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#68452 by rollerdave Sun Sep 25, 2011 12:08 pm
Hello board,

I'm Dave and I've been on dating sites looking for 1. a real girl and 2. one who who fits me. I've found a few of the first, and exactly none of the second, but in the process I've been flooded by scammers.

I mostly feel em out to be sure who they are, get as much from them as possible, yahoo, an email with headers, chatlogs, and pictures; and once I'm sure they are a scammer, I beg off due to one reason or another, distance, their lack of any clear gals in life beyond "get me a man!" and put it all in a folder.

Over the last week I have gathered quite a few of these, how do you want em? one long post or a post for each "lady"

Should I include the chat logs so their tactics are laid bare?

Would anyone mind a bit of additional commentary in those logs (plainly distinguished from original text, of course)?

I have to go look into how image posting works and get "used by scammer" added to the images

I've got about fourteen in the last few days from alone, one claimed to be an artist and provided as a sample of her work "Madonna and child with st Anne" by Leonardo Da Vinci. Priceless!

Let me know how you want em!


#68464 by Dotti Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:59 pm
Welcome Dave,

I'm glad you have been able to recognize the scammers before wasting a lot of time, and appreciate the fact that you want to help prevent others from being scammed.

As a general rule, if you can create a topic for each scammer, with their name and email in the subject, it makes it easy for people to get the information. You can use upload eater for photos to add the watermark. There is a link in my signature line with directions.

As far as chat logs go, if they help to reveal the scammer's tactics without revealing too much personal information about you, then please do post them. If your first and last name are in the chat log, please remove. With chat logs, I find it easiest to cut and paste the log into word or another word processing application, then just do a simple find and replace to get rid of all mentions of the name at once.

If you are interested in scambaiting (really playing with the scammers), you don't want to do that with your real account, so you might also want to visit our sister site at to learn about baiting safely and effectively.

Need to post photos?
Are you a victim of a romance scam? Read here for advice and FAQ's.
#68467 by rollerdave Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:27 pm
Thank you!

I'll start collecting my stuff then.

Yeah, since i am actually looking for dates with real ladies I kinda have to use my real account. I tell them the truth, but leave off anything which could apply specifically to me or any actual personal details. I only let them see pics that won't reverse search back to any of my online stuff, and once I'm sure they are fake, I collect the data and beg off without tipping them i know.

At first i wasn't sure how far to take it and was satisfied i was wasting their time, and kinda enjoyed playing with them; never letting on i knew, but spotting the many signs for fun, but since reading here I've refined my methods considerably. plus I've become bored with these losers.

Plus, I find my cynicism level approaching uncomfortably elevated levels the more i deal with the soulless representations presented by the puppet masters of scamdom

If I wanted to seriously mess with them, I would definitely create another account for the purpose, but that seems like a lot of work, in fact i wonder how THEY stand it? it's trouble quite enough just being ME!

i simply LOVE the 419eater! I've been reading that for years. Solid gold stuff there.

Thanks for your input, seems I got work to do!


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