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#166975 by Grunt Sun May 26, 2013 5:12 pm
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Thank you loads for taking your precious time to email me.. you really made my day xxx, you rock loads, well let me tell you a little about my self too.. well am proud to have my 4 kids though lolz, i love them so damn much, it's a pity i lost their mom some years back, well each time i remember this tear drops off my eyes, my kids are so lonely right now, it's been ages they had a motherly care,, they said they don't like the nanny they are with right now that she is not talking good care of them, they email me each time that they need a mom.

Well i work with the U.S Combat as an Engineer, i have been here in afghan for 3yrs now hoping to be home soon , i'm an E - 6 SSGT, and i love my job, awww am Glad you are a good christian too, i'm a God fearing man too, well i need a woman i can call my own wife, i need a woman i can spend the rest of my life with, i need a woman i can live a perfect life with after the military, i need a woman i can wake up every morning to and tell her i love her, i need woman i can kiss her four head each morning when i wake up ... i need a woman i can whisper how much i love her into her ears each time i see her face,

i Guess you love your business loads, wow you mean you do freelance writing , that so sweet, the oldest of my kids loves doing that too, sarah loves drawing loads... and how many companies have you drawn for, can you tell me and do you really like your job , i mean your language translator? i will be looking forward to have your soonest response on here , and i will be looking forward to haev your new yahoomail address for us to chat better.. well this is little you need to knw about me for now, i will be looking forward for a better chat, can i have some pics of you and your kids?

Shaun xoxo

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Date: Fri, 24 May 2013
From: Shaun Hamilton <[email protected]>
Organization: NYNEX satellite OHG
Type: Corporate
Country: Satellite Provider

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