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Hi xxx.
How are you doing today?Thanks for your interest in me.I really do appreciate it that someone like you could have intrest in me this way Dan.Well My name is Glenna Marky Mccallister am 26 years..I am 5"6.I don't have any problem telling someone how I feel about them or showing them how I feel. I am a BIG communicator..I am really ready to go for what i want in life..I am single with no kids but i want some kids someday..I am originally from Ireland but born and raise in richmond city in Virgiania....I lost my dad when i was 16 and at long roll my mom remarry to another man..I am the eldest child..I just got out of a serious relationship though,i was hurt by my ex and it really does break my heart into pieces but life must go on..My ex left me for another girl and the girl he left me for happens to be my best friend..I don't know why!She's more beautiful than i do though..I am looking for serious relationship..I'm easy to get along with.I am looking forward to meeting a true
friend,a soul mate..I am an outdoors person and my hobbies are cooking,dancing and playing. Music for me, it depends on my mood I have seen a lot of movies this year so that I may not be into so much..I know i am not getting any younger so i can stand any head games anymore..I need true love and i don't care where i get it am looking for something very serious but i am not sure of what i want or who wants me now..I am a book writer...I am always ready to give anything into a relationship i am in and i want that too..I hope i can meet my Mr right someday...I love life and want to enjoy the rest of mine as much as possible, but I got a lot of love to share and want someone special to share it with. I love kids and enjoy watching them laugh and play and also hope to have some for myself someday..I'm always up for an adventure, learning to appreciate new things and enriching my life with as much as possible. I guess sometimes I take things too
serious.I would like to know more about you,so tell me,Do you live alone?orFamily?.What do you do for a living?.What do you want in a woman?.I hope i'm not asking too much.I really do want all i said but i am not sure what i can get or give for now because of something bothering me.i told you am here in LOndon to reclaim my dad's property but guess is aint not easy cus things are very much more than espenses here..You should understand since you said you have been here before....Do know am for real and i love meet a real lover to spend the rest of my life with..Dont compare with the girl that fucked you up in the past if you dont forget you fall down in a road you wouldnt like to pass there again......Do have a sweet lunch there

During YM Chat made too big of deal about LOVE and TRUST- the scammers best tools. NOW I can see WHY. VERY DISHONEST person- complete fraud.

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