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Ghana Scam using soldier photos:

On November 4, 2011, I received an email from a Sgt. Calvin Clarence, [email protected], with the following introduction. He used (for texting on cell ph) 1110440101 and 1110440602 for texting me. (His name is also spelled as Calvin Clerance.)

My name is Calvin Clarence. I was born on the 2nd of December, at Baptist Hospital of Miami, Florida. I started A & A Children Academy at 6. I was very playful at school and it affected my academic works. I joined the Military academy at the age of 16. I was in the boarding school so my parents visit me once in a while. I didn’t spend much time at home. My mom was a head teacher and dad was in the medical field. I fought in the Gulf war in 1990 to 1991. The gulf war was fought to liberate Kuwait from autocratic rule of the late Saddam. I had a pretty bad experience. I am an E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG). I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad. I am a non commission officer and I work in the junior management of the military.

(Sound familiar? This dialogue can be found on Soldier’s Perspective, Wall of Shame. Only changes are birth month and hospital location.) He goes on to say he is an honorable and God fearing man and can't speak to me directly or use the webcam due to security reasons. He emails me two pictures involving his son and himself. The pictures will be posted.

The soldier states he is widowed, 54, will be retiring within one month after 27 years of service, and has a nine year old son who will be celebrating his 10th birthday 11/15/11. The son, Elvis, lives with a caretaker, Ebenezer Djanator, 2516 Abelempke St, Accra, Ghana, 00233, phone #011-233547112476. The soldier has not seen his son for 2 1/2 years since he has been stationed in Afghanistan. Soldier's plan is to retire, bring his son back to the States, find a mother for his son and partner to settle down with. He goes on to make all these plans including living in Lady Lake, Florida where he has a home on 700 acres, and wants to start up his deceased father's Gold and Diamond mine business (Ghana). There is no record of a Calvin Clarence in Lady Lake or Lake County, Florida or in the United States Army.

He starts asking for money for a laptop for his son. He goes as far as to have someone pose as his son to call me. Then all of a sudden the child is hospitalized in Accra, Ghana, where money is needed to run tests as the soldier's health insurance is NOT accepted by the hospital OR the doctor which is Dr. Francis cell phone #: 01123325489104, who starts calling me for money. Supposedly, the child has a tumor in his chest.
Well, as time goes on, the child's condition worsens. Now I have a strong background in the rehabilitation field, ranging from all kinds of disabilities, but not limited to, mental, orthopedic to brain and spinal cord injuries. When I start asking questions, the parties, including the doctor, are not able to provide the appropriate answers such as name and phone number of hospital, types of tests administered, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan, medications, etc. All the parties give me the run-around. When I tell the soldier I can' help financially, he asks me to sell my car, laptop, wants to know if I own my home, etc. anything to gain money. (No way). This scammer is very persistent.

Now the time has come for the soldier to retire. He has received his date of retirement 12/15/11. He is still pushing for money. He has been telling me since November that he is not able to access his personal funds and needs help. He leaves for Ghana to meet with his son, who is so ill (tumor in chest and in need of surgery ASAP, but doctor is demanding money up front) that he may die before the soldier gets to him. Again, I remind the soldier that I cannot financially help him. Five days later, I receive an Instant Messenger email that the soldier has arrived in Accra, Ghana, and that the child is doing well and is out of the hospital BUT (guess what), the soldier advises me that he is STILL having money problems. He only has $1700 on him AND cannot get back to the States. Now the soldier claims that he had applied and received a $10,000 AER loan from the Army, BUT cannot access the money to date. No matter what suggestions I offer him, he rejects them - such as contacting American Red Cross, Military and Social Services, including phone #, while waiting until his funds are accessible, sending child ahead since surgery will be performed in the States, airfare websites for checking rates. As you can see, I am not being very cooperative with him. He is not getting what he really wants - money!

Well, now the soldier and his son are stranded in Accra, Ghana, for how long only time will tell. I hadn’t heard from him in ten days. He IM me again on 01/04/12, and this time he needs “food stuff” for him and his son. He tells me to go to an online food shop and order food. Again, no way will I do this. Probably, the next scenario will be his son has a relapse. My family and I have come to the conclusion that there are at least two individuals involved in this scam-playing the soldier, son, caretaker and doctor. The son, caretaker and doctor sound alike with an African accent. Of course due to military security, the soldier cannot use the webcam or audio sources to speak to me or for me to actually view him. I have blocked this character out of my email system. These guys are good. Ladies beware. He approached me on, via his friend's profile, and asked that I chat with him in IM I am concerned that the pictures sent to me are of a soldier and his son. They may not be aware of being used in this scam.

Quotes added for clarity - CW
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headers with IPs provided in PN

Received: from []
ISP: Netartur Informatica Ltda - ME
Organization: Netartur Informatica Ltda - ME
Services: Confirmed proxy server
Country: Brazil
State/Region: Sao Paulo
City: Campinas

Received: from []
ISP: Ghana Telecom
Organization: Ghana Telecom
Country: Ghana
State/Region: Greater Accra
City: Accra

Received: from []
ISP: Ghana Telecom
Organization: Dedicated Internet Customers
Country: Ghana
State/Region: Volta
City: Tema

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