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#182393 by Smith Jones Tue Nov 26, 2013 8:38 pm
Hurtornot, glad you seem to have a heavy duty sense of scam when you see it coming. I'm concerned because you said you had a recent breakup and then this. Watch out. I was able to sense 2 or 3 scammers before the really sophisticated one got me. He didn't follow all the patterns. Just saying, come back anytime you feel that sense returning and you're not sure. Good luck in the dating world. I find it sucks but I know some of my friends have found great people online.

#182455 by hurtornot Wed Nov 27, 2013 6:23 am
There's a recent update on my Scott Chapman thread

This is not the first I got, some idiot was using Mr. Turkey 2002 winner's pics as his own and promised eeeeeeveerything if I sent him nudes... I reverse searched the images and got him banned from Badoo. Yay! Claimed even to live in Finland.. yeah right! AND his "sister" Skyped me and talked about weird sex things and omg.. but this is for another thread.

Anyway, enjoy Scott's adventures in the "Military World" in the updated thread! :)
#182481 by wendamour Wed Nov 27, 2013 10:56 am
Hello Im talking to someone name sgt scottgraham for about a month he claims that hes a medic in syria he told me that he has a daughter name stacey shes 7 at first he told me that he wanted to come back to the states and gave me this story to help him with his leave well being that i have been on scamwarners and have been doing research on this i already knew that he was scamming me i told him that there isnt any transit leave or leave permit as he called it and confest that he was testing me because he had been scam by women and he wanted to see if i care enough for him to write for his leave now he told me that he did apply for his leave and that being that he just got to syria a few weeks ago that the army will not pay for his leave that he will have to pay for it himself he claims that his commander loan him half of the money and that he needed to come up with 450 he ask me if i can come up with 250 and he will borrow the rest i asked him to send me a pic and he claims that hes having a problem sending files something like thati think hes still trying to scam me but not sure has anyone come across with something like this
#182483 by Dotti Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:19 am
It's just a run-of-the-mill romance scammer.

He didn't confess to anything. He just changed his lies. You didn't fall for one of hi fictional reasons to send money, but he still thinks you might be convinced to pay, so he sends you another. This is typical scammer. As long as they think they have a chance to get money out of you, they will keep going, and just change their stories to keep the scam going.

If a soldier qualifies for leave, the military arranges his travel, period. If he doesn't qualify for leave, he can't get it. The military doesn't grant leave and then tell soldiers they have to find their own way out, and they don't allow soldiers to buy leave either.

It is actually quite common for scammers to try to get money for plane tickets or imaginary fees like replacement officer fees.

The best thing you can do is cut off all contact with this idiot, and post his details here, including some of the emails he sent, so that others don't waste their time on him as well.

Need to post photos?
Are you a victim of a romance scam? Read here for advice and FAQ's.
#183335 by ttx98 Thu Dec 05, 2013 3:52 pm
I would like to share my story too, if I may.

On the German dating site I got to know someone under the profile (doesn't exist anymore) “blue_shelly”. She claimed to be 31 year old Lieutenant Ashley Barraza deployed to Afghanistan (Bagram). E-Mail used is [email protected]
Parents died in a car crash in 1995, all alone now, except for an uncle and wants to find true love.
I got several pictures and got a bit suspicious, because rank insignia didn't look like a Lt. and more like a Specialist. I did some searching and there seems to be a Specialist Ashley Barraza in the Army. Pictures could be hers, but I'm not sure.
English used/written in seemed pretty poor (even compared to my limited skills) for a native speaker and West Point graduate she claimed to be. Apart from that there were other inconsistencies in her story.

I was asked to write that letter concerning taking leave, though no e-mail address has been provided so far. This fact and that she used someone else's name when writing to me (due to copying mistake I guess) was the last straw. Eventually I found your site and know what to make of it. I did the recommended checking of used IP-addresses, for the first e-mails I get Canada and for the last ones it's Nigeria.

I didn't send any money and already deleted my e-mail address I used in the communication. So they only have my first name and four pictures of me. The rest is hurt pride and anger at myself for being so naïve. But now I know, I'm not the only one falling for this scheme.
Thanks to all of you and keep up the good work!
#183375 by Smith Jones Thu Dec 05, 2013 11:42 pm
Thanks for coming to scamwarners ttx98. Glad you knew to not send any money but the scammer still did damage because you cared and then found out you had been lied to. It's what we all share in common and the value of this site. I too have dealt with the anger and hurt. It gets better. Just remember the scammers know exactly what to say and do to pull you in and make you believe. But in the end, everyone who posts here put an end to the lies and stopped any further grief.
#184158 by saitip Thu Dec 12, 2013 11:18 pm
I think I the victim of scammer now, I am not sure. I talk with Williams he said he is in military mision in Tunisia. He did not give the email address or anything but chat via WhatsApp and talk over viber. He asked for the money for helping him and his friends in mission to buy food for eat because lack of support from commander. Unfortunately I sent some money via western union because I felt sympathy to those army who serve their country. Now he ask for air tickets for his leave back for vacation to the states. I dont even know his real name but I know the name and address of money transfer to Tunisia. Is there real us military base in Tunisia ? Can you help me to findout iff he is scammer ? If yes, how to let the victim of that military man who is used his picture for scam to be awared.
#184159 by Dotti Thu Dec 12, 2013 11:38 pm
Unfortunately, there is nothing to find out. He IS a scammer.

First, soldiers will NEVER have to ask for money for food. The military feeds soldiers, period. There is no such thing as a commander who prevents his soldiers from getting food.

Second, if they wanted something to eat other than the food provided free of charge by the military, they could buy it themselves--soldiers are PAID. They CAN access their money. There is no reason a soldier would not be able to buy himself a special meal if he wanted.

Third, when a soldier goes on leave, he does NOT buy plane tickets. The military takes care of his travel home.

Fourth, there are no Western Unions on military bases.

You need to cut off all contact with this scammer. Just drop him completely. Don't argue with him, and don't accuse him. He will only lie, because he lies for a living. You can help others to avoid being scammed by posting the email address and some of the emails the scammer sent to you (he will likely reuse the same emails again.)

Need to post photos?
Are you a victim of a romance scam? Read here for advice and FAQ's.
#184160 by Smith Jones Thu Dec 12, 2013 11:39 pm
Hi saitip, welcome to scamwarners. We can help you with real proof but I will tell you what you know- yes, you are dealing with a scammer. He played on your sympathy but is a liar. Do not send him any more money. In fact, cut off all further contact. This person has gotten you to send money and the requests will keep coming. I'm guessing this person has told you they love you and they are coming home to you. It will never happen.
How do I know? I got scammed. I sent my scammer money to help him out. And then he needed more for another problem. And then more. It will never end. And of course since we were in love, why wouldn't I help him?
They play on your compassion. They really play on our love of seeing brave men fight for our country. Now, get mad because he is just pretending and is not a soldier.
Here is how I know he is a scammer
Needs money while in the military to eat. They get fed and no commander would let them go without food
Keeping you involved via chat. Scammers love chat because they talk to us, make us feel special, keep us connected
Needs money for vacation. Why? To come to you? They always promise to come to us. And then once you buy the ticket, something happens. Oops, need more money
He asked you to send money via Western Union. Why? Because its now gone. He has the money, you cant do anything. MoneyGram works the same way

I'm afraid these are things scammers use. Have no doubts. Don't confront him- he will say no, of course I'm not a scammer. How can you doubt me? But believe me, he is.
#184479 by saitip Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:03 pm
Thank you very much Smith Jones and Dotti. You help me much clear my mind and ensure that I can drop him completely without any guilty in my mind. He never gave me email address I know only he claim that his name is Williams and family name is James. I know the mobile number he used for chatting via WhatsApp and Viber. Also I know the name and the address of Tunisian guy who help him get the money and give money to him (he claim that I sent the money to this guy via western union and tunisian guy will give money to him).
Shall I share those information to you for remind other victim in this site ?
I feel like my case is rarely case because I never found any scammer in Tunisia.
#188962 by Bryon Williams Sun Jan 26, 2014 9:51 pm
Welcome to Scamwarners Jdj73,

The address if a free email provider like Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail. The US Military would never use a free email address. Also a Military Member will use a Military email address and not a free email address also.

People, family nor friends need to pay for Soldiers/ Military personnel to go on leave, talk on the phone or use the computer.

The Military provides everything a Soldier needs. Soldiers do not have the time to chat online while deployed. The little time they have is used to communicate with family.

Everything said by the person you are in contact with is a lie. The Fake Commanding Officer at is also the same scammer. He is playing all roles. Its just another email account he has.

Do not confront the scammer. He will never admit it. He will only keep lying to you. The best thing to do is block him from your email address and/or ignore his text or phone calls.

Please keep in mind, now that he has your email address. He may contact you with a different name and email address.

Never send money via Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Transfer to anyone you met over the internet.

Please contacta moferatorstor if you have a question or information about this post.

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

Please remember the fallen.

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