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Aka Natoliana

Natalya Maslenikova

Claims 23 or 28 years old and lives in Yoshkar-Ola Russia.

Seller in shop of home appliances

I want to find my love never been married

I have never been in other countries but wants to travel

Best girlfriend Elena. She is as native sister for me

Lives with Mom Nina, my daddy Anton too. Also I have one sisters. They are Irina is 21 years old.
My parents already to be on pension. My sister Irina is a student of the university.

Uses X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.04.7) UNREG / CD5BF9353B3B7091

Mails used [email protected] [email protected]

Requests money paid by Western Union here VNESHTORGBANK GAGARINA, 6 A City Yoshkar-Ola, 424039

Gives home address as

Street. (Krasnormeyskya), the house (57-15) Republic Mari El. Zip code (424038).

Or 43 Krasnoarmeyskaya Toshkar-Ola Russia 424039

Or Krasnoyarmeyskaya st. 46-12

Also Ekaterinburg, Zip Code 620002 Street Mira, 19



Her approach

Subject: Greeting, forgive what to distract, you not against to wish to do knowledge with the girl?

liked your structure on one of places for acquaintances, and I have made a decision to write to yours. Wash name Natalya. In me 28 years. I wish to speak at once to you, that I search for serious communications. I wish to find the one who wished to experience a long and happy life. I very cheerful and at me am a good comic genre. I wish to find much unique love and the true partner in life.

I wait that you will answer me, I ask you to write to this direction: [email protected]

I am applied my photo and with pleasure I shall answer you if you will write to me. I shall wait your answer with impatience and I wait that you to not neglect my letter. It is thankful in advance, Natalya.


Hello xxxxx!
Thanks for the answer!
To tell the truth I did not expect and did not trust that you will answer me!
I shall tell a little about myself!
My name is Natalya and me 28 year! I live in Russia.
First of all I shall tell about me, I think to you it will be interesting!
I work as the seller in shop of home appliances.
It is very interesting work for me and she very much to like me!
I think, that the person works on that work well which is pleasant to it! You agree with me?
I write now to you from the Internet of cafe. Unfortunately I do not have house of a computer,
Willy, for certain it is very interesting to you to know about how I found You on the Internet.
I enter agency and to write to you the letter. To me to help in it because I the first time to use the Internet.
I do not remember, where I to you to find it, as I to you to tell already because me to help in it.
But I think, that it not the main thing. The main thing, that we to meet and I want, that we to learn each other better.
I earlier also did not represent, that the Internet will be
To give so it is a lot of opportunities to people.
I should tell, that I want to find my love! Yes, it is possible
Will look silly. Between us and we at all have no the big distance
Opportunity to see the friend and to speak in the person. But I anyhow
Shall try to find my love because I believe, that in this world
There is a happiness for each person. How you think of it xxxxx?
I shall find necessarily my happiness. I also want to ask you,
What you understand as happiness? Right now I shall speak you that I understand as happiness.
I should tell, that everyone is happy in this world in own way. For me to be happy
Means that I exist in this world. I think, that I want, that me loved.
I want, that me respected and estimated. In general I see happiness that my life will be
It is lived with sense. I should find my love create my family.
You agree with me. In is world we should leave after ourselves good memoirs.
It is very difficult for one to find happiness. When two persons like each other,
It already does people happy. Love - very much good feeling and this sacred!
You agree with me? I want to find my love to create family and to live worthy
Life. THEN I SHALL BE HAPPY!!! You think as well as I?
I know, that men from your country, they are men of the word. Whether not so?
I want you to ask now that you concerned to me seriously.
I really hope to find my love. I very much would like,
That between us already from the first letters there was a understanding and trust each other.
Speak me only the truth and between us there will be warm relations!
I have written so much!!! I did not think that I can to write
about myself so much, really. Probably, finishing my e-mail to
you. xxxxx, I'll be grateful so much, if you'll write me about
yourself so much, as I did it. I would like, if you'll tell me, for
example, about your family, is your family large? About your city
where are you living, I have never been in other countries!
too, and I'll be glad to know about your country. Ok, let me to finish
my e-mail, I hope to see your answer soon! attaching my photo, I
hope you will find my photo good. I hope to see your answer soon!


Hi my friend xxxxx!
I very much glad so much to see your answer again! It's very interesting
for me to read your messages, from them we are learning more about
ourself, and I begin know more about you, xxxxx!
I very much like your photo. You very beautiful.
My last letter contained a lot of information on me directly.
I shall hope, that you understood the most part of that I have written to you in the last letter.
It is very important for us that we might understand each other.
We occur from two various cultures, but anyhow we should
To learn to understand each other. The understanding is a pledge of dialogue!
I want to tell you, that I am usual I can easy to find common language with people.
I always to try to concern with understanding to all things. Life complex
And all people also various. Very important in dialogue with each person to show respect
And attention.
My dear friend, of course, may be you want learn about our
correspondence, about correspondence's essence too, really?
xxxxx, may be, possible, we will together in the future time, may
be I would like to look the marriage too, if you will want this, I
do not want to hide this so important fact, but we must to learn more
things about each other more and more, it will reasonably and
correctly, really, xxxxx? I hope that you will agree with me with
this fact too. Please, tell me about this, ok? But in my opinion,
again and again, we must learn about each other more and more, I
repeat this! Please, agree with me, xxxxx!
My dearest friend, I would like to tell you about my family.
I should you tell about my family anyhow. Family
Defines the status of the person in a society. On the essence
The person this essence social and for this reason the family may
Anyhow to influence education of the person. I
want to say to you that I have a large family too. This are my mom
Nina, my daddy Anton too. Also I have one sisters. They are Irina is 21 years old.
My parents already to be on pension. My sister Irina is a student of the university.
Our family are living without any conflicts too, we have a good
understanding between our members of our family. Because, I think that
our parents gave to us a good education. I think that it's so good and
so proud that we have my mom and my daddy. Also I want to say to
you that I live with my family in one apartment.
We have our apartment from 3 rooms. It is usual standard
Apartment. Here only some people in Russia may allow
To itself to have the big house. I am glad, that we live in peace.
From the earliest childhood my parents learned us only good.
My parents fair people and they deserve respect. Also
I have very good and kind ancestors. My grandmother on the part of mum
And I the grandmother with the grandfather now very old also require care.
The old age is necessary for respecting. It also one of principles of my life.
I am sure, that also love the grandmothers and grandfathers. In our life
The grandmother and the grandfather always to associate as kindest people in the world.
Also I want to tell that I have consulted with my parents about the account my acquaintances with you through the Internet, they have
estimated it as positively because they care about my future life of
course. My parents would want that I have a happy life, and would want
that I will find my man. As I told you earlier, I have never been
married. My parents already elderly and they are poorly familiar with the Internet.
I also am poorly familiar with the Internet. But I shall hope, that anyhow
In my life I shall meet good the man. My mum worries about me.
She knows that my last years were not successful and now speaks me, that
I was more cautious in a choice of the man for creation of family.
Love, love, love. Sometimes the love does with us such strange things!
I think, that the present love develops of several components.
This understanding, physical inclination and some other. You agree with me?
Very interested to learn about your work, xxxxxx, and what do you to do(make) from work time?
During our weekends, in my free time, we are with my girlfriends, go for a walk to the city, we like to
sit in cafe. I like my girlfriends very much,
especially my best girlfriend Elena. She is as native sister for me!
Whether also it is very interesting to me to know your work allows to travel
To you in other countries? You have a vacation?
I should tell, that I never travelled to other countries earlier.
I have desire sometime to visit Europe! I want to visit France, Germany,
Poland and other countries! I want to go to Egypt and to observe Beautiful places our planet.
Probably in the future when I shall have the family we all family shall go and take travel on Europe!
I want to ask you about more things, xxxxx, and I hope that you will understand my questions and will
answer me for them. I want to learn more about your country, please,
tell me about your family, about your friends. A great hello to you from my family! I hope to see your
message soon. Bye-bye


Hello xxxxx!
It is so joyful to see your letter xxxxx.
I very much like your work. She very interesting.
It is very pleasant for me, that you to speak about a meeting. It so is romantic. I love romanticism.
About my hobby? I like to collect various beautiful female magazines.
For a small period of the time, I have a large collection of different magazines.
Simply, I like to read the best magazines.
I would like to tell you about my dreams too. Dreaming to drive a
car in the future, it would be so cool and interesting. But I want to
tell, that our family do not have the car, it's very expensive to buy the car.
xxxxx, would you to learn me to operate the automobile? It
will be kindly since your side.
By the way, my parents and friends ask about you all time. Especially
my parents, I have told to my parents, that you are decent and good
man, my parents are very pleased to our korrespondence on the Internet
and our relations, xxxxx. My parents wish to us a good relations in
the future, and it's possible, in the future, if we will be together
in your country, they would want that we will be a magnificent pair
too:) But remember, xxxxx! We should learn each other ever more and
more! Really? It's very important for me, xxxxx! The fact in
that, if you know, that on the statistics, majority of a pairs are
separated because they knew each other not enough, and I do not want to
do a mistake at once, I hope that you will can to understand me, Willy, really? As I spoke you earlier, we must to learn about each
other more and more from our e-mail.
Dear xxxxx!!! Also I want to tell you, that I would like to speak
with you by the phone at once, I hope, that it's a good idea, really,
xxxxx? I want to hear your voice, xxxxx, I hope that you want to
hear my voice too. But unfortunately, I do not have the telephone in
our apartment, because it's very expensive to establish the telephone
now in this time, but it will be possible, that may be
through some months we will have the telephone.
My working cellular telephone also is not capable to accept bells from abroad.
My communication is intended only on a limit of our republic!
From this, I have thought and I have come to the conclusion, I will
can to call to you from the City's Telegraph, it's the best variant, xxxxx!
Dearest xxxxx, you can give to me the number of your phone, I can
call to you from the City's Telegraph, please give me your phone
number, ok? I have a huge desire to hear your voice, xxxxx, I hope
that you want to hear my voice too. Please, send me your phone number
in your next e-mail, ok??? Please, do not forget!
xxxxx, I cannot believe, I have written to you such large e-mail. I
hope, that it will be interesting to read about me more. Really?
I would be grateful to you, if you will write to me in your
next e-mail about your hobbies, what kind of
music do you prefer? What kind of movies and another too? What is your
favorite color too??? My favorite color is blue, it calms so much.
Well, let me to finish my letter. By the way, my
parents, my sister and my friends ask me again to say to you a great
greetings from them! It's as usual. I will wait for your
next e-mail! xxxxx, please, write me as soon as possible! Ok?
Good-bye, see you soon.


The money request.

But I do not want, that this money have made a barrier in our relations. Allow to me please that I have asked you the help. I think, that it is fair.
Other question. How I can receive your money? Once again, it - a shame for me to ask you the help.
I shall probably the happiest woman in the world if we shall unit our hearts. I want to arrive to you and to live with you some time!
We should live a little together to continue our relations more. I think, that all of you understand.
I with mine the daddy to go in bank and to learn as you can send money. You should send money through Western Union. You have such system of remittances?
I shall give you my data where it is necessary to send money. It will be necessary to define the following information.

Money needs to be sent for my full name Natalya Maslenikova, Russia, Yoshkar-Ola.
The address of a department of the Western Union:

City Yoshkar-Ola,424039

I very much shall hope for you. I know, that you not materialistic the man and you will not regret money for our meeting.
There are things on the order more important,
than money. It is love and family for example and we should not forget about it.
Well, I shall close now this letter. I shall wait from you good news soon. Take all things soon.


Night, the novel, we one in a room, we include music and Dance slowly. I investigate your eyes, they - am so deep, and you
In mine, they are full emotions. I see your lips, so soft, and I wish To kiss them. We together for ever and our love is strong.
You come back from work. I expect you xxxxx I have making very tasty dinner, and we sit for Table, you inform Me to news,
about your work and I only we listen to you. Require what - be still. I only I enjoy the moments, which spend with you.
Then we go to a drawing room a room, and observe a film. We sit on Sofa, Embrace and a kiss. After a breakfast we We are going to go,
we have Picnic then we are going to see our friends, and we come back home Tired, but so Happy. We have lead day with our family.
Tomorrow one more week will begin, and we know, that we always shall be together, and next week will be even Better.
Well, it is enough with my dreams I hope, that these dreams very soon become a reality!
Write to me xxxxx, please, your ideas about it. I expect impatiently your Answer. My warm embraces for you!


My love xxxxx!!!
I always to be pleased when to see your letter. My loved xxxxx, I to go in bank and to ask, that there are no difficulties to do a sending of money through the Western Union.
I already to speak you, that I do not have bank account, I can receive your money only through the Western Union. I do not understand about what form you to speak, what it is necessary to fill?
I to you to allow all my exact data. You need to write them and I can receive your money. It does not make any difficulties. My loved xxxxx, my parents to trust you, they it is very good to concern to you.
They very much want, that I to go to you and we to be together for ever. I want to be with you all life together. My feelings to you with each day everyone become stronger and stronger.
I love you. I cannot without you. I want to be in your hands that nobody could separate us. I want to be with you. My loved xxxxx, give me please your phone number of your house or if at you is Mobile.
Give me number, I shall call to you at once and we about all to talk. I shall wait your letter. I love you.


Copy of passport sent.

My love xxxxx!!!
I have made the FOREIGN PASSPORT and I allow to you his copy to prove to you, that I am valid. I want to go to you.
For the life, at me my photos at the friends familiar are a lot of to be photos and many. Can even there is at those whom I not know.
I cannot know it and someone could so to make. Therefore I cannot know it. I have given you a copy of my passport, now I hope you to me to trust.
My loved xxxxx, now you go to do a sending of money for me? I am available to go. I love you.


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