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#147561 by Bubbles Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:43 am will delete scammers accounts if they are notified. Scammers often pay for the account with a stolen credit card, and when that shows up, the account is deleted. This is the reason scammers want to move their victims to Yahoo Chat.

If you would post up the headers from emails you have received, we can help you see where the scammer is likely posting from. Instructions to do that are in my signature line.

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#147684 by skepticaltexan Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:00 pm
I just joined Match and had no responses then suddenly last night this guy IM'd me. Had not picture on profile but said he wanted to talk on Yahoo Messenger after chatting on Match for a while. He seemed very respectful, then sent me two photos, which are above, so I created a new Yahoo account so I could delete it if this was a scam. My 3rd eye must have been working overtime, because he was so nice. I had a few flags, but dismissed them. This morning he chatted again and was repeated over and over again that he wanted someone true, loyal, etc. and that he wanted to spend a few weeks at my house when he retired from duty in Afghanistan,, then he had to go "on patrol". Tonight there must have been a different guy or woman, because the English did not make sense, I purposely was asking questions about the Superbowl which he ignored, asked about the location of the lighthouse in one of the photos, I asked those questions 4 or 5 times and all he did was go on and on about love is this and that. I said you must be copying from a book and he said no, but I believe he was. Well, after that chat, I started searching the internet and in about 30 minutes found the same photos. I have notified but not sure they will do anything. I wish the word would get out more. I will never try online dating again. 1 week was more than enough.
#147807 by singlemom0806 Wed Jan 30, 2013 3:32 pm
This same guy is still trying to take women. He is now going by Tyler the us army coming home in less than 3 weeks.

his email address is [email protected]

don't believe him. he is trying to get my home address, phone numbers, everything without bank info. he wants to send someone to meet up with me to hold his 1.2 million dollars till he is home.

found me on as babegodlol

#147816 by skepticaltexan Wed Jan 30, 2013 5:54 pm
So after finding my hoaxer on here, I sent him a not very nice reply on Yahoo Messenger and let him know I created that account only because I suspected him of not being who he said and I can delete it as soon as he sees my last message to him. I deleted the program on my computer, after not seeing him online for 24 hours. Just checked from phone and he is messenger as "[email protected]"". Beware ladies.
I also realized that he told me his first name was James and the patch on the photo said James.. duh that should be his LAST name!
#147992 by sharonr36 Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:13 pm
I have also had contact with this "gentleman" through Match...using the name James Dyson with the yahoo address posted on here prior, and now a new email address. This one is [email protected]. Pics he has sent have been some of the same ones that have been posted here. I deleted the emails before realizing that the information in them may have been helpful.
#148004 by singlemom0806 Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:22 pm
did the man tell you he was retiring from the service in three weeks and will be in the states before valentine's day? mine actually gave me the password to his yahoo as I acused him of chatting with others and told me to look...well i found on it today that he might be a she. there is emails linking to his or her new profile "girlsdateforfree" website.

im so sick about this that I can just scream. I deleted everything off his or her yahoo including my contact...completely so that person doesn't have any trace of my name or email address or photo but I keep everything to turn him or her in.

if i could cause him pain like he did me...i would.

everyone needs to know how to google images which lead me to this site. save other women!
#148011 by Dotti Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:27 pm
well i found on it today that he might be a she. there is emails linking to his or her new profile "girlsdateforfree" website.

"He" will definitely be a male--the overwhelming majority of these scammers are male, including the ones who claim to be females...

It's not uncommon for a scammer to have both male and female dating site accounts. Scammers do not discriminate--they would be just as happy stealing a woman's or a man's life savings. In general, it makes no difference to the scammer whether he's playing a male or a female, as in both cases he's using stolen photos and often scripted text, and simply telling whatever lies he thinks his victim needs to hear. To him, this is a business, and his victims are just there to be manipulated and used. His goal is not specifically to cause pain, but he doesn't care what pain he causes, as long as it gets him what he wants--money.

Unfortunately, he wouldn't have given you access to his email if he hadn't basically scrubbed it first. There's also a good chance that he copied the important information to another email account--scammers' email accounts are frequently closed for abuse, so they prepare for the possibility by having their key information backed up elsewhere. That means he may contact you again, using the same identity or a new one, and you should be alert and prepared for the possibility.

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#148013 by singlemom0806 Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:49 pm
I thought of that. I really hope not. My third eye is definately open and awake going forward.

Can I turn him in to anyone? I never sent money...i feel stupid that I did give him my home address. What do I need to watch for?
#148555 by Petals123 Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:26 pm
I chatted with him this morning and have been talking with him for weeks. I met him on He is quite the smooth talker. Last week he said it would be nice if I could send a care package for the orphans over there, this morning he thought it would be nice if I could send him a computer because his unfortuneatly keeps freezing up while we are chatting. I have to admit he is very good at being online when he says he is going to etc. I got scammed by the last person I met on match as well. He wanted me to send money to ghana for him. I used match 7 years ago and the people I met on there were really, it seems to me know that all the guys are lying. I don't trust anyone I talk with anymore. I go along with and pretend that I believe them but thankfully now I have found this site and can find out quicker. So to all of you out there who have been scammed as well don't take it personally, I'm not. We are just nice people looking for some companionship and there are to many jerks out there trying to take advantage of us. By the way he said his name was ricky James. his yahoo chat name was james_ricky51 and his email address was james [email protected]
#148559 by singlemom0806 Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:40 pm
Omg...I just knew he was still on there. Did he tell you his son is 11 and stsying in the UK?

Did you report him to match? I got contacted by a lady in florida warning me he put her in the hospital and was goinv to make all cu*ts pay. Im afraid since I never sent money, phone but knows where I live he will find me. I am so over the match . Com thing. I feel no one is going to get a fair rap even if they are from what ghis smooth talker is.

I deactivated his facebook act too since he told me his passwords.

Thanks for letting me know.
#148608 by singlemom0806 Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:18 pm
well another one came to me at

asked for a photo and got him sending me to yahoo chat.

his new email address is [email protected]

which bring you right back to the same pictures of the guy with james on his uniform.

ladies beware of this scammer
#148979 by Sadbamafan13 Wed Feb 06, 2013 6:13 pm
I have been talking to a scammer that is using these same pictures but using a different name. He is supposed to be in the Army in Baghdad, Iraq. I met him on Match as well. It does no good to report it to Match because they delete their profiles the minute they think they have hooked someone into their scam.

I've been chatting with him for about 9 weeks and his diplomat was going to bring me a package from him but it has gotten detained in Ghana at the Customs there and they need $3500 to get the package through customs to bring it to U.S. I just laughed and told him that I didn't have the money.

These guys are trying so hard to scam people they don't even realize who they talk to online.
#149605 by Hardwalk Sat Feb 09, 2013 1:56 pm
I meet James William Lopez on thru there IM. As of Feb 1 he states that he will ending his "mission" in Kabul, April 10, 2013. He is an E6 career man, US Army UN mission for 36 years and will retire now. Sad after 36 years he is still only an E6. His health is very bad. He has a bad back and recently contracted malaria... in Afghanstan?
He uses the following email address':
[email protected]
[email protected],
it goes on and on and yes all IP addresses trace to Ghana. CyberCity to be exact funny isn't it! He also has a Facebook page under James Willie this time.

The first month of conversation via yahoo IM were very romantic, lots of poerty. Poems in the morning when I would check my mail. Poems at night before I went to bed. IM during the day very intense. I spoke on the phone with a man who had a Aussie accent. Number came in as Private. They speak spanish, itailan, german, french and english. Yes I said "they" it is obvoious during the day, must be a shift change. Some emails make no sense what's so ever. At night "James" proper english proper sentence struture.

James states that he has a 14 year old son Owen. Owen was in a boarding school in the UK but developed a heart conditon and was transported via US military air to guess where....Ghana.

James has now found money in a car that was blown up in Mosul. He and the other officers split the money. His share is $500,000.00. US dollars 50 and 100 dollar bills. The money is very important! It is his future for himself and son Owen. Which will sometimes turn into "she" during a conversation. He states that he needs to get the cash to the US ASAP and will use a diplomat from the Red Cross/Red Cresent. The diplomat takes the money out of Afghanistan to an Africa Nation, guess where.... Ghana. Poor sod he has no wife I'm now to be his wife and recieve the money for the most beautiful life together. OK baby you want to send me a strange woman $500,000.00 cash. Ya right!

I was introduced to the "Diplomat" Sergei Kapitsa email:
[email protected]
[email protected]
phone number 233247004669. Country code is Ghana. I couldn't track his IP address.
He is the contact as to where to send money for James and any gifts. Spoke with him on the phone first had a russian accent then got lost and it turned african.
The "package" is now in the hands of an "American" agent in Ghana and $60,000.00 is needed for the "package" to be delivered to me here in the US. On Friday 2-8-2013 the price dropped to $31,000.00 per an email from "James".
The "Diplomat" can no longer send emails something happened.

The photos of "James" are the same as posted.

We have to stop these Ghana Goons!
#149606 by Hardwalk Sat Feb 09, 2013 1:59 pm
On January 8, 2013 I was contacted by this person. His IP address traced to Austria which is where he said he was. Following is the email:

xx i was at facebook today and i found out that you are a friend of one man called James he is a fake person Nigerians from Africa used this man picture to scam american women.They pretend that they are in Afghanistan serving for the US Army and for that they have a package of money to be delivered to you for safe keeping.I have seen this man picture at a scammers dating site if you don't mind i can send you this site so that you can cross check.Please beacuse about this scammers ok

Two heads are better than one


His closure "Two heads are better than one" each word is in a different colour.

He then contacted me again stating that he was in South Africa with lots-o-gold $5,000,000.00 and needed $50,000.00 to ship it to the US. I wished him luck on his endevor.
#149607 by Hardwalk Sat Feb 09, 2013 2:02 pm
Regarding John Bayer:
First contact was 1-7-2013 email [email protected]. IP address are from Germany sorry not Austria. Several emails with links to website like this that exposed "James". Emails with these IP address Jan 7 and 8. Then on Jan 9 they moved to the Ghana Goons.
Jan 9 IP address

I had breif contact with him till 1-12-2013

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