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#150597 by Grunt Thu Feb 14, 2013 7:36 am
sb. on Wayn favored me, sent a friend request and email, lol
feel extremely honored :oh-joy:
pic shows
Lieutenant-General Andrew Brooke Leslie, a retired Canadian Forces general

Hi, my name is Andy Leslie. I'm a 55 year-old Russian male, currently in Ufa, Russia. I have 28 friends around the world and I'm online now!


#150878 by Grunt Sat Feb 16, 2013 7:55 am
got booted off wayn :mrgreen:

[email protected]
He told me that he is LT Gen Andrew Brooke Leslie who is a chef of Transformation of the canadian force but His wife and 2 sons died in an airplane accident so he has only one son ...
He told me that he is in the war zone at afghanistan and so worried about his son .He can't used tel during in war zone so asked me to call his son name is Roland Andy , Tel no. 233246873711. So I want to help him then I alled his son so he asked me to tell his father that he want money to pay his military school tomorrow and need own computer. Tomorrow I got messege in my mobile phone that pls. tell his father. so I chat with him on skype to told about this story then this scammer told me that I'm in war zone at afghanistan.I'm so worried about him so much.I want you to tranfer money to him so that he can use to pay his millitary overthere.So I knew that He is a scammber then I warning him and he didn't stop and try to call me in skype. After I telling them so I delete his account and Block them in my friend list.

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