Information on romance scams and scammers.
#38978 by bushmaster2b Tue Oct 12, 2010 2:23 am
I originally wrote on this site concerned about the man I know as Tommy Walker. Many of the things listed on here are words that blinded my desire to know the truth.
I have learned over the past three weeks the incredible amount of SCAM that is truly going on over the air waves.

Anyone can hack into your emails, steal your soul and take someones name and burn them in the websites. I will continue to believe in the Tommy Walker I know, and not in the scams that are showing up here.

Anyone can cut and paste. Anyone can have an IP address someplace else. I am sorry, but I am not low enough to do that and I don't believe the Tommy Walker I know is either. I am grateful for this website. We all need to be more careful, but also do our homework before we go cutting someone at the knees we have been with for a year.

#54108 by isabella Tue May 24, 2011 8:45 pm
bevking wrote:met this guy on jwmatch...he sends me cute suspicious photos. my gut feeling is that he is a scammer but yet too soon to tell. could someone help please in exposing this guy.

[email protected]

I really need help with catching the fraudster, my mother has been in contact with this so called ''Tommy Walker'' guy for nearly 2 years now, she does not believe that he is a scammer, and i need help in exposing this guy. Ever since they have been in contact, he has always asked her for money, this has been continuous since they have been in contact, stupid enought my mother sends him money all the time at western union, he romances her with all his emails and phone calls and even marriage proposals. I HATE him so much becoz he has ruined my family. My mother has been single for the past 15 years, a single mother to 6 kids. She is so much in love with this WANKER always puts him first before her own children, and i am sick to death of this guy. If anybody has his contact details, i am begging you to please email me this information to <deleted> PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!
#166992 by jaerb9385 Mon May 27, 2013 1:28 am
Hello everyone. I just saw this site and man am I glad I did! My mother has been having an online affair with a man named Tommy Walker who claims to be Swedish yet he lives in the Bronx New York and works in Europe.. They have been chatting for a few weeks now and he mentions being a Christian and also sends her poetry and told her he loved her right from the beginning. I have tried to tell her it's a scam but she doesn't believe me. I found him on her Facebook page under Tommy Walker, he is using a picture of someone with a red shirt and bald head. How can I report this creep?... Thanks

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