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#176317 by Sherlin Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:51 pm
It turns out I'm not the only one who has had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Flynn Riccardo Richarme on He wrote me an email and this was in February 2013 and he kept writing until September 2013. The frequency and length of emails increased over time and like with the others who have posted here, he switched to Whatsapp (and Viber) after I gave him my number. I found the email and text message frequency extremely annoying. I didn't pay much attention to the daily text message stream and he accused me of ignoring him and avoiding him. Then he started calling and leaving voicemail. Yes, I agree that he does not in the least bit sound like he's a native of Montana and there is no trace of a Scottish accent (he claimed he'd spent his formative years in boarding school in Scotland). Yes, I noticed that he did the email "cut and paste" trick too, copying technical terms in architecture and this included making a huge mistake about the design of the Guggenheim Museum in NYC. Another huge mistake he made (Mr. Richarme had become too confident) was that no one would spend their weekend cycling down Park Avenue (unless he was a poor, low-rent take-out delivery boy and not a successful architect attempting a Tour de France moment). Anyway.

In September 2013, this all culminated in the same established routine that the others wrote about. He was stuck in Nigeria. His briefcase of cash was stolen in broad daylight. He couldn't leave the country unless he repaid the loan shark. Apparently the loan shark could work with Immigration to stop him from getting on the plane for Florida (since when was Nigeria so well organized in governance... unless the whole country specializes in scams, scams as a national export!). Perhaps Mr. Richarme with the country dialling code of +234 is NIGERIAN. Mr. Richarme begged me for help, he needed me to bail him out. All I had to do was to send him $40,000. Listening to his voicemail, begging me was hilarious. His voice acting job was awful.

Getting a woman to send him $40,000 is how the scam will end successfully for him.

I thought I'd contribute one of his standard emails for everyone to read. See below.

How are you doing dear? My phones been acting up for a while now, it keeps going off and on or sometimes the network just zaps out; I can't seem to reach you for a phone conversation yet or via whatsapp, I really miss our communications, I know you've been quite busy lately with work, healthcare project and business trip to and through Seoul and then Tokyo (welcome back), with meetings, researches and more... I completely understand! And even though you still don't think at this point I should be concerned about you and your affairs, honestly I just can't help it; I have tried to just go on with my project and wait until we meet in Singapore to find out if it's worth investing the rest of my time with you and if the chemistry would be there right from the start or if there's prospects that it would at a later time, or maybe we just end up as friends, but not keeping in touch with you until then is never going to work, I really enjoy your company in case
you haven't already noticed. Dear, communication is key; the silence makes you MORE far away from
me... I came out to a cafe to write to you as this is the only medium I can use in reaching you for now, please send me an email to let me know how you're doing? I can't stop thinking about you, how are you doing, did you sleep well last night? How's work and how's this week turning out? How was your day out at the office today? How are you feeling right now, I hope you get to wake up on the very bright side of the morning having gained energy over the night with the refreshing effect of a good sleep, to helped kick-start you for a more vibrant day. In spite of the fact that I have been very busy, I have been thinking of you; you've been on my mind more frequently than usual lately, I like! You know you look very beautiful when you sleep, FYI: I was in your room last night while you were asleep all snuggled up; though I was still out handling my project, my mind was elsewhere with you where you lay in bed, I came over to place a kiss on your cheeks as you slept; I came in unnoticed so I didn't get to wake you up. Reading your emails feels like we’re actually having a face-to-face conversation; I really enjoyed every moment of it (and please don’t stop them from coming; I love what you say & your stories as well)... You kind of make me feel like I'm right there beside you, looking into your eyes and watching the movements of your mouth while you call out my name (to be frank I kinda wonder how my name would sound coming out of your lips, lol) and speak to me. There's something about your mail that makes me feel calm while I read through... (Sometimes I wonder what it is). Whenever I reply your email, I try never to edit anything I write to you, I never know what I'm going to write to you even while reading your emails; but once I click the reply button and address you "Hello xxx" the words just gets gushing out. When I write to you, I say it as it is; no "but's" and no "if's"... It's like I am having a conversation with you right where you are, right now: like I'm standing, sitting or holding hands, whatever the scene may be, but in your presence. I think it's quite more natural and more transparent to say one's blunt thoughts as it is, to the person one is interested in. When we tend to try to think for the other person what he/she might or might not like to hear; one is never always right, because there are times when those fragile little things we feel might not be necessary, or I wouldn't say now, I should save it up for later... really matters a lot and could go a long way in our lives.

The sun is killing me out here, arrrrrrrgggh! So far, the only thing I think of is executing this project and getting the hell outta here asap. Everything is under control even though it took quite some extra effort to get some of the workers to get accustomed with the equipments and mode of operations, I can boldly say now that we're all on the same page and that is really helping the pace and quality of my project. 2013 has really been quite a packed up year for us, ah! the first half was extremely busy and the second half wouldn't be any different; I doubt if I'll ever have that long awaited vacation anytime soon because once I get home to the States I'll have barely few moments to organize my relocation for Singapore and then it's another series of settling down and preparations for my new appointment, of which I'll still need a few weeks for these as well. Whew!

Enough about all the office talks, changing subject to you, indulge my curiosity; may I ask what work of yours you were most happy with? What's your greatest achievement? And where do you see yourself 5 years from now? I would go ahead and tell you mine and hope to read about yours soonest, no pressures, just be yourself and be honest as always, haha...

May I ask what work of yours you were most happy with?

Having the privilege to help out Katrina & Rita victims with manufactured homes.

What's your greatest achievement?

"This"! This is my greatest accomplishment, being here, having this conversation with you, having this opportunity. My greatest accomplishment isn’t in the past, it’s the present, this moment, the ‘right now’. I’m living my greatest accomplishment every minute of every hour of every day. I have reached a point in my life where everything "clicks", I am confident about my decision and not afraid of my future.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I'm all about balance... with my job, personal life, etc. I’m an architect and am fortunate to have a job that affords me many luxuries and freedoms, but it doesn’t define me. I was happy 5 years prior, so now 5 years later I'm even more happy. In the next 5 years:-

My business has flourished, especially in the last 2 years; just starting to get some international recognition. I have something that I've been planning for years and am about to go full throttle with it. This, hopefully, will be the product that leads to my early retirement. Over the years, I have satisfied the needs of happy clients! In the next 5 years I would have catapult myself to the next stage of my financial plan... becoming a millionaire professional investor who finances the growth and prosperity of society; looking for new ventures and industries to consolidate. I am at the happiest stage of my life because I no longer prostitute my time. I have the rest of my life to live my living instead of earn my living. At this point, I may not own a private jet, but I'll most certainly be flying private, moving forward. I'll have great friends and business partners all over the world, I'm providing seed/venture capital to ambitious young upstarts like I was 5 years ago. Yeah, that's essentially what's going to happen.

I am incredibly happy because my relationship with my girlfriend is going very well or happily married to my genuine, respectful, loyal and sincere wife; a lady who's a choice and not an option. I see myself with 1 or 2 kids, which will probably be my limit. Living in a warm & cozy house with my family anywhere of our choice and a second home in her home town/country or in France or South/Central America. An elaborate established family orientated scheme that invests in the dreams and plans of my beautiful gf/wife, were she can choose to do the things she truly loves as well as to take care of the kids and travel the world with me. That has always been my dream and it has finally come to fruition.

Travels regularly to all the destinations I've lusted after in Robb Report, enjoying the culture, learning new things, and seeking out new opportunities. I have started writing my first book, and travel to give
speeches. I would have acquired my private pilot license for helicopter flying. Season tickets to any sporting team (NFL and NBA) that I choose.

I've always been a healthy person and visit the gym since I was young so nothing much has changed here. In the best shape of my life, I'm still swimming, jogging, running and going to the gym whenever I possibly can and probably would have added yoga to the list. I also would have been getting involved in some extreme
sports such as snowboarding and mountain climbing.

AHHH Life is Good! Dear, I gotta go now, take very good care of yourself for me and looking forward to your enthralling life stories, talk to you soon; keeping enjoying life, you're deeply thought of, always.



P.S: Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get,

#202794 by lingling Sun May 25, 2014 2:48 am
I met this guy who went by name William Cohen at Be2. He claimed that he has a daughter named Eva with his late wife Alexis. His story went similar to those mentioned in other replies/comments. He claimed that his uninsured equipment broke down after thunderstorm and need a replacement for his project in Nigeria. He had everything settled except that he missed 50K pounds for the delivery. After I stated that I couldn't offer help he sneaked away.

I attach with some pics he sent to me.

PS. His number +44 7937 179231 and +234 811 639 7257 and +234 807 875 0046


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