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Imagenow tell me where you were born, whre you were raised and educated and where are you now?
Lacey michael: i am lacey michael.....i am born and raised up in usa illionis in elgin60120....i am divorced without kids i was married for 8month and me and my ex was divorced becos he hurt my heart........since then i have been single ...............i am veterinary medicine and pathologist student...
Dan D: and I was born on the fucking moon-
Dan D: YOu fucking LIAR-
Dan D: you think I believe that shit?
Lacey michael: ??
Dan D: You write like a MORON- you were not US educated.
Dan D: One quick question then I'll let you go-
Dan D: WHERE are you physically located now? Country- city?
Lacey michael has unloaded the IMVironment.
Lacey michael: Usa
Lacey michael: illionis in elgin
Dan D: do you have a phone so I can call you and hear your lovely voice? As well as confirm you are not in nigeria?
Lacey michael: Yes
Dan D: WOW
Dan D: would you mind if I call you now?
Dan D: then I'm going to make my dinner.
Lacey michael: No tomorrow
Dan D: OK
Lacey michael: okay
Dan D: what time do you ahve there now?
Lacey michael: 7;30pm
Dan D: Search Results11:04pm Thursday: IF you would check, the time in Elgin Il is 11:04 pm.
Dan D: So it would appear that you must be lying.
Lacey michael is typing...
Lacey michael: no
Lacey michael has signed out. (8/4/2011 9:05 PM)

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Subject: Hey here is more about me

My name is Lacey Michael . I am 33, born may 20, 1978.Am divorced no kid no husband but now single. I am 5' 7ft tall with an average body . Just very easy going too,love to meet people and know more about their culture.I love animalsI also want to say that I am not into playing games and I am very serious in my search and know what I want. I will always be very straight forward and honest with you too if you do the same to me.but right now am out of the state..... I like someone who is independent. Enjoys the world around them. Likes to experience new things, visit new places. I love attention, but I've learned that too much of a good thing can lead to taking things for granted. I love romance. I'm a rather neat person. I want man who take careofhimself,some exercise, reasonable diet and extremely attracted to someone with a sense of humor. I wantarelationship that is built on chemistry, attraction, friendship and a partnership.I was born from a race family,my father from IL and my mother from Venuezuela,i was born and raised in Illinois ,i am the only child of the family.My mum died 2yrs ago and haven't seen my father,since i was 12,he travel back to Venezuela and i have never hear from himI want someone who will make mad passionate love with me,and of that I am serious,... I'm ready to settle down and give as much Love and caring to that one special man and make him happy and possibly start a new familyl need stability love and understanding, i want a happy family and home...i need love and tenderness to have a man to cherish me for eternityI am looking for a serious, confident, purposeful, smart, responsible, honest, modest, kind, loyal, elegant, sociable, sensitive, gentle, cheerful, romantic, considered, responsible, jovial who will not hurt me and will know how to take care of a young lady like me.
i am here looking for the honest man that i will start a new life with,who is not here to play game with me, can think that maybe i am in long distance ,but i want you to know that long distant relationship is most respectful and successful relationship the soul mate sorts out thing between each other.... most of the lasting respectful, successful relationship comes from on Internet.... And i want you to just let start and know where it goes and i want you to know that we never seen Air but we can feel it through breathing and it keep us alive do not believe in eyes to eyes physically but l believe in what comes from heart seeing each other does not mean u will know what is inside for good or bad but from the conversation, you will know what is inside the heart to know the good....i will like you to tell me about you as well and lets see where it goes from there. I am passionate at all times, God fearing one. i will love to relocate to meet In Real... I love you sincere, honest and have a sense of humor. I am fun of having tours. Love to stay at home with my husband to be. And willing to settle down with you My man.I feel that a relationship should always be based upon honesty and acceptance when you can fully accept yourself, Honestly will come naturally.this in return will leave your partner feeling comfortable with you, knowing there is nothing to hide. if two people can see each other in full view with complete acceptance, they can build a successful from this!That's why i knew in my life i learn a lot of things if you want to know me just try to discover it by your own self!follow your dreams until you will reach it! People are given the opportunity to meet the love of their lives.Some unexpected,some through years of friendship,some by chances,some an instant.Only a few have the foresight to see beyond imperfections and take it wholeheartedly.When love is present,it won't require how you look like,how you dress,how you are perceived but in what you become when that person is around.Learn how to appreciate the people around you cause you might lose a person who cares for you the most! DESTINY,belongs to those who believes in the beauty of their dreams and have the courage to pursue it.Don't stop when you are tired.stop when you're done.Life is so many great options but you don't have to pick always seems to be the best just pick whatever makes you really happy and it will be the best and perfect choice!Even though it has never been a questions of who forgets.But sometimes,there's a definite pain on being the one who remembers everything.Destiny chooses the right person for you all you have to do is waiting for him/her to come.But i guess there just a point in your life where you just have to accept that not everything you wished or hoped for will come true.A time when you just have to gather up the courage to let go and just entrust everything to GOD.Knowing HE wont allow you to be in situations of pain for the sake of hurting us. but for the sake of us to learned!One day we'll truly understand that HE knows us more than we know ourselves.That even when we feel alone and misunderstood and even sometimes unloved and used,there's HIM who knows all are flaws yet loves us unconditionally like no human can. When i was a little kid, I fell from a tree but i managed to hold on to a branch.I was up there for a long time and waited.The silence,the pain in my arms,the blood pumping in my heart.Then i fell I couldn't remember what happened when i hit the ground,all i could remember was the agony of holding on and the wonderful feeling of letting go.I got hurt cause i let go and fell,but its much better to let go than trying to hold on,knowing that its going to hurt even more and knowing that I'll eventually fall.Just like LOVE i am lookingfor you here to love me trulyand Been Honest with eachother..Nice to you met You..Thanks
well I will be waiting for your too.

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