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#62196 by scamsniffer Mon Aug 15, 2011 3:05 am
On as

On the twoo profile: Mary
.Tampa - United States

In the chat:
[email protected]: I am Mary from
Dan D: hi mary mary quite contrary
Dan D: how is your garden growing?

[email protected]: what Garden?
[email protected] has signed back in. (8/14/2011 11:38 PM)

Dan D: you're not an american are you?
Dan D: where are you?
[email protected]: I was born and raised from Tampa FL but presently in Malaysia and you?

[email protected]: how did you mean?

[email protected]: Because I was born from Tampa

Alright people- does THIS sound like a US Educated person to ANYBODY? How many people can be born here and escape knowing the mary mary quite contrary fairy tale? Has education changed that much since I was a kid? Or how about that foreign HOW do you mean? or I was born FROM tampa.

She thinks we are going to buy that story? She is an AMERICAN? then WTF is she doing in MALAYSIA?

Well make your own conclusions - but this one smells from across the street.



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