D: if you can't do that you are in fucking AFRICA
sarah Johnson: this is really affecting you dan
Dan D: I've had it all
Dan D: Ive had women who even use FAKE WEB CAM
Dan D: they show me this BULLSHIT VIDEO of some bitch in front of a comptguer and tell me THIS IS ME- SEE ME-
Dan D: so I say TURN AROUND
Dan D: or STAND UP
Dan D: and when they can';t do it they are FAKES
Dan D: when you tell me you cannot RECEVIE a phone call to the location where you claim to be- you are a fraud also
sarah Johnson: i think this fraud thing is really affecting you and if you keep going this way am afraid you may not have someone to truth again
sarah Johnson: its affecting your mentality
sarah Johnson: everything ppl tell you believs is fake or scam and all becos you feel you have experienced and inteligent
sarah Johnson: but that not all about life
sarah Johnson: life at times get us screw
sarah Johnson has closed photo sharing.

sarah Johnson: i think you may never be your self and i dont think its will help u
Dan D: Search Results
Sorry. No records found.

Dan D: you know- I am going by REPEATED exposure to the SAME LIES and the SAME SCAMS
Dan D: so dont' give me this BULLSHIT about mentally
Dan D: FAKES are always incapable of receiving a call- and NORMAL people are ALWAYS capable to recieve a phone call NO ONE in the US goes with a NON-WORKING telephone[-you are a scammer
Dan D: contacting me by texting proves NOTHING
Dan D: and your phone number 801 is in Utah, NOT in Texas
Dan D: and it has no details
Dan D: You have proved NOTHING except that you are attempting to be decptive
Dan D: did you send me the email?
sarah Johnson: am sending it rigth away
Dan D: Search Results for "8019307849"
Sorry, no result were found. Please try again.

sarah Johnson: thats the number the phone is not on
sarah Johnson: ok
Dan D: let's get the email overwith- send your photos NOW
Dan D: so I can determine to continue or not
Dan D: you need to give mea WORKING NUMBER to call you in Texas to confirm you are telling the truth
Dan D: there is only ONE LOGICAL reason why you would be incapable of providing me with a phone number to call you in Texas, and that is you are NOT IN TEXAS
sarah Johnson: ok
Dan D: I don't see an email from you yet
sarah Johnson: have sent the mail

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