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#62735 by heycin1 Thu Aug 18, 2011 5:46 pm
He says his name is Mark Cook and is 58. He supposedly lives in LA, is a widow and has 14 year old son that lives with his brother in Germany. He found me on Facebook after searching through peoples friends lists. He claims he is American and from Oklahoma City, but he grammar is so awful and doesn't make a lot of sense at times. He sounds like a foreigner trying to speak English.

A couple of months ago, out of the blue I get a very flattering message from him on Facebook telling me how beautiful I was. I looked at his profile and knew I did not know him, this triggered that something was not right. I went along with his little game thinking I could block him whenever I wanted to. It wasn't long before he was telling me he kne we soul mates and we had to get married. I then hear about his precious dead wife that died 4 years ago and he is still crying over her and his son needs a new mum. Not mom like Americans say. He kept telling me how he would love me forever and a day and kept asking if I loved him. At first I told him no and then decided this was all a big game to him so I started saying things I knew he wanted to hear. The picture on his Facebook page makes him look American. He gave me his phone number and asked me to call. I did just to hear what he sounded like. He sounded Indian, Middle Eastern or possibly African. I made the mistake of not blocking my caller id and after that he was calling all the time. I finally had to go through the phone company to block his number. He assumed something was wrong with the network.

We kept talking on Facebook and I kept pretending to fall for his flowery stories of love and him calling me his wife. Finally he needed to travel to Africa. Supposedly he is quite wealthy and is an engineer building roads and bridges. After a few days of being in Africa he writes me saying he needs $1200 to pay his hotel bill at the end of the week. His luggage was lost and all his money, wallet etc was in his luggage. He kept telling me if I really loved my husband and didn't want him to go to jail I would send the money. I kept refusing arguing I didn't have it. He tried the mental abuse thing and tried to make me feel guilty. He would sound very angry with me because he wasn't getting his way, then back way off and be really sweet again. He finally decided to forgive me for not sending money and amazingly enough he did not end up in jail! Since he has been in Africa he has kept calling me form a number that has a Ghana country code. He calls all hours repeatedly and the phone company cannot block international calls.

I have kept talking to him to see if he would request money again. He got very sweet talking about the celebration we would have at our wedding when he came back to the states. Finally yesterday he asked me for $300. The money he had brought was not enough since he had to pay for an apartment and other expenses. I thought I would play along with him this time since I have been doing some extensive reading on dating scammers and found out how others had handled it. This "Mark Cook" fits the profile to a tee!! I told him I couldn't send $300 would $200 work. Of course he said yes. I was able to print a Money Gram form off of Google and filled in the blanks. I chose Money Gram because you cannot track the numbers online, Western Union you can. I told him I had transfered the money and gave him the 8 digit code. He said it was too late for him to collect the money since they are 7 hours ahead of where I live. I took a picture of the form and emailed it to him as proof I did wire the money. He was so grateful and loving. I got a phone call at 5:30 my time this morning from him and did not answer the phone. When I checked into Facebook he was very angry that he had been made a fool of when he got to the bank. I told him the clerk must have made a digit error and told him I would check it out and get funds transferred to Wetern Union. I printed a form off of Google and again filled in the blanks. I sent a picture to him but he couldn't read the MTC#. I knew by giving him a fake number he would find out right away but it was worth it to hear him get so upset. I then just blocked him on Facebook and on my email so I don't have to hear from him anymore.

One thing he kept stressing the whole time I talked to him is trusting each other and being honest. He also sounds very religious which is another one of his games. Here is more info on him:

He is reported at:!/profile.php? ... 2462087023

US Phone # 310-747-4256

The Ghana number he was calling from is 233243603459

[email protected]

He is active on Facebook, but I also have a picture I can upload.

Please be careful of him!

#62758 by Bubbles Fri Aug 19, 2011 1:46 am
Welcome to ScamWarners heycin1 and thank you for posting this information. Scammers are using the "single dad" story line quite a bit now. It is designed to tug at your heart and maternal instincts.

What they do to victims is cruel and what you have posted here is very helpful and your warning is spot on. Scammers want you to believe they have an exciting life and are in West Africa working. West Africa must have a lot of work for engineers because many romance scammers claim to be working there.

Yes, you are correct, English is NOT his first language, that is why it sounds like it is not.

Please feel free to post the pictures he sent to you. Of course, they are not actually of him, but pictures of someone they want you to believe is him. Be sure to follow the forum rules about marking the photos as used by scammer. See this thread for more information: viewtopic.php?f=28&t=3219

Bubbles, former Scamwarners moderator.

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