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From time to time, scamwarners receives requests from reporters or writers for interviews with romance scam victims.

We support articles and/or reports from reputable publications and/or media outlets, because we believe that education is the best weapon we have against these scammers, so after we verify the credentials of the requester and the legitimacy of the request, we will generally try to identify appropriate candidates, either with a post in the forum, or by privately contacting those we believe might be a match.

Because timelines are often short, it would be easier to handle these requests if we had a working list of potential interviewees, so we can identify and provide matches more quickly.

Please note the following:
-If you ask to be on this list, it does not guarantee you will be contacted with interview requests, and if you are contacted, it could be several months from now. Many interviewers are looking for victims of specific types of scams, or victims in specific age ranges or geographic areas. It is possible that you will not be a match for any requests that come up.
-If an interview request comes up, you will ALWAYS be contacted by someone from the scamwarners staff before your information is passed to an interviewer.
-We will not pass on interview requests from reporters who are not willing to protect the identities of victims.
-If you change your mind in the future and don't wish to be interviewed, that is fine. You are only indicating that you are open to the possibility.

If you wish to be on this potential interview list, please contact the site administrator.

Your username on scamwarners
Your first name (if you are comfortable giving it--please do not include your last name)
Your age. Please do not give your date of birth.
Your location (country and province/state). Please do not include city or address.
What did the scammer claim to be (soldier, traveling business man, woman from former Soviet Union, etc.)
How you were approached (e.g. dating site, Facebook, special interest site)
Did you lose money?
Email address you would like to use for contact (in the interests of protecting your privacy, we recommend you don't use an email address that easily traces to your identity.)
Are you willing to interview by phone and/or skpye, or email only?

Note that we would like to reinforce the importance of being safe on the internet, which is why we instruct you NOT to send certain information. Again, this information will not be shared without your consent.

Please do NOT post this information on this thread or anywhere on an open forum
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