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About me:
I'm not very good in telling one about myself, however it is worth a trier. First and foremost i am an old fashion man with lots of smile and love to give to my miss right, i am not looking for a perfect woman but a woman who will show me love the same way i am to show to her. New to this internet dating scenes of which i am here to try see if she is on here and what the site holds for me. I am a humble easy going man who love to smile and be smiled at, i don't play games and am not looking for women who do, family is of great important to me which i expect the same with my partner. I would love to meet that special woman on here if that should be the will of God for me, if you would love to know more about me kindly contact me or drop me a means to reach you and we could kick it up from there, i will tell you more about myself and you must know that i am new to this and i haven't tried this internet dating scene before so am kinda new.

I'm looking for:
I am looking for a honest, caring, understanding and a humble woman. I don't care if she has kids or not, if she is dark or white, short or tall and believe me when i say - looks can be very deceptive, so i am in for the heart directly. I know i will definitely find her someway, somewhere and someday no matter how long and how it comes up, true Love does not come in a day and when it comes, its finally there, if you are a time waster, please don't bother sending an mail nor a wink. I need someone real and down to earth. After reading my profile and you feel to get to know me more, send me a short note and i will definitely get back to you. Thanks for checking out my profile.



...I'm Daniel by name i will like to start off by saying you have a nice profile and lovely smile on here, as for my age is not my problem in a relationship ...

yahoo johndaniel176 hope to read from you soon and please kindly attach your picture to your email thanks.

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Hello xxx, how are you doing today? your work and family? am really sorry for my late reply to your email okay.Well here are just few i can talk about myself for now, i am a private contractor who is trying to setup his own company, was born and bred in Sweden... where my father is spanish and my mother an Irish, well after the death of my father me and my family we relocated to the United Kingdom... But right from when i was a kid i have always wanted to settle here in the United State, i am also a father to a lovely princess, who i would say i live for and do miss her very much cause she stay with her grandmother in united kingdom, i feel and know that there are some certain thing she needs to learn while growing up to be a lady of which i know that she can't learn them for me but being with a woman (my mother) she will and wouldn’t have to feel the absent of her mother very much. I do got to even of which i know will have an impact to my life and most times i am always at home doing some cleaning but of recent i have been very busy with a project presentation in regards to my company with i am about to setup..... well these are thing i could come up with now, but i know with time we will get to know each other every well.please i really want to know more about you.
Do you live in a house or an apartment?
Are you close to your family?
Do you live alone?
Which languages do you speak?
Are you a morning, afternoon, or evening person?
How do you spend your leisure time?
What is your favorite thing to do?
Do you like to dance?
Do you have a motto in life?
What do you do for a living? please attache your picture to your mail.thanks....

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