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#170482 by bailey21 Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:10 pm
Hi all
Foolishly conned out of $14,000 after only 3 months! :evil: :evil: :evil:

Kirill Mikhaylov
25 Years old
Lakinsk, Vladimir Oblast, Russia
Bank account held at VTB24 in Moscow in name of Elena Afanaseva, also from Lakinsk.
Chatted on Manhunt "waterdropkir" profile location stated France then later via e mail ([email protected]) where he informed me from Russia.
His possible accomplice pictured is supposedly his sister, he works as Hairdresser in shopping center.

"Hello my friend xxxxxx.
In this email I send you photos.
I couldn't send you in last email. I hope that you like my new photos??
I am very glad to see your place in photos. I very much like it. Very much!
You live in the beautiful house. I wish to be with you there.
You have interestingly, what other car? I have no car. and I have no driving licence :(.
xxxxxx, I am safe in my place. Because I hide that I the gay.
In my place of lake it is far from me. Therefore I seldom go there. There is a little river only.
I know about xxxxxxxxxxx. I like this place. I looked on a card. and saw on TV.
Now very much it is pleasant to me xxxxxxxxxx because you live there as!
Today I will go to village to mum. I will think of you.
xxxxxxxxx, in my free time I like to go on walk. sometimes I go to the country to my parents.
But my father isn't so glad to meet me. my mother very much loves me and often call me.
as with them there lives my little sister. She is only 15 years.
so in our family 3 children. 2 sisters and me.
I seldom go somewhere in free time. because for a trip it is necessary to spend money.
when I have a little money, I always go to shop to buy clothes.
Today at work there was an interesting case. beautiful girl came. I dyed her hair.
She looked at me often and at the end wrote down her phone number.
and told me that I very much liked to her. I didn't know as to tell her that I am gay.
my city small. I am afraid if she tell someone that I am a gay, and will treat badly me.
therefore I told her that allegedly I have a girl :) .
I didn't want to cause pain to any. because I know as it can be sick.
before to me hurt in relations. I am lonely more than 5 months.
ok, I hope didn't bother you with my stories.
now I dream of love. I want to come home, and me will be met by man who loves me.
unfortunately I am lonely now. xxxxxxx thank you that you are my friend.
I very much like to write email to you.
I check the letter from you every day. and with impatience I read it :) .
I hope that I didn't bother you with my talk? :)) .
ok, I have to go to work. in 10 minutes I have to make a hairdress to the big woman.
I wish you good day! Kirill"



After having this person investigated it was reported the passport was non existent, there was no person of this name with date of birth registered in Lakinsk at the address given.

I will post more info at a later date but hope this saves some one else going through the same BS

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#170578 by bailey21 Fri Jul 05, 2013 5:43 am
His MO
1: e mail from dating site, in this case Manhunt, profile says France, suggests use another service i.e hotmail, he admits he's from Russia
2: after short time wants to live in you're country and be partner
3: Requires money to get documents, does not have a bank account but his work colleague kindly lets him use her account
4: More many to pay for flights
5: Stopped at airport and could not leave country because of debt, had to use travel money to be released from jail
6: More money required to pay outstanding debt so he can sell apartment, he gets mugged on way home from drawing money out to pay agent his debt, good bye money :roll: :roll:

I hope this helps someone :oops:

#170902 by hogonz1402 Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:45 pm
Thank for the informacion. I recevied several mail of Kirill and sended photos from his in the mail he describe all about as gay and is along and he found a man. He contact my by manhunt the user is closed and he give me the mail [email protected]. in the last letter wrotte the following:

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Hello my loved xxxxxx. I have received your letter.
I love you! Thanks for a new photo. You like me very much.
xxxxxx, I had a good trip to my parents. They wished me a happy trip to you.
My mum wished us happiness! I very much miss on you.
xxxxx, loved, I understand that the trip to you costs money. I require your help.
You can send me 23 000 roubles? I can pay the rest.
I am very glad that you have found my city on a card. I feel that soon I will with you!
I always think of you! I constantly think of you, each second is devoted you. It seems to me,
I without you cannot live day, minute, second! I wish to feel always a heat of your body, your sweet lips.
You dearer for me all over the world! I do not know, how I could live without you,
I do not represent, as earlier I could without you. You for me most of all, most of all.
I do not want anybody another. You - for me one most good and favourite.
In me it for the first time, that I have fallen in love
and I do not pay attention to others - you have made it!
xxxxxx, you have compelled me to trust in existing love - and my love it you! I madly love you!!!
I love you very much very much, you in general do Do not represent,
how much insistently, you became sense of my life.
I cannot transfer you a love word in general as it is simply impossible.
I send you my photos. I hope you like it?
ok. These are my news to you. I will wait your answer. love you! Yours Kirill

I have all mails and photo that kirill sending me.

i Dont send any money, thanks of Lord!!! Thanks and the SCAMWARNES I saw the mail and photos.

Is very dangers this boy!!!! PLEASE BE CARFEUL

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#179034 by deanstephenbooth Fri Oct 18, 2013 2:26 pm
hi, many thanks for this confirmed my suspicions about this guy as I was about to get sucked into the vortex - though he was posing as a 'Dimitriy' as he declared his true love for me! He asked me first for 26.000 roubles for visa, medical examinations and travel insurance, then it dropped to 15,000 and then it dropped further to 10,000. I was getting close to sending this but his last e-mail alerted me to the bogus nature of it all:

Hello my loved Dean.
I am very glad to receive your letter. I think that you as very beautiful man!
I am happy that I have found you. I am grateful to the god for you! You very much like me from different directions!
Dean, 10 000 roubles now are necessary for me to begin visa registration. You will help me??
I will give you the bank account that you will send money. You can send money for the bank account?
Yesterday my card has got stuck in a cash dispense. Therefore it does not work now.
I spoke with my sister. She has told that will give her bank account. She is glad to help us to meet.
Thus, Dean, you can send money for the account of my sister?
Dean, I as am lonely here. If we meet, we will not be lonely again. We will be happy together!
I know that you kind, generous person with a lot of love. and I want your love!
I hope that soon we will together!
Tell to me, that you will be only my man, and will be true to me. Then I will be true to you as!
I very much love you! Yours Dmitriy

What a load of old rubbish - it seems those nasty Russians deserve to be miserable, poor and cold!
#203768 by orientman Fri May 30, 2014 10:02 pm
he tried to scam me , he tried to scam said how he was gay lived by himself in lanisk and worked as a hairdresser.

told me about that story of that beautiful girl that he dyed her hair and he got her number
any ways he asked for money didnt give it to him , i might be naive and dont have much common sense but even i knew it was fishy , he stopped emailing after 4 months and his email is dead
i would put photos put i dunno how on this site

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