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#86408 by Dotti Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:33 pm
It may or may not be the same person. There are thousands of scammers running the exact same type of scam. They run the scam in exactly the same way, using the same tactics, for one reason only--they have found a formula that works.

Scammers will not hesitate to copy or steal scripts and/or photos used by other scammers, as they are thieves without conscience anyway.

Unfortunately, the police will not be able to do anything. He is almost certainly in Africa or Malaysia, far out of the reach of your police department. It takes a lot of red tape and is very costly to pursue overseas criminals, and only the most active are prosecuted. If you are in the US, IC3 is the appropriate agency to report the crime to, and we do recommend reporting--but don't expect action other than logging the scam, because investigations are usually only going to occur for crimes with extremely high losses (often hundreds of thousands of dollars).

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#87310 by ratt84 Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:04 pm
Gbemileke Jesu
worked at Self Employed Contractor
About Gbemileke
I am never married and i do not have kids.I work in the Oil and Gas sector as a Petroleum Manager and i have being on this field for 20years now.
I enjoy traveling,playing golf,kayaking during my leisure.
I am a simple man and i desire a simple woman who is honest and God fearing

#110753 by Spook Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:45 am
I am a:52 yr-old man seeking women, 40-99
Location:any, Illinois USA
Last Online:online today!
Height:5' 10" (178 cm)
Ethnicity:Native American :mrgreen:
About me:
I believe I deserve to find someone special to share my life with. Call me old fashioned if you like but being single too long just ain't natural!
I'm fit and healthy with a great sense of adventure. I'm sensitive, considerate, caring, jovial, rational, and have a passion for life. I'm also a dedicated father to my 10 year old son. I have always loved travelling and exploring new places. I enjoy the outdoors lifestyle this town offers and will be the first to take a trip out to the Islands or a drive to the lakes and waterfalls or a camp in the bush or rainforest whenever the opportunity arises. Although I am a man of action I also know and appreciate the importance of relaxation. That was something I used to enjoy most with a partner...My desire has never wavered! Could you be that special person to share those intimate times with me?
I’m looking for:
I am loyal, responsible, active, responsible, loving, caring, sharing, kindhearted,warm, accommodating, compassionate, tolerant, laid back type,outgoing,welcoming to people generally,I like to sing,write poems,listening to music,swimming,playing Basketball,watching TV,Movies going to GYM and comedies,I love public intimacy and want a good woman with a good heart,one with good knowledge about love and who knows how a man is been treated,age or colour difference do not matter to me at all,as long as she loves me,I want a relationship that will last forever and won't fade no matter what

#110947 by Grunt Sat Jun 30, 2012 6:58 am
George Abdullahi
Admistrative Assistant at UNICEF
Studied International Relations at University of Oxford
Lives in Kabul, AfghanistanIn a relationship
From Salt Lake City, Utah



and :lol:

#110949 by Grunt Sat Jun 30, 2012 7:02 am
2nd pic of previous post leads to
davison ferarrer
43 / Hombre
Avoca, Michigan, United States
Usuario desde 07/05/12
#125066 by Spook Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:15 am
Bubbles wrote:I am also making the email for Dennis Nieper searchable: [email protected]

I merged these posts since they appear to be related.

Changed from Ramos!!
Dennis 49, Sedona, AZ
About me
I am dennis nieper by name, am widower since some year ago, i have decide that am not going to have any love in my life again, but later when i look on to life and i see that love is life, and i get know that don't keep forever on the public road, going only where others have gone. leave the beaten track occasionally and dive into the woods. you will be certain to find something you have never … seen before. of course it will be a little thing , but do not ignore it . one discovery will lead to another , and before you know it you will be have something worth thinking about to occupy your mind , and really big discoveries are the result of thought....... so this make me change my mind to look for a soul mate of my life, which am gonna spend the rest of my life with.... so i will like and glad to know much about you, so for more conversation you can simply add me up on my yahoo mes sager ...... dennisnieper @ YAH/o/o DOT COM ..... love to hear from you soon....
Interested in
Am looking for a woman who can bring joy back to me since i lost it when my wife died, The woman am looking for should be loving, caring, honest, faithful, trustworthy, mostly God fearing, if you think you have all this then we will be a perfect match , thats why i contacted to know if things can work out for us... I want you to know that am new on this internet dating, a friend of mine who is … also in army introduced me to it, cos he found his right woman through the internet dating..... So am using this opporturnity to see if i may get luckied to find my own right woman.... you can ADD me up on yahoo messenger, with this ID:dennisnieper AT Y/A/H/O/O DOT COM

Hello,how are you?,i love your profile,i will like us to chat and get to know each other better,my heart tells me that,there is something special about you,email me on my yahoo,my email is:[email protected],im online now

#134161 by abbie Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:32 pm
Well i was take as a fool but red flag went up when he asked to send money to his son. I had a lot of communication with this man and all the pic he sent are the same as on here and as well the "son" sent me his picture as well. I am so glad that the flags went up when they did. The email he is using now is

"[email protected]"

this email is one he first sent

My dear.
I am Kenneth Hoke 50 years old and a widower.I am a widower with so much love and care to give out to the woman of my dreams and of my heart desire if I find her someday.I have been a widower for 9 years now and haven't been into any relationship since I lost my late wife as I couldn't like whom I saw within me anymore so I took my time to reschedule my life properly and I think I am now ready to move on with life and settle down again in life.I am so tired of my loneliness as I have so much love and care within my heart to give to my partner if I find her someday but the earlier I am to find her is the problem at hand now as I am growing old and time and tide waits for no man but I am in no rush or hurry meeting my right woman as Gods time is the best.

I want to meet a woman whom I can put all my love and trust in her without any fears of broken heart.I would rejoice at the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with my true soul-mate, the one with whom I can share all of myself - emotionally, spiritually, and physically and the one I can put all my love and trust in her without any fears of broken heart.

A deep commitment to the relationship is what I seek from my woman when I find her. My parents where married 30 years. I saw them show consistency with raising me as their only child up.I saw that no matter how bad they were off financially - they were committed to making their marriage work. No matter what hard times there were for them - they were committed to each other and to the marriage.

that's the same thing I am also looking for in my marriage if I someday find the right woman of my life.Am very impressed and interested.My Gut instinct tells me that you are a Good person and i would Love to know you better. I do understand the distance thing; I just truly believe that there are no boundaries as you seek your life companion...

I am a USA Army officer and I have been in the army all my life.I enjoy my every single moment spent in the army as it made me whom I am today.I am presently in a peace keeping mission in Afghanistan and I have been here for quite sometime now.I am probably left with less than 1 months to end my mission assigned to me here and return back to USA but it would be so loving and sweet and entertaining to have a sweet and lovely woman awaiting my return back home.

I have one adopted son and he is 17 years old and called Harry...Harry has been the only one beside me since I lost my late wife.He is the source of my happiness and he has been the only one beside me through life's ups and downs.I am missing him so much and can't wait for my mission here to come to an end for me to go and be with him.
He is currently schooling in Philadelphia but we do communicate through emails.I want to meet a woman who is ready to accept me and my son into her life and make us forever happy as we also make her happy as well.Life is too short so i will like to settle down with the woman of my dreams as soon as my duty is due here by early next month..I think am writing too much so please i will end here and look forward for your email.
Take Care.
Ken Hoke Ramos
#135379 by ratt84 Fri Nov 23, 2012 4:43 am
[email protected]

I am: Man
Seeking a: Woman
Age: 55
Country: United States
State: New York
City: Red Springs
Zip Code: 28377
I consider myself as an attractive, and romantic highly intelligent, caring, sincere, hardworking,I'm honest, loyal, good listener well I enjoy playing golf, watching movies,cooking dinner at home and watching t.v.I enjoy my life and my situation and am looking forward to sharing my life with someone who is also content but knows that life is more full when shared with a loving partner,My ideal partner would be someone who is also caring and who is able to be open and honest in a committed relationship,I am a Christian man who put Christ first in my life.....You can get in contact with me on [email protected] or less chat more on yahoo with same IM....
Hello Pretty How are you doing this Lonely Hour?I am Smith and It will be a Great pleasure to get to know more about you.I really Like your profile.Take care and Hear from you soon.
#138769 by ratt84 Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:49 am
Lemisis Ramos, [email protected]
male - 54 years, United Industrial Park, United States
Name lemisis ramos
Date of birth 07/03/1958
Location United Industrial Park, United States
Native language English
Company US ARMY
Profession ARMY (Soldier/Police/Security)
Love status I've been through a lot, I'm having a break


hi how are you doing am a man from the US army and saw you as single and want to know you better email me at [email protected]

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