Information on romance scams and scammers.
#2993 by Ralph Thu Mar 27, 2008 6:06 am
Here is another romance scammer.

Further information on this scammer can be found by doing a simple google search on his email address, for convenience I have done that for you and the link is HERE

The search proves again the importance of posting the details of scammers on public websites such as this one

Hi Baby,

Thanks for the mail you sent to me through the dating site,

In short else about me : as you already know my name is Bertrand Clemence 31yrs French/american, I do not smoke, but drink occasionally.

I was engaged once and am not married. I 'm the only son of my parents .My parents are separated 2 years ago . I live here alone in Culver city California.

I am a civil engineer,i work with a construction company in Culver city Ca as a site manager,but presently am planning of having my own company too wich will be located in Ajaccio France.

Baby,to be frank with you,a friend of mine introduce this site to me when i told him how it is difficult for me to trust a woman after i have been gilted by the lady i wanted to marry so for now i believe it was that made me to meet you on this site and i want you to promise me you will not dissapoint me because once beating is twice shy.

My Interest are: I like almost all forms of music. Sound is verypowerful...but my favourites are Classical (Beethoven, Chopin and other great maestros) Classic Rock, Jazz, Blues, and some Pop. I like to watch musical channels on satellite TV. I also like going to the movies rather than watching it at home on video.

Most of my free time is spent in solitude. Not by choice, but because all of the activities I enjoy are only enjoyable when sharing them with someone special I like movies, but I watch videos at home. I'd rather go to the theatres to see movies, but I could only enjoy that if I were with someone I could hold hands with and display my affections. I like to go places like the zoo, the botanical gardens and museums, but only if I am with someone special.

I want a beautiful dating relationship full of respect and admiration that can be between two humans of opposite genders. Also dreaming of finding my true love, a woman I can give all my love and tenderness and share a lot of interests with. I want to meet a loyal, caring and loving woman. A woman that will love me with no restraints/barriers that can make me give myself to her completely, it is part of my life that is missing I am still hoping to meet her soon.
Would you want to know more about me please feel free to ask okay, and as i await little information about you.

I want you to tell me your likes and dislikes and i also want to know if you are athletic
or not and i also want to know if you are a christian and how often you go to church,i also want to know if you wish to get married someday amd have kids and how many kids you want.Sorry for asking so many questions,i am just trying to know about you and i also want you to know about me too so lets continue to communicate till both of us are comfortable with each other.

I will like to stop my writing,i shall be waiting for sweet reply soon.Bye for now and hope to hear from you.

With all my love,
Bertrand Clemence.

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