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#15826 by Ralph Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:52 am
This scammer claims to be from The US however his IP tells us he is in Nigeria.

His profile on interpals Right Click HERE and "Open In New Window" to remain on this page

Information from that profile

44 y.o., Male
Santa Clara, California, United States

Says about himself
About Me:
Am wayne Brown by name.. from Santa clara in california USA... Am a building construction­ engineer... Am an easy going man honest and respect everyone... Am not good in writing about myself but I'll love to tell everything about me to anyone who wish to know.

Interests, Hobbies, etc.:
I love reading books, and am devoted to my work I love it and love doing it well as I know and also like acquire knowledge...­.

Favorite Music:
Love classics and counrty side musics.... Also consider Hip Hip, R&B Pop musics

Favorite TV Shows:
Don't have a favourite tv show

Here is his initial contact with you on dating sites


I am Wayne Brown, from Santa Clara in Cali.... I'm new to this site and this all internet... on my way surfing through all the female profiles I stumbled on your profile and I most say you are very beautiful and attractive woman that every man will always proud to be with.... and your good looking pics do captivated my fantasy and I'll love to know you more better... and see where it will lead us to... Please do get back to me via this Email addy, wayne.brown?­[email protected]­?om or better still you add me to your yahoo IM list for an instant conversation­?s, cos I don't always check my interpals mails and I'm always on the run... Love to you tell you more about me either if you show interest..


#15849 by Ralph Thu Nov 05, 2009 3:33 am
After sending your initial reply you will receive an all too common story line.

Lost wife in an accident
left with 1 young child
Says he is a man of high moral integrity
Immediately wants to use chat

My name is Wayne Brown, I am from CALIFORNIA, am 5'11 Tall average body. I was born in Santa Clara,
I am still single,I have 1 kid, Unfortunately I lost my wife in a car accident about 2 years ago.....
I am a Catholic by Religion and also a Caring,Nice,Kind,Faithful,Loyal and God Fearing Man.
I am a Man of High Moral Integrity....Kind and Very Supportive.. But I would Love to know More about you as well.
I would Love to chat with you on my Yahoo Instant if you Interested in getting to know more about me as can Reach me Over there and we can start to Communicate Over there.
[email protected]

Wayne...have a splendid and pleasant day...
#18113 by The Enchantress Thu Dec 03, 2009 1:56 pm
Mails continue;

Oh..... Sorry... been very busy with works... and working a contract that we move me out of the state....

can you tell me more about yourself pls.... everything I need to know.


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#18259 by The Enchantress Sat Dec 05, 2009 4:45 am
Whoa... I really appreciate your reply to my email... how can I loss interest in you... due never really see your pics... have you seen mine..?

Where are you really from and are..?... Am from Santa Clara in Cali, USA... but presently in England to sign the contract I told you about and after tht will be moving to the construction ground... which is not in England... not yet know where..Am 44 this year june 7th with my kids susan... 6 this year also... how many kids do you have...? a widower... what happen to your marriage? and what are the qualitiies you love in a man...?

Love to hear back from you soon... I may not reply back to so soon.... due to my schedule.. but promise to make sure tht I get back to you as soon as I could...

Thanks and remain blessed.

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#18377 by The Enchantress Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:33 pm
Thanks so much for the reply to my email and your interest towards Susan.... and sorry for not getting back at you soon... though I got your email yesterday... but couldnt reply to it, due to some works am doing then.

Am so delighted hearing tht my mail really brighten your day sweetie... and hope it will always.

I'm also looking for a serious comittment. and am very picky about that... so that i don't fall in love with the wrong person.. hope you understands me.. I don't rush things and I believe in a natural feelings. hope you still hear from your partner... ?

Susan is doing great and I've told her that am talking to you.. and hope I find you interesting more.. to spend the rest of my life with as her second mom... and she told me that she will love to know you too and know if you going to take her like your daughter, she's the one who damand to know your kids more. to know if she can play around with them if we eventualy get to meet...


am kicking on football for the very first time in my life..

Will be waiting to read from you soon... and do you go to church today.?

Thanks and remain blessed


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#18415 by Ralph Tue Dec 08, 2009 4:27 am
Further email from this scammer;

Thanks so much for your concern toward Susan.... I really appreciate that from you and hope that one of this day we get to meet, with your children and have large talk, play and dine together...

I also I attend church... Am a roman catholic, but not too religious and you?

God knows why he let him to go astray... to me I think it for you to find your true life partner that will make you happy always.. not the type of man that will be after young skirt.. a nagging type.. to me it not my intention to jump into another relationship with another woman... cos not too long I lost Susan mom to an auto-crash back there in the state (ONE AND HALF YEAR), but Susan will not let me be... she understand that her mom is dead, cos they both in the same car that day the accident happened, and she always on my neck to get her another mom... which I tried to make her see reason with me why I don't need tht now, but she always crying and says that her friend dads do get another mom for him when his mom is died too... to me I understand that she need another mom to be there for her, to care for her, cos she have lost the motherly care she deserve...

So how is the children doing... hope you you keeping in touch with them where they are, and how is the business doing so far..

I pray that we both find happiness and fulfillment in this journey of relationship we about to embark on, cos in a relationship like this there is a long way to go and there is more obstacles to encounter... What really matter here is love, trust, and understanding too, cos with all this everything is solve... hope you get that.?

Removed... I feel very sad to tell you this.... concerning the contract I told you about... I've won it to my side.. but am facing so much challenges on it right now, cos they told me that the construction ground is not here in in UK or around... is somewhere I never been to... very far from state and a place where I don't have friends and relatives... it Nigeria in west Africa... I place where there is wicked people, place where there is no law.. according to what I heard and read in an articles... and don't know what to do about it... cos I don't want to loss all my effort and $ that I've exhausted on winning the contract... second challenge am having about this contract... is that they told me am not going to be paid until the contract is over... all they will be giving is for my materials, worker's salary and tools.. which I believe I'll be left with nothing to feed on including Susan... she wanted to go with me.. she is not understanding what am telling her that she won't cope with there and I may look like bad dad to her if I don't satisfy her there... but come to reason with her.. she need me to be there for her, since her mom is no more to care for her and she don't want to leave me for so long, cos the contract will last for six month...

Please tell me what to do... should I forfeit this contract? but one thing you have to consider before advising me on what to do... I've spent all I have in other to win this contract.. it makes me penniless right now, and if I executed this contract... I'll be $1m rich.. which will make me so rich and capable of taking good care of you and your children including Susan... live anywhere in the world we choose to... Please removed tell me what to do now... should I go for the contract and forget about the challenges am having, or forfeit it.?

Hope to read from you soon and remain blessed.

Much love.

#18584 by The Enchantress Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:16 pm
Hey xxxxx,

Thanks for the compliment I really love that from you.... Susan say Hi to you..

Hun I'll be going for the contract... I talk it over with my lawyer and he told me that I should face up the challenges... that nothing good come so easily as I thought.. So i'll be on my way to Nigeria with Susan... How I wish I could meet you in person before I leave... anyway... am gonna look out for phone # which you can call me on...

Hun I don't know what am gonna do there right now, cos i don't have much funds with me to living on there with Susan... This is all I have $2360, and don't think that will take me through the six months am gonna be there, I'll need your full support in everything if you don't mind me ask..

If I had one wish I would give you a long and tender kiss and if I had two wishes then I would choose to do it over again.

xxxxx... will love to hear from you very soon and love to know your idea about me leaving to Nigeria..?

Thanks and remain blessed.

Last edited by The Enchantress on Fri Dec 11, 2009 6:37 am, edited 1 time in total.

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#18612 by The Enchantress Fri Dec 11, 2009 5:24 am
Ooh really xxxxx you are really God sent to me and Susan... Susan will be very delighted to hear that you will be in support of me any time I call on you...

Hun can you send me your pics when you get there?

Hey xxxxx..! where would you be spending your Christmas? as you know I'll be spending mine with Susan in another continent... what a challenge it will be.

xxxxx... if I may ask.. what your business really into? cos am planning to invest this money when the contract is over, but don't know what to invest on yet.. Am also taking my laptop and internet along hope it get to work down there, so that I'll not loss contact with you my dear.

So dream of you all through the day and can't hold me eagerness to read back from you.. I really adore, cherish and love you Sweetheart.



Dear xxxxx,

I love you. I love every little thing about you. I love your cute smile, your magical eyes, and the sound of your voice, and I love the warmth I feel when I get to read from you xxxxx.

I can't stop thinking about you. I need you by my side. You complete me. You mean the world to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are the one I've always wished for. I never thought that I would ever meet someone as special as you. I love each and every moment I share with you...

I get to realise that I can't do without you right...

xxxxx... pls always make sure you write me..

Love Always,


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#18703 by The Enchantress Sat Dec 12, 2009 6:13 am
1. What is the socio-economic background of your family?

My parent is an international business man, they both travels when they are alive, and also deals with importation and exportation of goods... which has now went on credit crunch.

2. What is your level of intelligence?

I think that I have above average intelligence; I was the first student in my class of high school out of 8 students.. I began studying at the university before graduating from high school, because I had excellent grades. I like to learn new things, intelligence is important to me.

3. What is your formal education?

I attended the university for 4 years. and study civil engineer.

4. What are your verbal abilities?

I think that I have above average abilities of communication, both writing and verbal, and I enjoy interesting conversations.

5. What do you expect each partner to provide in the marriage?

God made the man primarily to provide the income and the protection for the home and the family, and I think that the woman is made to control and guide the matters of the house and to provide the instruction of the children, but each partner can help the other person in their family responsibilities.

6. What are your views about the distribution of power inside the family?

God made the man to be the leader in the family, but there are many areas where the woman can have more comprehension and understanding than the man, so she contributes her ideas to him, and he listens to her reasoning.

7. How many children do you want?

I have always think about having a child, but I think it would be nice to have a child, or children, with the woman who loves me and lives all of her life with me.

8. When should a family be begun?

To me I don't think having children with you.. but if you so much want.. I don't have choice.

9. What are your views on the care of children?

Parents should be the primary influence for children, not the school, neither the friends, neither the television nor the movies. I believe that children should respect adults, and children should help in the matters of the house. The children and the parents should be close to each other with good communication each day.

10. What is your political philosophy?

I prefer the conservative laws that are similar to the commandments in the Bible, and I prefer less interference of government in personal lives.

11. What are your views about smoking, alcohol and drugs?

I think that these things are generally negative because in high volumes they damage the body, but I like to drink some wine from time to time, and I want to enjoy this with my woman.

12. How much contact should occur with in-laws?

After the wedding a couple should make their own decisions and the in-laws should not intervene with these decisions. Occasional visits are acceptable, but not on a frequent basis.

13. What is your sense of humor?

I am a happy person and I like to laugh and to enjoy life.

14. How punctual are you?

I am generally on time, but at times I am late.

15. How dependable are you?

I try to be very reliable and to maintain my promises. I value the truth in myself and in others.

I don't want you to know, so I try to be strong. I don't want you to think that without you, I can't go on. But that's how it is, and that's how it will be, because, baby, I love you, I need you, I miss you, and without you, there's just no me..

Sweethearts... I will need answers from you too as soon as possible.

Much love and care.


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#18744 by The Enchantress Sun Dec 13, 2009 3:33 pm
xxxxx, relationships are God's gift to us, we are created for connection and relationship.

That is why God said, "It is not good for a man to be alone" ( genesis 2:18). Relationships are wonderful; it is something we all need and really can not do without, because it goes a long way in determining our happiness and fulfillment in life, because our happiness and fulfillment in life is tied to whom we get married to. Love should be the foundation for every relationship, love is not a feeling but a mutual commitment based on character and values, it grows out of friendship, compatibility and mutual interests. love is characterized by a strong desire to give..

There is a saying that says "If you miss God's purpose for your life, 50% of your life is gone and if you marry the wrong person, there goes the last 50%. It is better to be single and happy than to be married and unhappy. Baby the only reason one should be into a relationship is "LOVE", so baby i am entering into relationship with you because of nothing but LOVE okay so baby if there is any reason you should be into relationship with me should be LOVE not my appearance or any other reason okay........................

xxxxx i am truely in love with you, since the very first day I talked to you, you've always be on my mind, baby to the world, you are just a person, but to me, you are the world. I am so much in love with you and there is nothing that is going to change the love i have for you okay.

Have fun till the fullest my love...

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#18767 by Ralph Mon Dec 14, 2009 9:09 am
Here comes the money requests;

Hello Love... I thought you'd have reply back to my last email.... anyway just wanna let you know that am right now in Nigeria with Susan. I've gotten a cell phone # you can call me on +2347031053159

Removed please do call me when you got this mail.. Please you won't be getting to hear from me... cos my internet do not work down here... which I thought it will work... So I need to get a new internet connection on my laptop in other to keep in touch with you.. but I don't have more cash on me to do just that... cos all am with I've used it to book for a hotel where to stay with Susan... if you don't mind helping me out with some little cash to get that done..? I will really appreciate that from you.

#18846 by The Enchantress Tue Dec 15, 2009 2:55 pm
I've exhausted all I have in other to win this contract, and am left with nothing to live on here with Susan... just only $2500 with me to book for a ticket flight and hotel where we are lodging inn here in Nigeria and to be honest with an left with $455 with me here to live on and which won't last long before it all gone on feeding...

Take my words for real xxxxx... Not that am happy asking you for money, but I think that we got to be a supportive to each other when needed, xxxxx I don't intend to ask you for money, if not this internet that mess me up here which I thought it will work here... while getting to this country and find out that it couldnt work.. and they told me that I need to get another one, and I don't want to make use of the $455 left with me to get that now.. and I really do need this Internet... to keep my work going and keep contact with you as I use to my love... Presently am making use of a cybercafe pc in other to read from you since I didn't get to hear from you over the phone...
xxxxx all am asking from you is your support... I know 170 pounds is not much for you to give to your love. Am looking up to you xxxxx for your help.

Have you ever watched a rose as it fades away; the color becomes deeper as the petals dry. That's how my love for you deepens as the days go by.

Can't wait to hear your voice over the phone soon..

Remain blessed xxxxx

I admit it that I made a BIG mistake... But you have to see reason with me why am not fully prepared... cos I've spend all I have to win this contract over to me... and I don't want to lose this life time contract which will swell my account in six months time.
Please understand me xxxxx.

For the fact that we are anonymous to each other, because we both met on the internet havent get to meet in person... I will love you to have two things... 1. Faith.... 2. Trust.... in each other, because am real and you?

xxxxx... still will love to know if you gonna help me out with the money am asking from you, cos I don't love going to cybercafe in other to keep in touch with you, and love to hear your voice over the phone soon..

Regards and remain Blessed.


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