Information on romance scams and scammers.
#48360 by GomerPyle Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:21 am
Two points

A soldier who goes abroad without a cellphone is beyond unlikely. It's clear proof on its own that you're dealing with a scammer. Any soldier stupid enough not to think how he can contact home before he gets abroad isn't smart enough to get in the army.

This excuse it used by scammers for two reasons

1 - so they can scam you for money to buy a cellphone. :lol:

2 - to explain why they aren't able to speak to you by phone, as hearing their voice would immediately alert you to the fact that they are not American. Most scammers barely speak English.

If you have met someone online claiming to be in the US forces and they say they can't speak to you on the phone - they're scammers.

There is animal cunning in making the one thing that would expose them as a scammer the reason for you to send them money, but who believes a soldier abroad can't get phone access ?

Non-EU citizens should go here to find out about obtaining a visa to work as an au pair in the UK
Whenever payment is requested by Western Union you're dealing with a scammer

#51299 by CJlabradorlover78 Thu Apr 14, 2011 10:20 pm
The writings of this man are the same as my Sgt. James Thiago. Talk about good looking pictures, he was on Zorpia under usm24 if you want to check it out. Very sad. I wonder who the picture really is and if the soldier is alive. I'm pretty much done with dating sites as I keep getting hits with the same type of scammers. Once you have been on this site you can pick them out right away! Thanks for the help!
#60873 by ISEEYOU Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:42 am
Well,add me to this list! July/Aug. 2011 This is the same one im now learning that Iv been involved with for 3 weeks now, and met on cupid, Same pictures ,(Only now listed under "Mitchel Chonis)51yrs old, widower,from Marietta,Geogia, 16 yr old son in private school in london,(named"Hackney mitchel) in need of mother/MUM, sent me pictures of him, which who was also emailing me.(VERY ENGLISH speaking) Emails,were much more intense and far over the top as being Romantic and poetic,as posted which was what was winning me over,money was never a subject untill yesterday, when he wanted to retire and needed me to recieve his paycks to keep till he could get here to marry me...which scared me! (Had no intentions of marriage, but just loved the romantic letters)One Thing that got my attention was he used the word" LOVELY"alot, which I felt was odd coming from a man from the south in Georgia! AND, of course,It was little poor Hackneys Birthday,Who eally wanted his future new MUM to buy him new XBOX game! (only needed $1,000.00 for game and assessories)Then I searched the apraisal distict of his home town, where he own home that e wanted me to come to, and found there was no one by that name that owned ANYTHING there...then friend took over, to find out more, as well as this site, Boy did I ever have sick feeling in my stomach!!!! I wounder as well as others, Who is this guy in picture? and is he alive or dead? really sad.....I hope this information Iv turned in to yall helps someone.. This evil demon should be contacting me at anytime today,deciding best way of handleing. Ha, Glad I had made it clear in last email, I carry a gun at all times, and know how to use it !!!!!! Here is the emails he and other use,: [email protected] [email protected] I have a couple of new pictures, But donot know how to post them here....
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#60927 by Katharina Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:36 pm
Welcome ISEEYOU!
I'm so relieved you are on to this criminal! :=) I can imagine how hurt and disgusted you must be feeling.
As for his "pay cheques": He wanted to involve you into money laundering. If he sends you one, destroy it or bring it to the police, it will be counterfeit.
Your post will help a lot when other victims search for information. Did he use any email addresses we haven't got yet?
And one more thing: Just stop all contact with this criminal. He has some information about you and you don't want him to harass you on the internet when he finds out that you are on to him and gets angry.
#69364 by scammnomore Sun Oct 02, 2011 7:28 pm
his new name is...[email protected] and he is still using his sons (so called) address to. I'm glad people are finding out about him, he has a new photo as well, but I dont know how to post it. But someone left three updates on the hackneymitchel are a fake. He seems to be good but not good enough. I think I am going to invest in getting everify so that I will feel some peace of mind for anymore.
I hope to continue to post all new accts. with this scammer.
#69424 by scammnomore Mon Oct 03, 2011 12:04 pm
This "scammer" is not a poet, he uses status shuffle from facebook, to write his so called
poetic, and romantic sayings! new name.....[email protected] with a new pic
of course! He doesn't change anything else about himself. (Informed)
#80566 by bad_kitty8u2 Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:21 pm
Ralph wrote:Dating site information;

50 years old
New York, NY
Widowed, Man seeking Woman
• For a A Date, Marriage, Long-term Relationship, Marriage & Children
• 50 years old
• New York, NY
• Sign is Leo

About Me
I am from New Britain Ct i am the only child of my family i work with US ARMY i am a Gentle man with good heart and intentions,i really dobelieve in GOD so much and in Trust,Honesty,unders tanding and love isthe foundation of a strong relationship I will give my woman loveand every companion a princess deserve and will never regret knowingme i also need someone that would respect me and that would be God fearing

Well, it seems that I have read this B.S. somewhere else... Ah! Yes! Michael Pender I believe...Who is featured here in the "L'amour" section of these shameless idiot kings & queens of scammage! They both even have a daughter with the same name, age etc. Coinky-dink? The mind boggles! Lets hear it for Chronis & Pender4 creative originality!10+ boys!
#177593 by Grunt Mon Sep 30, 2013 7:45 am
Lieutenant Colonel Chris Chronis again

[email protected]

Meet missingribs...
Location:Georgia (Marrietta)
Relationship Status:Widowed
Religion:Christian (other than Catholic or Protestant)
Education:Some College
Smoking:Don't smoke
Drinking:Don't drink
Children:Have children (not living with me)
Want Children?Undecided
Looking For:something serious

i am an easygoing man with a simple attitude towards life and enjoy quiet and cherish able moments,i have an 13yr old son who is my world and my all even though he lives a bit far away from me with his grand mom.I possess a good sense of humor and love to have a good laugh at periods when i am off work,for fun i love taking walks on the beach and watching the waters flow,i love seeing operas,going to the movies,playing golf,hiking,cooking when necessary,watching soccer games and best of all,traveling.i would also love to venture into charity at some point in my life even though i indulge in that already whenever and as much as i can help the needy.i am free-spirited and don't want no drama in my life,just want to be happy with the right woman for me and that why i am taking it carefully so i can make the right choice cos whatever i get into now has to last forever.i am not a subscriber on here but you can easily reach me through this encoded email....scott_brown1528 at yahu dot com.wel...

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