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Hello Amanda:...
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Stuart n Gulliver



Wednesday, August 17, 2011 1:09 AM
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Hello xxxx,

Thanks for taking time to read my message on facebook and send me urs too as it clearly made me understand that u are a patient woman and that u love to communicate irrespective of the time it costs you to do it. As you may have head, communication is very essential any relationship that is on the ground level. I intend to know your ways, creed and belief more and come to respect them. I believe asking you questions and getting the answers in return is a rather appropriate way of getting to know you.
My inquisition and attraction about you has made me so keen about knowing you more and more after coming in contact with your profile recently....Its quite fascinating that you seem much interesting as we mailed each other. I spent my early morning today and looking at your picture again and kept asking myself why i jumped at your profile and have been so uniquely attached to you since then. Perhaps you could be special.

Most important I want an intelligent woman who can communicate and enjoys a good conversation. I love drives, road trips in the motorhome, site seeing and riding my highway bike, want to come for a ride? Just so you know I do like riding my cruiser and usually ride my bike (900 Vulcan). Life is too short to let it speed by all caught up in the rat race, been there, done that thank you..... Only had one girl in 12 years and never cheated because we were married! She died though, no thanks to Cancer. Bless her soul God
I have learned to enjoy life and the moment, to cool my jets and kick back and have some fun traveling and exploring new places. But I need a honey to share my life adventures and grow old with me. Would be nice to have a "Best Friend" like you to travel with when the time is right.

Oh I bring erotic, err, umm ahh, I mean exotic coffee in the morning, that comes with Starbucks sweeteners of course. Yes you understood right, I bring wonderful hot aromatic coffee to you in bed, hold hand and talk about our dreams and solve world hunger… heehhe Isn't that what a gentleman is suppose to do for his honey bunny?

Are you always online on yahoo maybe we can chat soon?


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Re: Hun this u must know abt me

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Stuart n Gulliver



Thursday, August 18, 2011 12:07 PM
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Hello xxxxx

I would like to describe myself as a gentleman who is not proud of what he has but what he is.. Most times I look back on my memory lane and feel proud cos i never came from the biggest and brightest family that you would have probably came from, but each time I look at myself today, I am always proud of what I am. Growing up gave me the zeal not to give up on my quest for life. So I strived to get the best out of education with help from financial aid packages and fee waivers, even part time Jobs too that paid almost close to nothing. I guess it was all worth it....hehehe. You know having a goal keeps you striving and not feeling the pains. my dad then had a job that paid little and took the responsibility of the house rent and other miscellaneous bills he could pay. With all the financial set backs around us I almost lost my focus. I just sat home one day, I can remember clearly I was listening to one of Martin Luther’s quote and he said "IF YOU CAN THINK OF IT YOU CAN DO IT" after all I was bright and industrious, as well as frugal and intelligent. So I took a vow to strive and hustle my way through school and life. hehhe.

When I got my university admission to study in engineering (first degree), I was happy but I was scared there wouldn’t be money to see myself through. I had some savings for the tuition fee at least for the first year that I saved all through the year working. Every kid around my block was enthusiastic about college and even though I knew I wrote well in the test I had my mind battling with how I would scale through the all 5 years course financially. hehehe. but then I knew there was a God somewhere, so sometimes when I saw my self worried, I always said to myself, "IF THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY"..HEHE.

After my first year as a freshman, I fell in love with a woman of virtue. Her name was Lilian,bless her soul. She became my wife subsequently after we graduated and made me the happiest man in the world ever. She was a bundle of blessing to me now and my future. I dedicate my present achievements over the years to her moral, financial, emotional and physical support that propelled me forwards positively. The reason why I am a proud engineer today and a business man was because she came into my life. In a nut shell she was from an affluent home and she was nice enough to recognize and appreciate my intelligence. We fell in love and she helped me so much in convincing her father and he became my mentor. Thanks to her generosity and kindness as it saw me through my first degree. I loved Lilian my late wife; she was a year in level older than me when I met her in the university. We got married after our graduation and we gave birth to Arthur. Arthur is 6 now and we miss Lilian too. I wish she was here to see what a wonderful son she has. Don’t be saddened to hear of my loss, for my loss only made me whole and single. It left me without a companion and almost made me a pub maniac. When she died I visited the pub regularly and took to severe drinking, until my psychology therapist advised I took one of the jobs I was been offered from some oil companies offshore. He said if I left my house for a different ambiance and settlement, it will rejuvenate and strengthen me. Thus, he was right as I kept my head up and managed to stop drinking as it was almost ruining my status. But all through these years, I have realized that unless I fall in love again and get that which is abstract, I would be incomplete. My lady that’s the reason am here I want a family for Arthur and I. we leave in a big beautiful world that is not complete. I need a spice in my big world.

Well let me tell you a Little more about me because its of importance, you should know most things about me right? Well, about my passions, am passionate about helping others, making them better people. Because, by making people better, am making the world a better place, so that my son and other kids would have a conducive environment to grow and be loved. I Love to read, Mostly Inspirational books, the most touching book that I have ever read is the one by John Manson, Very Inspirational, would push you from where you are to where you should be. On Music, Am into r n b, Sentimental jazz as I guess you will love it too, I Love singers like Evanescence, Linking park, Dido and I Love Enya too .Favorite composer would be John Fredrick Handle, Although am really not into operas. Am an Art Lover,I like epics paintings because, it’s very eccentric but very Creative and Mind Blowing.

Concerning clothing, am actually a causal Clothier don't like to be the center of Attraction, I love to lay low, I am jean and shirt type of man. I am a movie Lover, I Love the cinemas, Am the comedy type, I also watch some actions and Adventures and some Erotica. My Favorite actor I would call Brad Pitt(Boy Sexy).I Love to cook and I guess you will like my cooking with good spices and nourishment, but I love Mexican Food because it's very Hot and spicy. As we all knows or Love making is an essential part of a relationship, because it's keeps the Fire burning. I Love to Travel. I have been to Germany, India and Kuwait for my Business. I Love the Museums and art Galleries. Concerning pets, Am a Dog Lover. .Well that’s that about me though,

I am a father and its hard to do father and mother work at the same time realized am writing so long mail. I enjoyed writing it. Just before I forget, I am 40 years this year. I have done few voluntary works. I intend to participate fully when I retire and old.hahahaha...

Do you have yahoo messenger? I sent you request over there so check it out so that we can chat from there.

I got the picture you sent to me. It the really beautiful and I will use it for my screensaver in my phone.

I will be traveling to London this weekend. I am working on a contract with the Olympic organizing committee in England. The bidding process starts on Monday and will last for one week. I intend to get there by this weekend, settle and prepare myself against Monday.

Have a wonderful day.

Cheers love
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Re: You!

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Stuart n Gulliver



Monday, August 22, 2011 3:50 AM

Hi My Sweetness,

Good am my love. i got your mail this morning. yesterday was a very tight day for me. I got to

London and I had to quickly submit my introduction letter for the bid and do so many logisitic

too like registering my company for the bid also. I went to lodge in a hotel where i am now. i

will be going from here to the department of contracts of the client company until the bidding

interviews are over and the results are out. Today i will hire a good agent who knows the

client well enough and who can help me penetrate them from behind so i can have an advantage to

win the contract. He will be representing my interest from the inside while i will do my best

to be confident and put up a good presentation in the face of the panel of interviewers. The

interviews and presentation starts tommorrow proper. I have series of contract offers here in

UK and I think I should just concentrate on this oil supply contract. Its a bid/interview to

select a contractor who is gonna supply them 86,000 barrels of oil for the price of 88usd each

to Murphy Oil Corporation. Its a big one and i was thinking about it last night before i slept

and i thought well its lucrative. why don't i give it a shot. over 50 independent oil and gas

suppliers were invited for the bid and i am among the 50 contractors that were invited. The

association recommended me cos of my past successful contracts

I LOVE U BABE and i have u in mind 24/7. i have written you a sweet love letter below

Honey you're the bestest honnie bonnie ever and that's all there is to it! Whenever I'm writing

to you, I feel like the luckiest man in the whole wide world.. There's nothing that I need to

hide from you, nothing I can't tell you; there are no uncomfortable silences, no secrets, and

no reason to suspect anything unusual. Our relationship has none of the qualities that make

other relationships fail - it's almost too perfect, but just right at the same time.

We compliment each other in everything we do, making each other stronger. You'll never forget

to let me know just how much you love me and I never forget to let you know just how much I

love you as well. You're the love of my life right now and I really think you're my soul mate.

When I think of what our lives could be like together in the future, I get butterflies and

chills all over - it's just so exciting! I think something like this does happen to everybody;

I'm just so lucky it's happened to me now.

You've filled all the cracks in my soul and you've made me a better person, Baby. If it weren't

for you, I honestly don't think I could've made it to this day as happy as I have. I love you

with all my heart and soul, Baby; you know that, and Baby, don't believe for a second that

anything could change it. My happiness is prolonged only because of you.

You're basically all I think about, Baby; when I'm not thinking about you, whatever I'm

thinking about has to do with you. You're my everything, my existence, my love, my mental

status, everything, and I want to thank you for being the person you are ... no matter what,

Baby. I love you!

How many kids do you have? Are they all staying with there dad? I will like to know more about

your relationship past and present if you don't mind. I will send some pictures for you later

today. Right now, I am just getting things ready for the job.

You can call me on 011447024098447 and give me your number as well so that we can keep in touch

and hear your voice for the first time.

Cheers Love.

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Re: Hi xxxxxx

FROM: email address added back in [email protected] ~Bubbles

Stuart n Gulliver



Thursday, August 25, 2011 4:21 PM

Hello Horney,

I am really sorry for the late reply to your messages. The interview process is very hectic and I have been on it seriously for the past few days now. I was attacked by criminals on my way back to my hotel room on Tuesday and they made away with my phone, wrist watch, laptop and my wallet. I was beaten on the head with the gun they had and I fainted inside the car. I managed to wake up in the hospital and the doctors here discharged me the Wednesday morning because I had to be present for the interview on Wednesday as well. They scanned my head and they said I did not have any internal bleeding and that I am fit to go.

I managed to get another laptop and another phone which I use now. I made a report to the metropolitan police to follow up and see if they can track those criminals. I had some vital information in my laptop which I will need incase I win this contract. However everything is fine with me and I am doing good here. The interview is going well and I am working with an insider to help me get the contract. I paid him very well to do the job and I am hoping he will. UK is practically expensive to live in. I came in here with 36, 000 dollars and it is almost finished. I just hope I will get this contract because I have already invested a lot into it.

I have read all your emails both on facebook and yahoo and they are all sweet. I was thinking about you all this while and the worst thing that happened to me is that they made away with my phone that has your picture as screen saver. I was mad so I had to download it again on the new phone. Your pictures are really beautiful. I can't wait to meet with you and give you a real hug and a good kiss hahahahaha....I miss you so much horney. About your family and relationship history, I want you to know that there is a real partner for everyone in this life. There are people that God brings into someones life to cause a change and love you the way you are and not for wrong reasons. I love a woman with your kind of courage and determination to make it life. It feels so good to know you have hustling spirit like I do and I am dam sure we will make a good couple.

The interview is ending tomorrow and I will plan my coming back to US by next week immediately the winner is announced so that I can see you and see my son as well. He miss me so badly and i miss him too.

I will send my pictures to you today as soon as I finish configuring my new laptop. It is a compaq made and I bought it second hand because new laptop here is expensive.

Baby, I need your prayers. my heart is beating rapidly like I want to choke because I am so scared about the result of this interview though I did my home work very well. hahahaha.

I will call you right now with the number you gave me.

So tell me, do you live alone? Tell me more about your job?

I will like to see pictures of your children anyway if you don't mind.

I will have to run now and get my files ready to go back to my hotel room.

Cheers love.
#65058 by Bubbles Sat Sep 03, 2011 11:55 pm
BrodOnTheLookOut, Yes, you are communicating with a scammer. If he has not asked you for money already, he will be doing that in the near future.

Your best course of action is to cease communicating with this person. You obviously have given out a telephone number. Nothing good can come from staying in contact with him.

NOTE: Please provide the email address this scammer is writing to you from. Without that information, this is only an interesting read. We expose the email addresses scammers use, not just what they write. I have also moved this series of messages from the News and announcements topic to the Romance scams topic where it fits better.

Please PM me if you have any questions.

Edit to add: I have brought all posts about this scammer to one place. It was too confusing to have 5 different topics about the same scammer. I have added the email address from the first topic to all of the posts here. [email protected]

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