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#18450 by The Enchantress Tue Dec 08, 2009 3:34 pm
Hello my darling xxxxx!

I hasten to answer and inform you my latest news. But, frankly speaking, now I in small confusion and my mood not the most iridescent. xxxxx, today I have met the tourist agent and it has appeared what to organise my travel much more difficult, than I assumed.

A problem that for private visits the tourist visa does not open. And it means, that unique possibility to arrive to you, not getting the tourist voucher it is reception of the guest visa. I will
not hide, that for me it became full unexpectedness. And on it before to make the decision I would like to consult to you. And now about the main thing. xxxxx, I have consulted with the lawyer of travelling agency. And he has explained to me, that thanks to you I have possibility on reception of the disposable guest visa. But for this purpose it is necessary for me to get your support as you are a receiving party.

And then the lawyer can prepare necessary documents that the officer of embassy has opened to me the visa. xxxxx, allow me to be explained. These difficulties do not frighten me. As this smallest from this, that I can make for ours love story. The only thing for what I regret so it that our romantic appointment slowly turns to bureaucratic procedure. But I dare to believe, that these obstacles will not prevent our sincere relations.

The truth? xxxxx if you agree to be my authorised representative then write to me, please,
the exact name place data: the Name, the Surname, a home address and numbers of contact phones. It is necessary for me that I could fill the questionnaire with the application on visa reception. As at registration of immigration documents I will need to specify the visit purpose, and a trustworthy information about that person to whom I wish to arrive. And in the application I will specify, that we are familiar for a long time already with you also that you invite me. And if it does not confuse you, I will sign the agreement with the lawyer, and he will be engaged in preparation of all package of documents.

xxxxx, I do not want, that these obstacles have separated us. Because for me you mean much more than simply friend. And I hope, that necessarily I can to tell to you about it personally. Simply for this purpose it is required to us of little bit more time and forces. Write
to me, please, as soon as you will have such possibility. Well?

I will be very much, very much to wait your answer!

Your Ludmila.

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