Information on romance scams and scammers.
#69464 by alex99 Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:55 pm
does anyone know if it is possible to file a complaint against the dating companies who have 419 scammers in their books as members? are they under some sort of responsibility to ensure threse scammmers do not use their sites for this illegal activity

#69476 by began steele Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:35 pm
I am afraid it is not possible to stop scammers joining a site. Some sites are very large. The sites always have legal Terms of Service and it remains the responsibility of the "Buyer/subscriber" to beware.
Of course it's possible to check each new member from the data revealed, but I give no information out about the control panel admin can see using php. If you only have a few new members daily a single person can check, but what if you have hundreds or thousands joining daily? Are you going to employ several people or find volunteers to do it ? What exactly do you mean by an african dating site? Do you mean Facebook, Tagged , Myspace? Yes scammers are often stupid. I am on an expat discussion site, and along comes mugu sending out trash with the usual lines. Mugu treats it as a dating site and sometimes the message says something like "I am new on this dating site. ". Who is a scammer? A Nigerian, Senegalese, Malaysian, Russian, Ghanian? You need to ask if ALL Nigerians, Senegalese, Malaysians, Russians , Ghanians are scammers--. What slot would you give my Russian wife? (Actually she is a member of this site.)
Now assuming that someone is diligent and removes scammers as they arrive as far as possible, and when they are asleep A SOMEONE joins and sends out 300 messages, then who is responsible?
And if in that scene, 299 messages are trash binned and one victim answers with their details, who is responsible?
Yes if you like, complain away (What about ?), but nothing will or can be done.

We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. ~~ George Orwell.

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