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#86983 by debster1830 Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:06 pm
Scammer Info:
Mcdonald Chris
[email protected]
Bday-Dec 9
49 years old
Smokes Benson Hedges

PLEASE BE SMART…SEE THE SIGNS…Our men and women that defend our country would never ever ask you to send them money!

I truly believe that these scammers should be locked up for portraying our men and women in the Arm Forces that have nothing but honor and dignity for our country. Our Men and Women protect our country.

And although all of us want to be loved please make sure you see the warning signs from these scammers. These scammers should be caught and is the reason I am posting this so this person doesn’t take advantage of someone. Although they will probably just change their name and email address at least I might save someone from getting their heart broken or even more being naive enough to send them money as they are requesting. I feel bad for the real person who the scammer stole the pics from. His identity has been stolen and someone should really do something about it.

This guy calls his name Chris McDonald I have seen a few of the pics he sent me on a few other dating websites too just can’t remember which ones. I received a email on (which is almost all scammers at least anyone that sends you a email on that website is a scammer always looking for money) Then he gave me his email address [email protected] he communicates mostly through IM
I actually dated a guy in the Air Force for 10 years but didn’t tell him that and wanted to see where it would go. There are so many signs that they are scammers but you have to be open to looking for the signs. If you are vulnerable and looking for love they can really work on that emotion please don’t be sucked in. You will only lead yourself to heart ache and could be out some money if you believe them.

What this person told me and some of the big flags:
I removed information which would educate scammers and help them trick victims more easily. We don't want to do that. Your list was good though. :) ~Bubbles

This person was nice and polite but when they typed had some grammar problems not that bad so one might over look it. Then after a few days of chatting told me he had funds in the UK to transfer out. So I was like ok here it goes. If you are a citizen of a country wouldn't you have your bank account in that country not another? So he asked if I could help him transfer money. Of course I told him NO. The scammers after you say no feed on your emotion of you not being a nice person because you don’t trust them and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you and settle down and blah blah blah. Don’t fall for it girls.

So he dropped the UK transfer stuff sent a big mushy email apologizing that he was out of line. So then he was dropping hints that he didn’t have a cell phone and that the guys all on base only use the boot phone he called it. Remember he was in Georgia in the US I know guys in the military that are state side they all have cell phones.

If I started asking questions he couldn’t answer he would say he had to go. Come on girls we are inquisitive creatures ask questions! That is the only way you are going to see the red flags

So he was still dropping hints I could tell on the cell phone thing for a few days. I asked him for pics and he sent me 2 guys that were military that you could tell were not the same person. And was stating he wanted to get out of the military and settle down and have 4 kids. I told him that I didn’t want to have kids. Usually when people want to have kids that is kind of a deal breaker for a relationship if one wants them and the other one doesn’t it’s not going to work. He was like that is ok if we don’t have kids maybe I can change your mind. It’s not that I don’t like kids I am just one of those people that I know I don’t want kids. So that was a flag when he said it was ok for him if we didn’t even after he just said he wanted to settle down and have 4 kids.

So then he sends me an email one morning that he is being deployed to Africa there were bad bombings there and that he was scared to go and that he wants to take leave and get out of the military and to come see me. He said they were leaving in 2 hours to fly out. That was at 6:00am at 10:00 am I saw him pop on im on msn and then get right off. Hmmmmmm yeah on his way to Africa huh? I removed information which would educate scammers and help them trick victims more easily. We don't want to do that. Your list was good though. :) ~Bubbles

So the day he supposedly gets to Africa he is online already. Hmmmm wow setup camp fast and can get on the computer. Flag!
Then he asks me to help him get a phone. After beating around the bush and making him tell me he wanted me to send him $300 for a phone and that he would buy the phone there. Once again I told him no. Then I asked what do you do with all your money you not married, you have never been married, you have no kids yet you can’t afford to buy your own phone? So he is using the lines I want to hear your sweet voice in my ear I need to talk to you my internet has been compromised so we are not to use the internet here anymore because there is a spy in the camp. It actually is quite funny when you know it is a scam and want to see how far they will go and what they will say but I can really see how some women can get sucked in. Also, remember the photos that he sends you is really not him they are someone that really is in the military that has had their Identity stolen. Once again I told him I am not sending him money or helping him transfer money anything money related was out of the question. Ask them to send you a lot of pics! Look at them close most of the time its not the same person even. Ask for pics that he isn't in military uniform.

So I asked if I could send him a care package. It took him awhile to answer. I don’t think he knew what a care package was. I have 2 friends in Afghanastan and I sent them stuff in the mail all the time. Anyone in the military overseas has a base mailing address you send the box or letter to United States military base address and then the mail is flown to the guys where they are stationed. I guess he didn’t know I knew this. So I kept asking for a mailing address. He wouldn’t give one and every time I asked he had to go. So that is a big red flag if you can’t write to him!!!!!! Guys in the military live for their mail from family and love ones.

So I get another apology letter that he is sorry that he asked me to buy a phone but maybe if I could buy one he could get a local mailing address in Africa I could send it to. I told him I am not paying to ship something through customs! I was asking why can’t I send it to a base address he kept telling me that it didn’t work that way there. It works the same way for all the branches. You send mail to a base and it gets flown over from the base! Don’t let them tell you anything different. Then another email that he had got a mailing address and that he couldn’t wait to talk to me. So he reached me on im and by then came up with the story he had found a local contact but now can’t trust them still wasn’t a US base address he was going to provide. I was laughing. Still trying to convince me to send him funds through Western Union to purchase a phone. And if not if I could buy him a black berry phone that it would work best for him there. Now he is even telling me what model phone he wants.

I flat out told him no phone no money! Then I asked don’t you have a credit card. Then he started to get defensive that he was in Africa where was he going to use a credit card to buy a phone. Hmmm I wonder who or how he was going to pay for the service plan after all you can’t get a phone without having a monthly service plan right? Plus he is on the internet I bought my phone online and had it shipped to my house I told him so he could buy one online and have it shipped there and he didn't need me. At that point I was getting really mad that this guy is trying to impersonate someone with honor and dignity and I could tell he was getting mad because I wasn’t giving in to his scam. And he just keeps telling me he is losing the internet access and how upset he is with me now that I won’t buy him a phone and we will have no way to stay in contact and that he is mad because I don’t trust him and how can we have a relationship without trust. Not once did he ask for my mailing address so he could write to me. I am not sure I would have even provided him with my address because who knows what kind of scam he would run with on my personal info.

So then he started on that he wanted to take a pass. I removed information which would educate scammers and help them trick victims more easily. We don't want to do that. Your list was good though. :) ~Bubbles All the time you know trying to play on my emotions that he really likes me and that I am hurting his feeling by not believing in him and trusting him sending me poems in email you know to try and wow me over but it wasn’t working not that I didn’t want that, only because I knew he was a scammer I just wish there was some place to report him at! It makes me sick that he is impersonating people that die to protect us.

So he apologizes in another email that he feels bad for asking me the stuff he has asked and that he really wants this to work and get married and wants to take care of me. I removed information which would educate scammers and help them trick victims more easily. We don't want to do that. Your list was good though. :) ~Bubbles Even after I told him that still didn’t offer. So another big flag. Then I asked if he just met me online and I asked him for $800 the next day after we started talking would he just send me $800 for no reason if I asked well you know he was going to answer that question he say Yes “I would do anything for you as I love you and want to help you in any way that I can”! How can you tell someone you love them if you never met them in person. Red flag!

If you are not from the United States right now it is tax time and a lot of people get money back from the IRS so that was his next scam. That he was getting some money back for his taxes and needed my help to cash it then I could take that money and buy him a phone and send it to him. Unbelievable just moves in for the next kill. Our guys in the military have their shit together, and they have too! They are trained to have their shit together. They don’t go into the military without having bills to pay so they have to have an account somewhere to get their pay deposit to. So my answer once again was NO!

So he still keeps trying to work the phone into our conversations and then tells me he wants to take a pass and wants to see if I can get some time. Get some time what is that I ask? Like Vacation time from my work. Then he states no honey you are not getting it I need you to help me. As soon as he said that I knew where he was going some how is going to ask for money AGAIN. So he tells me that I have to apply for him to get a PASS. I was like that is funny the guy I dated for 10 years in the military I never had to apply for a pass for him. Military people fill out their own request for time off! Don’t let them tell you anything else. This is the US Military do you really think that a civilian is going to be able to apply or suggest anything and then get it?????
Try just getting on a Military base if you are not a military person you won’t get far. Same goes with LEAVE. The Military has standards! So he tells me I have to request time off for him and to make up a good story so he can get out for awhile he needs a break. He wanted me to say we were getting married and he needed time off to get married. And that all I had to do was send a simple email to an address and if they needed more info they would respond back with what they needed. So I am asking him a million questions. Like don’t I need his Full Name, Rank Serial number and stuff like that and he says NO just put McDonald, Chris and the reason for your request. All military people when they are addressed or have to fill out paper work they put their rank but yet he didn’t want to tell me his rank again I think he forgot that he told me he was a 3 Star General. LOL! And I was asking isn’t your name Christopher and should I put that and he was like no all you have to type is what I told you mcdonald, chris. Hmmmmm I removed information which would educate scammers and help them trick victims more easily. We don't want to do that. Your list was good though. :) ~Bubbles

The email address he gave me was a google email. I am sorry but the military doesn’t use google or yahoo or msn for requests to be sent. All military sites are .gov or .mil and he was getting mad because I kept asking there has to be some standard form to fill out for this request and he was getting mad saying no you just have to send a simple request and they will respond. Come on did you get your driver’s license without having to fill out a standard form????
Well if you do send the email what they are going to respond with is an email from what looks like it is from some high ranking officer stating in order to release the person you requested please send funds in order to assist in his pass. Which is $800. The mailbox he gave me was [email protected] which was an account the scammer setups and then monitors and then starts emailing scam through that account trying once again to get you to send money. It’s all about the money. I know that we are all looking for love but please please don’t fall for these scams. All they are after is money. They are not looking for love or to be your friends and they will break your heart if you fall for it and they will take your money too!

Like I said ask a lot of questions, use the internet to research if he tells you his rank ask him things like what is his next rank and see if he can answer right away or if he takes time to look it up on the internet. Its all on the internet you can Google anything! Be smart ask questions, and DON'T EVER SEND MONEY! Sorry for the long post but it is worth it if it helps one person to not be taken in by these losers.
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#87022 by nicky31 Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:29 am

i learned to know someone from the us army who is in nigera. we fell in love and he ask me for a request to leave and i did that.
i paid a lot of money for the quick leave. after that i got an email with some documents like the pass from the him (with pay grade and rank : E7..dont know what it means E7) and the document from the "department of defense" where i had to filll out my bank account. then they told me i have to pay 1 percent for the leave bonus. over 1000 euro. but i dont know how to get the money. now i found this site here..and thougt..oh my god..
the email adress i used was one the email adress from my boyfriend and one adress to mail with the military base it was the email : usa military base dot com.

i am not sure i am alreday confused i dont wanna take the leave bonus i just wanna have this guy here with me who i am already in love with and it hurts so much.

sorry my english is not very well please answer me quick what i should do.cause i am on the way to organize the money. i get some photos from him and sometimes we call with each other.

please let this not be a scam
#87026 by Norman Barlleo Thu Feb 23, 2012 6:39 am
Hi nicky31 and sorry for your loss.
Sadly, you are communicating with a scammer from Nigeria. He is not a solider and there is no such a thing called (pay for a request to leave ).
Please stop all the communication with him immediately. He will keep asking you for money until you can not pay any more.

It would help a lot if you post his information in this site to warn others. He is probably corresponding with many victims at the same time and posting his information will expose his crimes.

DON'T tell the scammer that you found him in this site. Just cease all communications with him and move on.
#87040 by cutelilly Thu Feb 23, 2012 8:57 am
Hi nicky31,

sorry you fell for the romance scam. Follow Norman Barlieo's warning. Stop communicating with him.

This is a quite classic setting for romance scams.
Remember: if some "soldier" ever needs money for a leave, then it is 100% scam; if some soldier needs some "telephone" to call you, then stinks scam.
Military leaves are NEVER bought.

You said you filled a document asking for your bank account: if you sent him this, contact your bank asap (anti-fraud department).
#90070 by 19nissan75 Wed Mar 14, 2012 12:09 am
please not send money for any reason at this people claimed to be soldiers, from us army, and in service in west africa, afganistan or other countries..

the true soldier not need you, and not need to have any money from you.

last time ago, unfortunately for my ignorance, i accepted to do this fucked document for one person
called (ssg james tindall) and unfortunately for my fault and my ignorance i sent my fucked money at this fucked person..

i discovered too late about this person, to be a ugly scammer from nigeria.. sgrunt.... :evil: :evil:

his email : [email protected]
i putted Him in my black list and there remain.. :( :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

i discovered the true soldier to be this.

he's a chief of maintenance of machine in Bagdad (last september 2011)
is married and have 2 kids, lives in Fort Benning (georgia, USA)
i found a true profile about this person in FACEBOOK

the scammer told me many times the same things
i asked him a lot of time

where is , born, his story of family.. also his number ID from US army.. but anything..
born in 10th jenuary, 1970, near manchester, origin from UK
and to have the great hobby to repair the machine in his camp...
but i have my doubts about that..

now am really angry about this stories of scammers.. :x :evil:

please forgive me for my personal reactions..

Best Regards
#90132 by Justin Wed Mar 14, 2012 9:03 am
Hello 19nissan75!

I'm very sorry to hear you were scammed. This is unfortunately a very common scam. More can be read about it here viewtopic.php?f=13&t=6527

Thank you for posting the scammers details. Can you also post his initial emails to you? This will help others who may search parts of the emails find the site.

Also we do not support reporting scammers free email accounts. It only takes the scammer a few minutes to get a new one. The new one may not be posted on this and other anti-scam sites making it impossible for a potential victim to search the scammers email address like the one you posted and find the warning.


#90446 by yekia Fri Mar 16, 2012 2:46 am
one of my family members met a guy online who says he's in Afghanistan he's been telling her he is coming to visit that's been about 3 months and she still haven't seen him yet. She send him money through western union and money gram but in a different name. She just recently gave him her social security number and other information because he told her he wants to make her his beneficiary of his life insurance. Why would someone you have never met face to face wants to make you their beneficiary over their life insurance when they have family he also told her his wife is dead and he has a daughter. She just sign papers for his leave request form and also a paper title notification of leave bonus were she will receive almost 200,000 when he comes home. Is this a real form that requires her signature as a beneficiary or is he running a scam.
#90450 by AlanJones Fri Mar 16, 2012 3:29 am
Hi yekia and welcome to ScamWarners

I'm sorry to say, but your family member is being scammed.

As you say, why would any normal person make someone they have never met the beneficiary of their life insurance. The answer is they wouldn't, that sort of thing just happens in a scammer's imagination.

The important thing now is for her to cut off all contact with the scammers, don't answer their emails or phone calls and if possible block them from calling.

Could you also post up the scammers details here, so that others can avoid being scammed by them.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
#90514 by Dotti Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:21 am
To reiterate what Alan said:

This is absolutely, beyond a doubt a scam. Even before you get to the bogus "life insurance" claims it became certain right here:
She just sign papers for his leave request form

People from outside the military do not request leave for people in the military, or fill out paperwork for their leave, EVER. If a soldier is eligible for leave (which is based on time served, and he will be eligible for days or weeks, not months of leave), he applies for it himself, and the people he intends to visit have NO part in the leave process. There is no "leave bonus," no fees or deposits to be paid, and no "replacement fees" or other payments. Sometimes scammers will claim this is a new policy, or it is a special policy because of where he is or some kind of problem--but anyone who understands the principles behind the US military's organization and the importance of chain of command can tell you that a policy such as this will NEVER exist.

Unfortunately, your family member has given the scammer key information that could be used in identity theft. While the good news is that most of these scammers are after easy cash payments, not stealing identities, there is no guarantee that the scammer won't provide that information to someone who does have the capability to do more harm--so in addition to cutting off all contact with the scammer, it is important that she flag her identity for possible ID theft.

Need to post photos?
Are you a victim of a romance scam? Read here for advice and FAQ's.
#90619 by 19nissan75 Sat Mar 17, 2012 6:50 am

unfortunalety i am still angry about this trouble in my mind, and i delected all for the simple reason i want forget everything about this scammer.. :evil:

i just want to live my live in peace and forget about everything with these fucked scammers.. :evil:

thank you so much for your psicological support... :( :cry:

best reagards..
#104450 by johanna1966 Fri May 25, 2012 12:10 pm
Hi, I'm from Germany, and believe I have a similar case. Unfortunately I'm not so good English, and therefore use the Goggle translator.
It is a sgt. Steven ...... allegedly stationed in Kabul. He should have a six year old daughter and his widower.
We have written to us about six weeks by mail. He's very laid in the vehicle, and has written me very nice. I should say yes, and he would submit an application for leave to meet me. I had my doubts before, but can be used as the application for leave to me, and I should fill it, I have investigated on the internet and found this forum. After I sent him my search results by link, and he was very upset about my suspicions, I have two days to get any more mail. Today, he has reported back and sent me his badge. Think the best I could make it even can.. What you think? I'm also because you lost? Actually make such a work?I hope you can help me. I would like to know whether the man is genuine. Where I could get more information? So far he has not asked for money.
Ever thanks and greetings Johanna
#104460 by AlanJones Fri May 25, 2012 12:41 pm
Hello johanna1966 and welcome to ScamWarners.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the person you are communicating with is a scammer.

The real military do not allow outsiders to request leave for servicemen. It is all done within the regiment and the leave is earned by the soldier and not paid for by an outsider.

The badge that he sent you will be a fake and the reason that it took him two days to send it to you is that is how long it has taken him to get someone to forge it for him.

The best thing to do is to stop all communication with this scammer. If you confront him again, he will just tell you yet more lies.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
#104602 by johanna1966 Sat May 26, 2012 5:51 am
Hi Alan,
thanks for your help. I had already thought that he is not real. It was quite strange to me that he wanted to send any good photos where he is with his daughter on it. I will take no further contact with him. If you need more information, let me know.
Greetings from Germany Johanna

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