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Justin B
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Tagline:hey new on here just here to find a cute caring woman as a mother for my son and a wife for me Member Since:October 31, 2012
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"Hello greetings from me to you. dear friend, how are you doing hope cool? i was just browsing through profiles wen i saw your pics i could not get my eyes of you, then i was thinking that you should make the right time, try not to think of what to say because no matter how many times you rehearse it in your head things never go accorging to plan wether you accept to be my friend. wether you take me out for a meal or a walk along the beach, test the water before you ask the question what do u see in me? is a great opener if you replies with something similar then its the perfect time to ask the question will you be my friend? Report
I swear am for real,you are an angel with golden wings and you are an endowment of beauty,I would really love to talk to you about serious relationship, I know you have been spoken to by someone else, but I care about the way you carry yourself, if you let me,I'll take care of you..." :yikes:

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