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#82985 by Spook Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:24 pm
Mike, 61
Jacksonville, FL, United States
I am independent man who has my own busy life, I am a man of substance and presence, wise, open and kind, family is important to me, I am grounded and fun loving even though i had lost both parents when i was 12. I have the ability to create around me the lifeand the things that I want and the things in life we would want together… I want to continuously grow as a person with a strong woman by my … side to grow with… I would be happiest with an intelligent, sexy, educated, romantic, attractive woman whom I can respect, admire, and adore… Intelligence with the ability to really have a conversationabout something of substance is non-negotiable… dancing with, make melaugh, tell me the truth and I can make you feel like a Queen
I am very sensitive and looking for a woman that is also. One who can be honest about his feelings and thoughts . I want someone I can trust , depend on through the hard times and the good ones, and grow old with. I'd just like to add... Live everyday to the fullest! I am outgoing, positive, trustworthy, open minded and I am looking for someone special to have a healthy and exciting relationship … with. Family and friends are very important to me. Im from a large family with lots of nieces and nephews. I love meeting new people, having dinner with friends and spending time with that special someone, cooking, beaches and cycling. Staying fit is important to me. I go to the gym alot during the week after work. Im interested in meeting someone who is educated/successful, enjoys staying fit, great conversation and is ready for an exciting, healthy, positive this You? please drop me your personal email address

Lets chat , i would like to know you better and see what happens ,I can see we are miles away from each other but i do believe distance should not come between two loving hearts, if we can get to know each other, the distance would not be a problem. However I also believe Where there is a will there is a way. My name is Michael Benson , and we can talk better on M.benson1947 AT Y A H O O dot C O M or just send me yours and i will write you there and see where it leads to .
Thank you


#82992 by ratt84 Wed Jan 25, 2012 2:01 pm
on FB
Michael Flowerseed
I had a dream about the perfect woman in my life, good looking, considerate, loving, caring, affectionate, passionate, with honesty and integrity please serious woman should please inbox me no scam please or email @ [email protected] or inbox me on facebook
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#83021 by ratt84 Wed Jan 25, 2012 2:56 pm
Was nice reading back from you soon i think i like you and i will be glad to get to know you more better ...What are you looking for in a man ? How long have you been on the dating site ? Have you had any luck so far ? Tell me about your background and anything you think i can know about you..I think it is important to enjoy a good laugh. I have reached the time in my life where I am ready to start seeing someone after being widow for 18yrs , I have learned to look for the good even when things are going bad. . My son has started college and even though I have dogs to keep me company I can't have an intelligent conversation with them (Ha!).

I am an Honorable man. I made my first important Promise at about seven years of age and spent the rest of my life following through on that promise! What are you looking for in a partner?Honorable, honest, kind, generous, loving, tender. I want a woman who is a real problem solver and who steps right up to solve problems in an emergency, without any insecurity if I have an idea , but listens to my solution and takes me seriously. My perfect mate never stops flirting with me. Kisses, hugs, pats, cuddles, whisper your heart in my ear and don't forget a kiss on the neck will keep me followng your lead.

I am looking for someone that wants to be in an equal relationship. Someone that is willing to let me be me. I am not opposed to looking for someone for a long relationship but I think friendship and respect should be there before you go for the long term relationship. I am an independent man by nature and necessity but I don't mind being protected when it is needed and I want someone with backbone. You must be someone that can be there in the good and the bad times. Life is just not fair but you must look at the glass as half full and not half empty I love the feel of looking up into a pair of eyes that are filled with love and desire. Could this be You ?

I am God's own WATER-MAN! I adore anything to do with the water, in it, on it, or beside it. Love eating at waterside bar & grills, State Park for picnics, Music Jams, entertaining at home, Travel, travel, travel. I have been Hot Air Ballooning,. Let the scenery change on the other side of the windsheild and I'm Happy. Don't Forget I love boats, just not Air boats. Sorry. I have done some traveling around the mid-western states, Canada, and Germany. I lived in Belin for awhile with my UNCLE before i lost him too. The only way I like more than thirty minutes in the snow is if it"s on the other side of the windsheild while I'm going South! I have traveled alone a lot, however I would like to share with right woman. I can do Sun-up and Sundown and appreciate God's artistry alone,however, I would rather do it wrapped in my lovers arms.What esl do you want to know about me ?

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#83121 by ratt84 Thu Jan 26, 2012 7:49 am
Like the sunshine in the morning, may this brighten your day, and remind you that you're thought of in a very warm way so I had no reason to send you a card, no great news to reveal. But I wanted you to know that you're in my thoughts and in my heart as well. And I'm sending you a wish for a wonderful day. I hope lots of sunshine comes your way. are you still interested if yes tell me more about you
With much love, trust and with confidence to become a better person ..

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From: M Benson <[email protected]>

Lagos, NG
#85190 by Spook Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:20 am NIGERIA

I had no reason to send you a card, no great news to reveal. But I wanted you to know that you're in my thoughts and in my heart as well. And I'm sending you a wish for a wonderful day. I hope lots of sunshine comes your way
With much love, trust and with confidence to become a better person ..

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