Information on romance scams and scammers.
#2877 by Ralph Wed Mar 12, 2008 4:58 am
He frequents dating sites as well as places like facebook, he uses a stolen picture to lure his victims,

He will send you a message like this one from the site

well......i am joe campo a spanish american.....i came across your profile and felt i need to get you...maybe as a friend even more.
i am me.......i dont best colours re white,black,green.i love to go movies....have fun anywhere in the world but just with my perfect soul.lets have a chat anyway at id [email protected]

He will sweet talk you with messages like these

i must say coming across your picture was quite a happy event for me this week.looking so bright as i see you......i cant wait to be a frined if you dont mind........joe

wish i was there to soote your pains.what can i do babe to soote you?my spanish is not good but i hope u would cope wth it....wish you well soo n babe...lets have a chaton my yahoo id which is [email protected]......take care

He will get you onto instant messenger preferably where he will quickly set his hooks into you or if he has to start emailing to continue setting his trap

He may offer you a job as a payment officer or ask you to cash his fake cheques.

He has very little scripted messages and will happily change his plans to scam you in any one of a number of ways.

If you are in contact with him, be aware he is not who he says he is and will leave you heartbroken as well as broke he may even get you into trouble with the law if you cash his fake cheques

As with many scammers, you can do a google search on the email address which will often provide proof that they are a scammer, take a look at this google search link or try doing the search for yourself ...

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