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#81121 by lilmama Thu Jan 12, 2012 11:46 pm
This fellow contacted me thru a "dating" site..He says he's from Canada and has a house in Calgary AB where I live and a house in Vancouver BC...His email address is: [email protected]

It just doesn't sound right..He's not asked me for anything YET..his grammer is horrid..whenever he says anything about "home" he says "when I get back to the state"..Canada doesn't have states..

He has sent some photos and I'll try to attache a few...Oh and he says he's an engineer and works in the States and Spain..and engineer..don't they all say that their engineers or in the military..I couldn't figure out if I could attache a photo..

You helped me previously about a "military" personnel named "Sgt. Ralph Edwards" I'm sure you can help me with this fellow..

Thanking you kindly.

#81129 by Jillian Fri Jan 13, 2012 1:09 am

This definitely sounds like a romance scammer. Just the one phrase you've listed sounds typically West African. And yes, they often claim to be engineers working abroad.
I wasn't able to find any info on him based on just the email address. Could you please post an email or two from him?
Meanwhile, trust your instincts and stop contact with him.

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#81166 by ratt84 Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:01 am
email address leads to a FB profile
James Brooks
worked at Civil Engineering
studied at New York Institute of Technology
About James I am charming man, with very humorous and happy character, very communicative and friendly. My nature is giving, energetic, opened and very loving. With people I am warm and sincere, I turn things into joke, but can be reserved when situation requires. I have agreeable character but with some spice. ;-))) I am very masculine and they say it is everywhere about me. I value friendship and real relationship most of all. I am romantic and believe in true romance and love from the first sight. Sometimes I might be very naive as a man. I love traveling and seeing new places, and I am passionate about the inspiration I get from new experiences. I am lucky to be able to spend the day doing what I love doing. I am most content in simple and natural surroundings, especially sitting at home on the beach. I am 45yrs but will turn 46 on July 1st, but am fortunate enough to look a lot younger - nothing to do with a lack of stress which I apparently deal well with. I love listening to music that makes me smile; going to watch movie; seeing my friend. I am very lucky to have an amazing daughter.

his blurbs yield lots of different profiles on google: of known scammers and unknown ones too

interesting FB profile with 'very important' friends out of politics and economy
Friends (142)
the friends I checked have for example dual residencies :lol: (in the US and in Canada)
provide suspicious web sites and companies
e.g. for sb. in business for a long time
web sites created in 2011 expire 2012, registrant GODADDY.COM, LLC
so called well-established companies with a PO Box adress and cell phone contact only
or with addresses given for so-called medical institutions ...
google gives the information: For lease, the former tenant was a doctor so medical use is permitted.
#81224 by lilmama Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:33 pm
That's definitely him..That's 1 of 4 photos he sent me...I never thought of checking FB...Thank you both so much...

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