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Liar and romance scammer.

Other names used Ben Fischer Ridwan and Morris Bechmans.

Suspected accomplice Alex Smith from Lagos, Nigeria. [email protected]

Claims to be of Irish or German decent who lives in the USA, but working in Nigeria. Also an orphan.

Also gives home address as 18 M bari street owerri, Immo state 23483 Nigeria.

Telephone numbers used +234-703-102-7610 +234-806-096-4826

Mail addresses used [email protected] [email protected]




It is Sunday, I have been in a serious prayer with tears in my eyes as I write to you. It has been a terrible period and nightmare for us this few weeks, I think it's enough. I can't stop imagining the kind of stress I have lead you to, I really feel ashamed of myself. Deep inside your heart, you must be mad at me, I will not blame you for that, you are a woman, every man's dream. One thing I need you to understand is that whatever time brings, you remain my only love, I will cherish and treasure you so much. I will always be there for you . I am making arrangements to write and seek for your hand in marriage, she will call you up at the right time.
I've always felt there are two basic kinds of people, the givers and the takers. The givers are often taken advantage of and devalued but the givers are the ones who shape lives and hearts and make this earth a better place. The takers take and use to get what they want and to achieve what they feel is success. They may reach the top of the ladder they choose to climb but they are shallow and soon forgotten. Lovers, givers are unforgettable and their memory is carried forever in the hearts they have left their footprints on. Even with the suffering it sometimes brings, I'd rather be used than a user, rather give than take. Rather take all the risks for love. If you are living in fear you will never trust. They are emotional opposites and it's impossible to embrace them both fully at one time. So the first step is to decide which one you really want in your life and which one you are damn sick and tired of.
I don't want to believe the Lawyer, Nigerian government or Mr Brian is taking advantage of us because we were able to raise all the charges they have asked for, I don't want to believe I am being used. I spoke to Mr Smith and Brian so harsh lately. Smith has insisted I pay him or get the sum deposited to his account in Nigeria before he will deliver a situation report because I lead him to flewing to Cyprus. He used his influence as a diplomat to make sure the documents are safe. He told me you insisted he brings the package back to me, I will have to raise the sum in total he is requesting for both the flight and hotels bills. It is totalling at $5200.00USD. Get me this loan and I will not bother you again as I will have to fly back home with my passport when he comes back. I don't want to fight with you.......!!!!!!
What makes a man is over coming difficulties and hard times. Being an orphan has been on thing I regret about my life but the fact that you stand solidly behind me has given me all the courage and hope I ever wanted, you will not regret having me as a partner or meeting me in life. I took up the job at the stadium to at least be helpful, Leaving all my problems for an innocent woman with lots of loads / other responsibilities.........It hurts me. Be rest assured that I will make it up to you someday. God is with us.
Don't call Mr. Smith anymore, lets deal it from here since you insisted the package is being sent back to me.
I feel so frustrated and wished you are here to cuddle me, wished I can hold hands with you, talk to you about all my worries and make passionate love to you.
Hugs and kisses!

I talked to the Attorney this morning about a written note from him stating the legality of the charges to secure the duplicate documents he answered me positively. He added 'You can still get a police report later or certificate to confirm the scene if you want to' That was his statement to me but the issue right now is he is not in the same state or city with me right now, He traveled to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja for a meeting and I have no way to do down there as the flight ticket it's expensive compared to my daily living now, I can't afford it.
He said if I can be able to raise the charges required to secure those documents, he will get them right there in Abuja before he comes back......The Police are all over the city now because of the daily stories and acts here (Robbery and kidnap) Do you hear all this on the news? Read CNN NEWS!
I don't feel safe here and will never dream or think of coming to Nigeria again.
You don't have to feel sorry for me, You need to know everything to clear the doubt.
Love from the dept of my heart...Can you hear my heart calling you?
Hugs and kisses!

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Follow up after further investigation;

Note these comments from this site;

Jeff Samuel [ [email protected] ]

"Jeff Samuel.
He told me he is in Houston.
I happened to be there.
He gave the fake phone number and address.
I went there but he gave incorrect address.
He asks a lot of money from me. - He gave this number:
713 931 2951
8527 Hearth Dr
Houston, TX 77054

The number is not correct.
The address does not have apartment number."


"He claims to be Irish name Jeff Samuel

Address in Nigeria:18 Mbari Street, Owerri 23483
Permanent Address in Ireland: 74 Main Street, Bull Ring. Wexford County.
Temporary Address in State: 371 Autumn Rd Sequim,WA 98382 USA

He ask for large money ($1990)to help"


"Jeff Samuel

He gives two address:
One in Nigeria: 18 Mbari Street, Owerri 23483 Nigeria
And one in Ireland:
74 Main Street Bull Ring, New Ross 10002. Wexford County, Ireland.

He claims to be Irish but has total Nigerian accent.

They both very good writing skills. They both would ask for large money. If you ask them Id, they would not provide."

Comments from this site;

"It appears I have been scammed by this same person who now goes by the name of Ben Fischer Ridwan. I too received an interest from him on a dating site. Said he was German whose father was a Christian and mother a Muslim. Said he was an engineer into road and bridge reconstruction, and that he was about to begin a huge project in Owerri, Nigeria. Told me he lost his Iphone in a work accident there and wanted me to send him one right away. Feeling sorry for him I did so. Lost a ton of money doing so. I have learned my lesson. This is to warn others who might fall into the same trap. His email is: [email protected]. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS CON ARTIST. His emails are exactly as written by others wooing the women to fall for him and trust him."


"This Morris is none other than Jeff Samuel and Ben Fischer Ridwan.
Jeff writes to me with same exact emails.
I know his writing styles.

He lives in the same address as Ben Fischer Ridwan.
He took more than $25K from me.
I am fool to believe him even though I felt he was a con man.

Here is his contact: [email protected]

He works with another con man name: Alex Smith from Largos.
alex smith <[email protected]>

Jeff has good writing skills where as Alex does not. He used to work in post office. - I want these men to behind the bars.

Jeff tells he is Irish but his is Nigerian.
Bloody bastard. He told me the same story that he is telling others. He goes by other names too.

I hope you contact me and together we send him to jail.
He sent these pictures to me. He never sends his id."

Comments from this site;

"His email: [email protected]
He will lie to you that he is USA.
This is the phone he gave:
1713 931 2951
Police confirmed he was not here."


"dated 29/4/09 - Recieved from Jeff yesterday: Jeff Samuel [[email protected]]

Yes, I am in Nigeria but not in Owerri.

I am in Abuja right now.

Call me whatever you like but I will not buy the idea of posting my name on those websites or offering me to someone else, How will you feel if I do the same to you?

Why can't you wait a little more to see me at least even if you don't want me for a partner anymore. You brought me back here, all your nagging and stupidity caused me all this pain I am going through.

I will write later.
Have a lovely day.

Note this site;


Personal ad of loveheals111
I am searching for my missing ribs., says loveheals111 and Seeking a Woman between ages 35-60 for Marriage

Age 42 - Sex Man - Zodiac Sign Pisces - Country United States - City Mendon, Illinois
Nationality Irish - Ethnicity Caucasian / White - I can speak English - My Religious Beliefs Not religious
I am a(n) Non-Vegetarian - Marital Status Single - Children I do not have children
Height 5 Feet 9 Inch - Body Type Fit/Athletic - Smoke I do not smoke - Drink I drink occasionally
Religion Christian - Education Graduate - Occupation Business/Self Employed
Annual Income Under $25,000

Personal Description

I'm an easy going kind of man.I enjoy going out for dinner or dancing as well as a quite evening at home in front of a fire with a bottle of wine.I love to travel.I enjoy cooking, gardening, taking long walks or better still go see a movie, but I have not done that for a long time since there is no one to go see the movie with.I'm a hopeless romantic but have not been lucky enough to meet someone who I would say is my soul mate,I guess I have not been looking hard enough.I don't have any drama in my life and I equally expect the same,what you see is what you get...I'm a loving,caring,supportive man,P#ionate,driven and ambitious.Stable career path.Goal oriented,but at the same time very spontaneous.Like to have a loose plan not a rigid schedule when it comes to.

Partner's Description

To let you know what i am looking for in a woman, I am not asking for too much but just the same normal thing which every normal guy would ask for ... the proverbial "entire package"- beauty,brains, pleasant disposition, morals, comp*!!&ionate heart and ethics,a woman who has a great deal going for herself, yet carries herself as if she is oblivious to that fact.I wish to find that special woman who I am going to spend the rest of my life with someone who would be my best friend and soul mate.Someone who understands what life,relationship and commitment really means.Someone who understands that every good relationship takes a lot of work from both partners this is because love is not just about finding the right person,but creating the right relationship.I wish to find someone who is easy going,honest,open minded.

My Personal Questions

On my first date I would like to have - A Handshake
My favourite season is - Summer
I fill my spare time with - Watching Movies
I dislike Music while working most
My opinion about having pets - I have one
I am known as - Creative
My favourite sport is - Football
If I get a chance to tame a wild animal I would choose - A Zebra

This chinese language site using same stolen photograph;


Name: loveheals111
Age 44 - Nationality Ireland

I was looking ... General appointments, may be after the marriage to marriage.

More about me ... I come from United Kingdom - Provinces London, City of - City Manchester City
Birthday 12 March 1965 - Height 173 cm - Weight 80 kg
Eye color Brown - Hair Color Black - Ethnicity White race - Religious beliefs Christian - other
Size Strong - Appearance Medium - Drinking Drinking in social situations - Smoking Non-smokers
Family status Single - Children Without - Occupation Enviromental Microbiologist - Language ??.

About me ...

Kind, gentle, romantic, sincere, simple, good communication, frank, funny, open to humor.

I like ...

Computer / network, shopping, movies, sports and cooking.

Please note Manchester and London both cities in England - distance 181 miles (290km).

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Of course ths only proves a scammer is using the same name but still may be useful Click Here

Other than that not much out there
I have been looking

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